Michael Rockefeller: New Guinea Photographs, 1961 (Peabody Museum Collections Series)

Michael Rockefeller: New Guinea Photographs, 1961 (Peabody Museum

From April to August 1961, recent Harvard graduate Michael Clark Rockefeller was sound recordist and still photographer on a remarkable multidisciplinary expedition to the Dani people of highland New Guinea. In five short months he produced a wonderful body of work, including over 4,000 black-and-white negatives. In this catalogue, photographer Kevin Bubriski explores Rockefeller's journey into the culture and community of the Dani and into rapport with the people whose lives he chronicled. The book reveals not only the young photographer's growing fluency in the language of the camera, but also the development of his personal way of seeing the Dani world around him. Although Rockefeller's life was cut tragically short on an expedition to the Asmat in the fall of 1961, his photographs are as vivid today as they were the moment they were made. Featuring over 75 photographs, this beautiful volume is the first publication of a substantial body of Michael Rockefeller's visual legacy. Rockefeller's extraordinary photographs reveal both the resilient spirit of the Dani people and the anthropological and aesthetic eye of a young man full of promise. In a Foreword, Robert Gardner provides a personal recollection of Michael Rockefeller's experience in the New Guinea highlands.

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Inside the Crocodile: The Papua New Guinea Journals

Inside the Crocodile: The Papua New Guinea

In the wilds of the most diverse nation on earth, while she copes with crocodiles under the blackboard and sorcery in the office, Trish Nicholson survives near-fatal malaria and mollifies irascible politicians and an ever-changing roster of bosses – realities of life for a development worker.With a background in anthropology and a successful management career in Europe, five years on a development project in the remote West Sepik province of Papua New Guinea more than fulfils Trish Nicholson’s desire for a challenge. In extreme tropical conditions, with few only sometimes-passable roads, travel is by a balus – an alarmingly tiny plane, landing on airstrips cut with grass knives and squeezed between mountains. Students build their own schools, babies’ weights are recorded in rice bags and women walk for days, carrying their produce to market. Physically tested by dense jungle and swaying vine bridges, Trish’s patience is stretched by nothing ever being what it seems and with ‘yes’ usually meaning ‘no’. Assignments in isolated outstations provide surreal moments, like the 80-year-old missionary in long friar’s robes revealing natty turquoise shorts as he tears away on an ancient motorbike. Adventures on nearby Pacific islands relieve the intensity of life in a c...

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In Like Flynn

In Like


To catch a crocodile: Hunting in Papua New Guinea

To catch a crocodile: Hunting in Papua New

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Trickery at the Crocodile Pool and other children's stories from Papua New Guinea: Published by the Crocodile Prize Organisation with the assistance of Paga Hill Development Company

Trickery at the Crocodile Pool and other children's

Trickery at the Crocodile Pool and other children’s stories from Papua New Guinea has been published to encourage and inspire young readers with tales of their homeland. The book is a collection of 33 stories, all written by Papua New Guineans. Some will make you laugh and some will shock but all will make you think, feel and imagine. The book is the result of collaboration between the Crocodile Prize national literary awards and the Paga Hill Development Company Limited. Since 2011, the Crocodile Prize awards have given Papua New Guinean writers a publishing platform and Papua New Guinean readers access to their own stories, poems, essays and more. The 2015 Award for Writing for Children was made possible with sponsorship from Paga Hill Development Company, as was this collection of stories. Editor Ben Jackson has close personal and business connections with Papua New Guinea through his company Jackson PR Associates. He also manages the Bougainville 24 blog, which itself showcases the talents of Bougainvillean writers who would otherwise struggle to be published.

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Rivers of Gold

Rivers of

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In the Footprints of the Crocodile Man: Contemporary Art of the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea

In the Footprints of the Crocodile Man: Contemporary

Publication to accompany an exhibition held at the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, British Columbia, from March 1, 2016-January 31, 2017.

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Top Crocs: The Winning Entries from Papua New Guinea's National Literature Competition The Crocodile Prize 2011 - 2015

Top Crocs: The Winning Entries from Papua New

The Crocodile Prize is Papua New Guinea’s national annual literary competition. The competition originated from an idea and the collaboration of Keith Jackson and Phil Fitzpatrick, both of whom have had a long relationship with Papua New Guinea. The idea for the competition followed an article that Phil had written about the parlous state of post-independent literature in Papua New Guinea. The competition was largely organised online through Keith’s popular PNG Attitude blog. As the competition evolved it became apparent that there were many talented writers in Papua New Guinea who had no real outlets for their work. This prompted the publication of an annual anthology of the best writing and then the establishment of a not-for-profit publishing arm. The annual competition, prizes, writer’s workshops, anthologies, promotion and book publishing were all carried out on an entirely unpaid voluntary basis with support from private sponsors. In 2016 the organisation of the competition passed into Papua New Guinean hands. It has become a much anticipated event in Papua New Guinea’s literary scene.

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Papua New Guinea Crocodile

Papua New Guinea


Kura-kura & Buaya Indonesia & Papua Nugini (Turtles & Crocodiles of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea)

Kura-kura & Buaya Indonesia & Papua Nugini (Turtles

Species diversity of turtles and crocodiles in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

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