Whiskey Stones & Whiskey Glass Set of 2 Whisky Bourbon Glasses and 8 Scotch Wisky Granite Ice Cubes - Alcohol, Liquor, Wiskey and Wine Accessory Gifts for Men - Large Shot Bar-Ware Bundle Kit for Dad

Whiskey Stones & Whiskey Glass Set of 2

 ARE YOU STILL LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT? ✅ PERFECT GIFTThis unique set makes the ideal present for your father, grandfather, dad, brother, uncle, groom, husband, best man, groomsman, boyfriend, friends, family, relatives or events like birthday, graduation, retirement, anniversary, housewarming, bachelor party, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and X-Mas!✅ PURE TASTE ON THE ROCKSCool your whiskey to just below room temperature without diluting it. Enjoy your favorite Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Chivas, Ballantine’s, Irish, Japanese, Tennessee, single malt whiskey or even vodka and wine just the way they were meant to be enjoyed!✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY STONES100% natural granite makes the perfect chilling rock due to its properties of being a non-porous and non-absorbent mineral that is incredibly easy to clean and reuse as often as you wish!✅ LARGE & LUXURIOUS GLASSESUnlike other competitors’ sets with tiny shot glasses, this set includes two full sized and durable 7.3oz whiskey glasses – the perfect size for enjoying the taste of your favorite whisky, Scotch and Bourbon!✅ 14-PIECES-SETIncludes 8 chilling rocks, 2 crystal tumblers, 1 freezer bag, 1 metal tongs and is packaged in a stylish wooden display tray gift box with lu...

  • Color: Natural Wood Brown
  • Brand: Belleford
  • ASIN: B07GTM7B3V

Golf Whiskey Glasses - Rocks Glass for Rum, Scotch, Wine Glasses - Bourbon Gifts - 10oz Cocktail, Lowball, Old Fashioned Glass (Set of 2) Dad Golf Gifts for Men and Women Golfers Who Like Whiskey

Golf Whiskey Glasses - Rocks Glass for Rum,

Some play basketball or baseball or soccer. Games won through teamwork, speed, and power. Golf isn't like that. It's slower. More relaxed. A game of skill. Golf is for those who enjoy a gentle breeze and a moment of silence. There's a breathlessness just before you strike the ball, and in that moment the world stands still. It's like nothing else matters. You're not in the office. Not in traffic... Just you and the ball, lost in a moment time forgot. And maybe you have a friend with you, but you're not on the same team. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourselves. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition... As long as they don't talk through your swing. And maybe when the sun sets and you've played through 18 holes, you can relax and unwind some more. Grab your golf ball whiskey glass -- comes in a set of two. Chat about the day, old friends, times remembered, scores still unsettled, or any other thing. Take it slow because you can. Golf is a lifestyle best enjoyed by those who have places to be, but make time for themselves. Guaranteed to arrive at your door unsmashed Formed of thick, durable glass for daily use Perfect for golf-lovers, players & connoisseurs Comes in a set of 2 golf ball shaped glasses The world can be simple and quiet. Fun and friendly i...

  • Color: Golf Ball
  • Brand: Prestige Decanters
  • UPC: 041898904599

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge - (Double Old Fashioned Glass + Silicone Ice Form)

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge - (Double Old Fashioned Glass

What is a Whiskey Wedge? Take the edge off with Whiskey Wedge, a more artful way to enjoy your favorite spirits. Designed to melt much slower than smaller traditional ice cubes, Corkcicle’s Whiskey Wedge helps retain your drink’s full flavor. How do I use Whiskey Wedge? After placing the silicone form over the top of the glass, fill the glass with water and store in the freezer for at least four hours. Then, remove the silicone and enjoy. Perfectly chilled, but not quickly watered down, the Whiskey Wedge allows you to enjoy your favorite Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, or Scotch. What does the Whiskey Wedge include? An ideal gift for whiskey lovers and design enthusiasts, this innovative twist keeps cocktails cold from start to finish. Each unit contains one double old-fashioned whiskey glasses and one silicone molds for freezing wedge of ice into glass.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Corkcicle
  • UPC: 735343691973

Whiskey Glass and Whiskey Stones Vintage Gift Box Set | 2 Crystal Whisky Glasses with 8 Granite Chilling Cube Rocks |Great Gift for Men Dad or In-Laws Father's Day and Birthday | 10 Ounce's

Whiskey Glass and Whiskey Stones Vintage Gift Box

Whiskey Glass and Whiskey Stones Vintage Gift Box Set | 2 Crystal Whisky Glasses with 8 Granite Chilling Cube Rocks |Great Gift for Men Dad or In-Laws Father's Day and Birthday | 10 Ounce's

  • Color: Clear, wood
  • Brand: Bezrat
  • ASIN: B07N31QT1H
  • UPC: 740102266675

Bullet Shaped Metal Whiskey Stones - 6-Pack Stainless Steel Whiskey Rocks | Metal Ice Cubes to Chill Bourbon, Scotch in Your Whisky Glass - Cool Gifts for Men, Father's Day, Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Bullet Shaped Metal Whiskey Stones - 6-Pack Stainless

CART At TakeFlight, we LOVE our customers and will do whatever we can to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your purchase. 🛦 ABOUT THE PRODUCT 🛦 🎁 GIFT BOXED for birthdays and holidays 👮 RUGGED & HEAVY DUTY   ⭐️ A FATHER'S DAY FAVORITE COOL GADGETS FOR MEN! Whether you call him dad or pops, grandpa or papa, this manly set is the perfect, unique gift for the father or grandfather who has everything. ⭐️ CHRISTMAS STOCKING STUFFERS Forget the charcoal, this amazing gift will be the favorite stocking stuffer gift on Christmas morning 🎁 THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE GUY WHO HAS EVERYTHING Buy one for yourself, but don't forget to keep these presents in your WISHLIST for gifts. SOME OF THE PRIME Occasions for these Gifts Include… ✔️Best Husband Gifts from Wife, Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him ✔️Birthday Gifts For Dad From Daughter, Birthday Gifts For Husband, Birthday Gifts For Men ✔️Birthday Presents For Dad, Man Birthday Gift ✔️Boyfriend Birthday Gifts, For Him Gifts Boyfriend ✔️Brother Gifts ✔️Christmas Stocking Stuffer For Men ✔️Farhers Day, Fathersday, Poppop Gifts ✔️Gift For Men Who Have Everything, Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything ✔️Gifts For Son From Mom, Graduation Gifts, Bootcamp...

  • Color: Silver
  • ASIN: B07Q3582FZ
  • UPC: 671339823532

Personalized Custom 3D Holographic Photo Etched Engraved Inside The Crystal with Your Own Picture (Birthday, Wedding Gift, Memorial, Mother's Day,Valentine's,Christmas)

Personalized Custom 3D Holographic Photo Etched Engraved Inside

"* SPECIAL PROMOTION* our customized 2D/3D with multiple parallel flat layers Photo engraved crystal glass paperweight is a cute and personalized gift of simple, understated and thoughtful taste. This lovely gift arrives in a thoughtfully prepared keepsake gift box with a blue silk inlay - sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face when they receive that perfect gift. Requests for further customization are always welcome so please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team with any questions you may have (Email: [email protected]) or call us (Customer Service Phone: +1-514-661-3005) we are available 24/7. A&B Crystal collection is a leader in the 3D laser Crystal engraving industry. Our high micro-technologies and advanced equipment allow us to offer a wide range of high quality and customized 3D gifts in the most reduced manufacturing lead time. Our mission is to provide you with a luxurious personal or business gift, meeting the highest standards of quality that keep them alive forever. Motivate your partners and employees! Our prestigious Crystal Collection products reflect the greatness and power of your institution. Strengthen your relationship with your customers by offering them a unique and eternal gift. Occasions: Birthdays - parents, siblings, ...

  • Color: Crystal
  • Brand: 3D Laser Gifts
  • ASIN: B00D0J3JEM
  • UPC: 820103169271

ÉLEVER Whiskey Stones and Whiskey Glass Bar Accessories Gift Set - Chilling Rocks, 2 Drinking Glasses, Tongs - Best Personalized Whiskey Glasses Birthday Gifts for Women, Men, Bourbon, Scotch

ÉLEVER Whiskey Stones and Whiskey Glass Bar Accessories

YOUR DRINK, YOUR TASTE Full control over your drinking experience! Our chilling whiskey stones offer you mastery over the temperature and dilution. Construct your cocktail to desired taste, use our chilled rocks to maintain that temperature down to your final sip! FOR WHISKEY ENTHUSIASTS! Experts says the ideal way to drink whiskey is: Neat with a few drops of water, 60-65 °F (15-18 °C), just below room temp Our stones have been tailored to achieve this indefinitely! The sizes of our rocks were precisely cut to give the optimum surface area per stone to cool your drink. Our team experimented all techniques and materials to produce the perfect whiskey stones for YOUR drinking pleasure! ENDLESS APPLICATIONS Our chilling stones can be used for any alcohol. Neutral with zero taste and smell! Need a colder glass of wine? Throw in some chilling stones! PURE Never worry about deterioration! Basalt forms from Earth’s bedrock through naturally occurring magma and lava processes. We refine them to produce one of the most durable, strong and fine-grained textured raw stones in the world, with lifecycles of millions of years. They were handcrafted so it will not cut your glass! STEPS: Rinse Store in the freezer with velvet bag for 3-4 hrs Place chilled stones in your drink to your li...

  • Color: Clear, Grey, Brown
  • Brand: ÉLEVER
  • ASIN: B07B3WZQ5L
  • UPC: 670875572928

WHISKEY STONES LUXURY GIFT SET of 8 Granite Ice Cubes Reusable Chilling Rocks + 2 Large Size Scotch Glasses in Wooden Box. Cool Whiskey Gift Sets for Man Dad Father Groomsmen by TANGRA


QUALITY WHISKEY STONES FOR PURE TASTE - These Stone Ice cubes are meant to be used to cool your drink without any dilution while adding a little special atmosphere to your occasion with premium bar accessories. The set includes 8 smoothly polished gold whiskey stainless steel stones, beautiful wooden box, 2 normal size (3.3" high) scotch glasses and velvet pouch.

  • Brand: TANGRA
  • ASIN: B0798Y6LZT

WHISKEY STONES EXTRA LARGE 6 LASER ENGRAVED STAINLESS STEEL SILVER BULLETS with Revolver Barrel Base Reusable Chilling Rocks Stone Ice Cubes Chillers Birth Day Gift Set for Him Father Dad Military Man


QUALITY, BEAUTIFUL AND CLASSY LOOK: These stainless steel whiskey cubes are meant to be used to chill and cool either whiskey, vodka, cocktails, red or white wine while adding a little special atmosphere to your occasion. The set includes 6 stainless steel whiskey stones, revolver barrel base and storage box.

  • Brand: TANGRA

Whiskey Stones Bullets with Base - Gold XL Whiskey Ice Cubes Reusable - Cool Gifts for Men - Set of 6 Whiskey Bullets Stainless Steel in Revolver Base - Chilling Whiskey Rocks Gift Set by Amerigo

Whiskey Stones Bullets with Base - Gold XL

Your Search for the Perfect GIFT is Finally Over! BENEFITS: Connoisseur's choice for alternative to conventional ice - Do not melt ice and water down your drinks! Impress your friends and family - Enjoy the best amazement of your guests when you serve up their favorite (alcohol) drinks with your stainless steel whiskey stones bullets! And this drinking rocks gift set is a lot cheaper than buying ice every time ! FEATURES: Cool Your Drink Perfectly FDA Approved & BPA Free Whiskey Chillers Rounded Edges Won't Scratch Glasses Easy to Clean - Rinse with Water When Done For most pleasurable experience: 1. Make sure bullet shaped whiskey stones are well rinsed. 2. Dry them, and keep them in the freezer for at least 2-3 hours. 3. Place cold stainless steel reusable ice cubes / ice rocks in a glass, pour the beverage of your choice and enjoy your perfectly cooled drink. 4. After use, rinse and dry the drinking stones and store in the freezer. Chill Rocks are not meant to cool a drink as quickly or as much as ice. They are intended to provide a slight chill between 8 and 15 degrees - that will protect the taste without drowning the quality. Never ingest or chew on the ice stones for drinks ! Keep out of reach of children as they may be a choking hazard. ...

  • Color: Gold
  • Brand: Amerigo
  • ASIN: B07FXHDN78
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