Dockem Exec M2 Wallet Case for iPhone Xs & iPhone X; Built-in Invisible Metal Plate, Designed for Magnetic Mounting; Slim Synthetic Leather Card Case with 2 Card Holder Slots; M-Series [Black]

Dockem Exec M2 Wallet Case for iPhone Xs

The Dockem Exec M2 Wallet Case for iPhone XS and iPhone X (10 & 10s) provides a unique update to our most popular phone case with it's integrated metal plate. The metal plate makes magnetic mounting convenient while not interfering with wireless charging capabilities. The elegant synthetic leather gives a sophisticated feel that provides a versatile look and comfortable grip. 2 card slots make this the ultimate case for minimalist everyday carry. Go Wallet-less: 2 card slots allow the true minimalist to ditch the wallet, or simply provides a more convenient spot for your 2 most used cards. 1 card per slot recommended for best functionality. Integrated Metal Plate: We've seamlessly integrated a metal plate directly into this case for an ideal magnetic mounting experience. The plate was designed for use with Dockem's Magno Mount v3 series and up, but can work with other mounts if they have strong enough magnets. Wireless Charging: The metal plate is placed at the top of the device, so that it doesn't interfere with wireless charging. The case has no other materials in it that will interfere with wireless (Qi) charging. However, proper wireless charging is highly dependent on distance between the phone and the base. This case adds 4mm between your phone and the base (without card...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Dockem

Mutuactor Fishing Magnets 350lbs Pull Force,Strong Retrieval Magnet N52 Neodymium Magnets with 20m(64 Foot) Durable Rope,Powerful Magnets for Fishing and Magnetic Recovery Salvage

Mutuactor Fishing Magnets 350lbs Pull Force,Strong Retrieval Magnet

Mainly made up of N52 neodymium magnet and a steel shell, it can concentrate the magnetic field on thebottomof magnet which increase the magnetic force by 2.5-4 times compared to the naked magnet . The steel cup can prevent the naked magnet from scratch and chipping during grabbing and clamping. It is designed for heavy duty and underwater useand helps to recover lost equipment, tools, fishing tackles and other ferrous objects in deep water, wells, holes. It is also great for magnet lifting, hanging applications. Specification 1. Material: Neodymium Magnet N52+A3 Steel+Black Resin 2. Magnet Size: Diameter 2.36''*Height 2.26''(Including eyebolt , thickness of magnet base : 0.79'') 3. Rope Size:Diameter 0.196''*Length 64 Foot 4. Vertical Pull-force:350lb Horizontal Pull-force: 70lb On Base of 1.18" Thick Steel Plate 5. Max Working Temperature:80℃6. Package Includes: One fishing magnet+ one M8 eyebolt+64 Foot high strength durabale Nylone Rope. Note: 1.The magnetic force 350lb isvertical pull-force which make the magnet pull way from the thick 1.18" steel plate of a tensile tester under ideal condition. The actual pull force will vary mainly depending on the following variables: A: Steel thickness (The thicker the steel is, the stronger the pull force) B: Pulling d...

  • Color: Metallic Silver
  • Brand: MUTUACTOR
  • ASIN: B07MYC7R6S
  • UPC: 799445342119

Wukong Fishing Magnet Double Sided Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt, Combined 1700 LBS Pulling Force Super Strong Magnet for Magnetic Fishing, Treasure Hunting Underwater - 3.7" Diameter

Wukong Fishing Magnet Double Sided Neodymium Magnet with

Wukong Brand: To create more powerful and more practical neodymium magnets for people. Our Goal: Bring Wukong magnetic products to the world. We are constantly learning and developing. Lifetime service, always protect your rights and interests. We have been here all the time....

  • Color: LNM94
  • Brand: Wukong

Best Designed Keto Diet Cheat Sheet Magnet 8"x11” All-In-One Comprehensive 100 Low Carb Grocery Food List Reference Guide Chart Bigger Magnet Bigger Text Easy To Read Quickly Count Net Carbs Fat Protein Plus Calories Cookbook Recipes Great Gift for Birthday Holidays

Best Designed Keto Diet Cheat Sheet Magnet 8"x11”

Your search for the perfect Keto Diet Low Carb Food List is finally over!b>Our 8" x 11" magnetic chart is larger and contains more foods. Please do not stick this magnet on an area that gets really HOT because it is NOT heat-proof.There is 1 Year Worry-Free Money Back Guarantee and for any possible defective products, please contact us first. We will offer you a replacement or refund.

  • Color: B-Keto
  • Brand: Intel Kitchen

Student Driver Sign (Designed by Safety Magnets Plus) - Non-Magnetic Inside Car Window Static Cling Decal - 6 x 6 in. - Easy to Remove and Reposition & Won't Fall Off

Student Driver Sign (Designed by Safety Magnets Plus)

Make those early driving experience a little bit safer with this convenient "Student Driver" non-magnetic window cling. The easy cling window decal can be applied, removed, and reapplied in seconds all without leaving behind any sticky residue. Its bright red color and bold screen-printed text assure its visibility when adhered to the inside of your car window. It makes the perfect sixteenth birthday gift! Measures at just under 6 x 6 inches - large enough for drivers to see but small enough to fit your car's window. Made in the USA. This cling will stick with the new driver as they are learning and peel away with ease when a seasoned driver is ready to take the wheel.

  • Brand: Safety Magnets
  • ASIN: B078KNH4R5

Topps Wacky Packages Series 3 Complete Magnet Set of 9 Magnets -Great Product Parodies- Designed after the classic 70's sets !

Topps Wacky Packages Series 3 Complete Magnet Set

Topps Wacky Packages Series 3 Complete Magnet Set of 9 Magnets

  • Brand: Topps
  • ASIN: B000GXBQK4
  • UPC: 688036220601

10Pc Super Strong N52 Neodymium Magnet 1.26" x 1/8" NdFeB Discs, The World's Strongest & Most Powerful Rare Earth Magnets by Applied Magnets

10Pc Super Strong N52 Neodymium Magnet 1.26" x

THE WORLDS STRONGEST MAGNETThe Super Strong Neodymium Magnet Disc by Applied Magnets is extremely powerful and built to last. It's designed & manufactured under stringent, high quality standards using the latest technology to ensure you receive the best Neodymium Magnet every time.INCREDIBLE NEODYMIUM STRENGTHApplied Magnets Neodymium rare earth magnets are actually 10x stronger than the strongest ceramic magnets! With a grade of N52, each magnet packs a huge magnetic energy punch and will last forever under normal use. Unlike most other types of magnets, Applied Magnets Neodymium is highly resistant to demagnetization and will not lose their magnetization around other magnets or if dropped.NEODYMIUM FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONSApplied Magnets Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (also known as Neo, NdFeB, NIB or Super Magnets) are: Magnetized axially through the 1/8" thickness with poles on the long flat surfaces. 10x stronger than the strongest ceramic magnets. Triple layer coated (nickel-copper-nickel) for maximum durability and protection against corrosion. Have an estimated pull force of 18 lbs. (holds approx. 1/3 the weight of the stated pull force). Manufactured in state of the art ISO certified Magnet manufacturing facilities to ensure maximum quality. Useful for just about anythi...

  • Brand: Applied Magnets

Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me


Paddy Bear Irish Designed Resin Magnet With Shamrock Design

Paddy Bear Irish Designed Resin Magnet With Shamrock

Meet Paddy, the first and original Irish bear. Cute and cuddly with a touch of mischief, he is Ireland's lovable bear. This magnet is designed with Ireland's most lovable bear Paddy with him holding a shamrock and standing on a white sign with green Ireland text.

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Carrolls Irish Gifts

Sawyer Products SP541 Premium Insect Repellent with 20% Picaridin, Pump Spray, 0.5-Ounce

Sawyer Products SP541 Premium Insect Repellent with 20%

Safe for the whole family, Sawyer 20% Picaridin Premium Insect Repellent spray and lotion is effective against flies, ticks, and mosquitoes – including the Zika-transmitting Aedes Aegypti (Yellow Fever Mosquito). Consumer Reports reviewed Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent as Sawyer "Fisherman's Formula" Picaridin Insect Repellent in its list of safe and effective insect repellents (February 2016). The long-lasting, fragrance-free Sawyer Picaridin-based insect repellent can be applied to your skin as well as clothing, outdoor gear, and more. It offers effective protection against disease carrying nuisances like mosquitoes carrying Zika and ticks carrying Lyme Disease. It's also effective at repelling biting flies, stable flies, black flies, gnats, chiggers, and sand flies. The non-greasy spray and lotion have a pleasant low odor that evaporates when dry and won't damage plastics or synthetic coatings. Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent is safe for use on clothing, backpacks, synthetic fabrics, watches, sunglasses, and more. Maximize protection from mosquitoes and ticks by combining Picaridin with Sawyer’s Permethrin insect repellent for clothing, fabric, and gear. Picaridin Spray Sawyer Picaridin topical spray is effective for up to 12 hours against mosquitoes and ticks, and up to ...

  • Color: n/a
  • Brand: Sawyer Products
  • ASIN: B002CMOM3U
  • UPC: 050716005417

Microsoft Surface Pen Platinum Model 1776 (EYU-00009)

Microsoft Surface Pen Platinum Model 1776

Create without limits. New Surface Pen is better and faster than ever, with precision ink on one end and a rubber eraser on the other — plus tilt for shading, greater sensitivity, and virtually no lag. Think With Ink: Windows and Office give Surface Pen more power than ever. Strikethrough words to delete, circle text to select, highlight using Ink Editor — and even replay the sequence of mark-ups from others. Easy Note-Taking: Taking and managing notes with OneNote is easier than ever. Do homework, replay notes to better remember your thoughts, and write out math equations that solve themselves using Ink Math Assistant — all in one place. No Printing Required: Streamline editing documents with digital inking. Use your Surface Pen to annotate and highlight text and the built-in digital ruler to set things straight. Writes like pen on paper: Surface Pen is a natural writing and drawing tool, with precision ink on one end that now enables tilt and a natural-feeling rubber eraser on the other. 4,096 pressure points: Sketch, shade, and paint with artistic precision and finer control with 4,096 pressure points that respond to the lightest touch. Responds to an artist’s touch: Effortlessly express the finest sketches and lines with Surface Pen. Rest your hand on the screen of yo...

  • Color: Platinum
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • ASIN: B072K5TXGT
  • UPC: 889842202700

Mosquito Magnet LUREX3N - Lurex3 Attractant, 3-Pack

Mosquito Magnet LUREX3N - Lurex3 Attractant,

The right attractant can turn your Mosquito Magnet into an even more powerful mosquito killing device. If you live in the Southern regions of the U.S. or in Hawaii, where the main types of biting insect pests include the day-biting Asian Tiger Mosquito and other mosquito species as well as no-see-ums and black flies, the Lurex3 Refill Twin Pack is an effective as well as economical way to ensure you are getting the most out of your trap and providing your family with maximum protection against flying pests. Mosquito Magnet Lurex3, a patent-pending mosquito attractant, mimics naturally occurring human skin scents and odors that attract mosquitoes. It has been designed for use with all Mosquito Magnet Traps

  • Color: Metal
  • Brand: Mosquito Magnet
  • ASIN: B00281G1SY
  • UPC: 686513599301

RMS 2-Pack 32" Long Grabber Reacher | Magnetic Tip Helps Pick Up Small Objects | Fitted with Post to Assist with Dressing | Mobility Aid Reaching Assist Tool, Arm Extension (32-inch)

RMS 2-Pack 32" Long Grabber Reacher | Magnetic

Royal Medical Solutions presents the 32" Long Grabber Reacher 2-Pack. It is made from lightweight aluminum with ergonomic handle trigger design. This reacher will be your daily tool to make your life easier. You can always have one as an extra or give one to your friend. Limited Lifetime Warranty, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Brand: RMS Royal Medical Solutions, Inc.
  • UPC: 811188021301

Super Strong Neodymium Disc Magnets with Double-Sided Adhesive, Powerful Permanent Rare Earth Magnets. Fridge, DIY, Building, Scientific, Craft, and Office Magnets, 1.26"D x 1/8"H - Pack of 6

Super Strong Neodymium Disc Magnets with Double-Sided Adhesive,

MIKEDE Super Strong Neodymium Disc Magnets with Double-sided Adhesive - 1.26"D x 1/8"H ( 6 PCS ) Rare earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet currently made. They are amazingly powerful for their size and have innumerable uses. These disc magnets are 1.26 inch (32mm) diameter and 0.12 inch (3mm) thick. They are magnetized through the thickness. They are composed of neodymium iron boron magnetic material and are plated in nickel-copper-nickel for a shiny corrosion resistant finish. Maximum working temperature is 176 F (80 C). These 32mm diameter Neodymium disc magnets produce an astonishing pull of 17lb and every magnet has a triple coating of nickel, copper and nickel again to prevent against corrosion. Our Neodymium magnets are commonly used in creative applications such as models and theatre design, furniture making, exhibition stands and packaging. They also have many uses in engineering and manufacturing where compact size and maximum strength are required. What's more, because of their resistance to demagnetisation they are ideal for creating a shock-absorbing or damping effect when used to repel other magnets. Holding Force detection method: We use the automatic machinery in pull off speed 80mm/min to test products by attracting on an 10mm thick steel plate...

  • Color: 1.26"D x 1/8"H - 6 Pack
  • Brand: MIKEDE
  • ASIN: B076Z81891

A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America

A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in

Synopsis:You won’t be able to stop reading once you pick up Dr. John Hall’s terrifying account, A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America. Dr. Hall’s narration is based on true-life events and what you’ll find will open your eyes to a completely new form of terrorism.Dr. Hall has treated numerous patients who have complained about voices in their heads, eventually being driven to a form of serious psychosis. In his book, he describes his relationship with his significant other, Mallory, a young, attractive woman with a bright future. Upon beginning a new profession, Mallory was suddenly struck down by unexplainable happenings: mind control, surveillance, stalking, and rape. Hall and others sacrificed themselves and their careers to bring her nightmare to an end.What happened to Mallory and what is happening to countless others? Hall’s supposition is that we are faced with a type of terrorism that is unseen but just as deadly. Our government satellite surveillance systems are a new way for criminals to gain possession not only of our financial lives, but our most precious resource: Our minds. What can we do and who are these individuals who are trying to control the way the think, feel, act and what we do? About the Author:Dr. John Hall has published numerous a...

  • ASIN: B00N70Z9DI

Wooden Tree Puzzle Guest Book Alternative | Personalized Wedding Guestbook

Wooden Tree Puzzle Guest Book Alternative | Personalized

A unique, personalized puzzle guest book all will enjoy signing. A great guest book alternative for weddings, birthdays, fundraisers and all events. Choose your custom text & font to be engraved. The puzzle is cut from quality 1/4" Maple ply. Put together, the puzzle comes in various sizes. The pieces are large, so a short note can be written on them. **There are varying Font's you can choose from for the engraving. They are included in one of the pictures with a letter symbolizing each. If you'd like a font not listed, and it is free to download, I will use it instead. and both have a wide selection. **Make sure to leave a note of exactly what you want engraved after purchase. In the case of the 2nd item pictured, this would be "JL + LL 03-31-17" You may also choose something like "Mr. & Mrs. Avery 7-10-16" "Jen (heart) Ciara September 5 2017" (anything in parenthesis I will consider a shape or design to be engraved) or "Jenny's birthday party August 5th 2016" Whatever you choose, I will design it to look as best as possible when engraved. ** The personalized trunk/heart piece is engraved & finished. I also add a few other extra steps to the personalized piece to lighten the areas around the engraving and make the text pop more. ***If you agree to ph...

  • Color: maple wood
  • Brand: Havoly

MISTI Stamp Tool Bar Magnet (N38; 2.5 x 0.5 inches); Designed and Manufactured by The Makers of The MISTI Stamp Tool, Creative Corners and Cut-Align Rulers

MISTI Stamp Tool Bar Magnet (N38; 2.5 x

This powerful bar magnet covers more of your project for extra security when stamping. N38 strength magnet fits perfectly in the base of the MISTI stamping tool and measures 2.75" x .5".This powerful bar magnet covers more of your project for extra security when stamping. Magnet fits perfectly in the base of the MISTI and measures 2.75" x .5" Because of the brittle nature of rare earth magnets, they are not eligible for warranty, replacement, returns or exchanges. NOTE: Neodymium magnets are very brittle and very strong magnetically. Therefore, it is crucial to handle these magnets with extreme care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets. Fingers can be severely pinched between attracting magnets. Magnets can chip if allowed to "jump at" an attracting object. It is highly recommended that when constructing rare earth magnetic assemblies, they beare magnetized after assembly. Because of their brittle nature, magnets will not be warrantied, replaced, returned, or exchanged. Not for children.

  • Brand: MISTI
  • ASIN: B077WSJK8Q
  • UPC: 853949007070

Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet (Amazon Exclusive)

Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet (Amazon

Whether Iron Man is protecting civilians or blasting across the world to fight for justice, he relies on fully loaded armor designed for heavy combat and advanced aerial attacks. Highly detailed and 1:1 full-scale premium role-play items come to the Marvel Legends line! In addition to 2 glowing L.E.D. eyes, the Iron Man Helmet has a magnetized faceplate that can be completely detached from the helmet and then connected to the top. Attaching and detaching the faceplate triggers light up eyes and dramatic sound effects. The Iron Man Electronic Helmet features premium sculpting and deco and is an impressive addition to any Marvel collection. The helmet interior and the faceplate are detailed to evoke the electronic design. The exterior of the helmet boasts a remarkable attention to detail and a beautiful finish. 3AAA batteries required, not included. The Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet is adjustable and fits most heads. Copyright 2016 Marvel Copyright 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro

  • Color: Gold,red
  • Brand: Avengers
  • ASIN: B01B4NLOW4
  • UPC: 630509451647

Razor A Kick Scooter - Clear/Black - FFP

Razor A Kick Scooter - Clear/Black -

The original kick scooter, the Razor a is a handy little ride for kids and teens alike. Though it'll never replace the internal combustion engine, the scooter will get your child from point a to point B much quicker than on foot alone, and requires just a few scoots of one's shoes in the process. Plus, it's a blast to use, as your progeny will likely attest. The Razor a is built of aircraft-grade aluminum, a sturdy material that holds up to use and abuse through the years. Its T-tube and deck, meanwhile, fold up into a compact Footprint, so riders can fit the scooter inside a bag or carry it at their side when riding isn't appropriate (it weighs around 6 pounds). and thanks to the 98mm inline-style urethane wheels, Abec 5 bearings, and patented rear fender brake, riders will always feel smooth and in control when kicking along the sidewalk. Recommended for ages 5 and older, the Razor a will support a rider up to 143 pounds. The buyer and rider of all Razor scooters are responsible for knowing and obeying all local, state and federal regulations regarding the riding and use of all Razor scooters.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Razor
  • ASIN: B01EN6LSZ2
  • UPC: 845423018016

Bioré Blackhead Removing and Pore Unclogging Deep Cleansing Pore Strip for Nose, Chin, and Forehead, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Oil-Free & Non-Comedogenic, for all skin types (24 Count) (Packaging May Vary)

Bioré Blackhead Removing and Pore Unclogging Deep Cleansing

Remove blackheads and actually shrink the size of pores with Bioré Blackhead Eliminating Deep Cleansing Pore Strip. From a dermatologist tested brand, these deep cleansing nose strips instantly targets blackheads and instantly unclogs pores for healthy looking skin. Convenient and easy to use, these Pore Strips can be used 1x per week for the deepest clean. Unlike other wannabe ‘pore strips’, ONLY Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips use patented C-bond technology to bind to blackheads and impurities NOT to skin. These strips work like a magnet to safely and effectively remove dirt, oil, and even stubborn blackheads. Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips leave skin feeling cleaner and pores visibly smaller in just 10 minutes. Trusted, dermatologist-tested way to remove blackheads and purify pores.

  • Color: 24 Combo (12 Nose Strips & 12Face Strips)
  • Brand: Bioré
  • ASIN: B006RFZ66K
  • UPC: 019100170018

Microsoft FMM-00001 Type Cover for Surface Pro - Black

Microsoft FMM-00001 Type Cover for Surface Pro -

The next generation of Type Cover, made for Surface Pro, offers the most advanced Surface typing experience yet. Surface Pro Type Cover feels and performs like a traditional laptop with a redesigned mechanical keyboard with optimal key spacing for fast and fluid typing, and an enlarged glass trackpad for precision control and navigation. Adding Surface Pro Type Cover to Surface Pro instantly puts a highly versatile laptop in your hands.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • ASIN: B073W4MPJF
  • UPC: 889842216585

Waterdrop NSF 53&42 Certified DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with Samsung DA29-00020B, DA29-00020A, HAF-CIN/EXP, 46-9101, Advanced, Pack of 3

Waterdrop NSF 53&42 Certified DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter,

Meet Waterdrop Advanced   An upgraded series based on Waterdrop Standard   NSF 53 certified for health effects Your Needs, Our Priority Water quality varies greatly from one region to another. Also, individuals attempting to address specific health issues may require different filtration solutions. In such cases, one ordinary filter may not satisfy your special and demanding needs. Therefore, we continuously research and develop innovative technologies to produce filters with different effects, and then launch three series accordingly: Waterdrop Standard, Waterdrop Advanced and Waterdrop Plus, to best suit your filtration needs. We try harder and fight to give you cleaner and healthier water in the most effective way. We believe drinking clean water is the basic human rights, so we are committed to delivering clean water to everyone. Together with The Water Project, we are investing in better sanitation in schools in Africa to offer children a better future. Every time you buy one filter, one child will get one day supply of clean water. Till now, thousands of students and families are benefiting from this project, enjoying clean and safe water. - NSF 53 &42 Certified:   Waterdrop Advanced DA29-00020B filters are tested and certified by NSF International against NSF 53 for ...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Waterdrop
  • ASIN: B01CA34OU6
  • UPC: 840814149713

YETI Rambler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/MagSlider Lid, Seafoam

YETI Rambler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated

RAMBLER 20 OZ TUMBLER WITH MAGSLIDER LID With the Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler, your beverages will stay ice cold or piping hot longer. We over-engineered these double-wall insulated tumblers with an 18/8 stainless steel body, which means your drink still keeps its temperature no matter how much of a beating this cup takes. They’re BPA-free (obviously), have a No Sweat Design to make sure your hands stay dry, and are dishwasher-safe. Plus its crystal-clear lid lets you check your drink status in a flash. Refill, anyone? The YETI 20 oz. Rambler Tumbler stands 6 7/8 in high and has a lip diameter of 3 1/2 in. All YETI Tumblers are sized to fit in standard sized cup holders.18/8 STAINLESS STEEL Made with kitchen-grade stainless steel, so they’re puncture- and rust-resistant. DOUBLE-WALL VACUUM INSULATION Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot until the last sip.NO SWEAT DESIGN Keeps fingers dry and un-frostbitten. MAGSLIDER Lithe MagSlider Lid means enjoying a hot drink from our Rambler Tumblers without worrying about splashes on the go. Unlike other closeable drink lids, ours harness the power of magnets (yep, real magnets) for smooth opening and closing, and has a crystal clear lid so you can always see if you’re in need of a top off. Our magnet technology also makes for easy c...

  • Color: Seafoam
  • Brand: YETI
  • ASIN: B073WJX9ZV
  • UPC: 888830021811

OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones, Professional Studio Monitor & Mixing, Telescopic Arms with Scale, Newest 50mm Neodymium Drivers- Glossy Finsh

OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor

What makes Oneida adapter-free DJ headphone a good headphone?◆ sound ◆ comfort ◆ foldable design studio Pro is a flexible headphone that can be naturally adjusted to any sized head, big or small. The cups rotate both left and right and up and down, it is light-weight also, about 263G, so it's convenient to be fold up and put in a carrying case. ◆ dual-duty cable ◆ durability technical Specifications: 3. 5mm output interface rated power: 20Mw power handling capability: 30mwfrequency response: 20Hz-20KHz : 1 year. Oneida technology focuses on creating the best sound experience.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: OneOdio
  • ASIN: B01N6ZJH96
  • UPC: 709466429447
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