Fashions of the First Ladies (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)

Fashions of the First Ladies (Dover Fashion Coloring

From Martha Washington to Melania Trump, 46 of the nation's First Ladies grace the pages of this entertaining and informative coloring book. Presidents' wives, daughters, and other relations who served as official White House hostesses appear here in finely detailed, ready-to-color line drawings. Many of the First Ladies are depicted in their inaugural gowns — others model less formal attire. Illustrations include Dolley Madison, shown in a gown of Chinese silk brocade; Mary Todd Lincoln, dressed in a rich velvet; Grace Coolidge in a sleeveless frock; Jacqueline Kennedy in a two-piece print outfit; Nancy Reagan in a woolen ensemble; and many others. Fact-filled captions complete this stylish collection, offering colorists and history buffs alike insights into the lives of the women who shared in one of the most demanding and visible roles in American public life.

  • Brand: Dover
  • ASIN: 0486418685
  • UPC: 800759418688

Great Fashion Designs of the Sixties Paper Dolls: 32 Haute Couture Costumes by Courreges, Balmain, Saint-Laurent and Others (Dover Paper Dolls)

Great Fashion Designs of the Sixties Paper Dolls:

In his latest paper doll tribute to high fashion of past decades, artist Tom Tierney spotlights the bold colors, miniskirts, and offbeat accessories that typified haute couture of the 1960s. Included are stunning creations by a new wave of young designers who exalted youth and promoted the "little girl look" while catering, for the first time in fashion history, to the tastes of working-class consumers.Extensively researched and painstakingly rendered, this dramatic full-color collection includes two dolls, each with 15 additional costumes, among them such innovative items as a spectacular Saint-Laurent see-through dress (strategically embellished with bands of beads); Courréges' innovative pantsuit of navy jersey; an evening dress of gilded plastic rectangles joined by metal links, created by Paco Rabanne; Mary Quant's wool minidress, with an industrial zipper down the font; a Bill Blass above-the-knee-length wedding dress of white silk crepe trimmed with snow-rose scallops, and Rudi Gernreich's ankle-length, free-swinging print dress.Additional outfits by such veterans of haute couture as Nina Ricci, Balmain, Givenchy, Patou, Chanel, and others complete this full-color fashion extravaganza. A fact-filled introduction provides historical background to the sixties fashion scene,...

  • Brand: Dover
  • ASIN: 0486268977
  • UPC: 800759268979

Everyday Fashions of the Forties As Pictured in Sears Catalogs (Dover Fashion and Costumes)

Everyday Fashions of the Forties As Pictured in

Few publications illustrate so comprehensively what American men, women, and children wore in the 1940s than the Sears catalogs of those years, when the company's fashions typified the tastes of the American mainstream. This book is a compilation of 122 fully illustrated and captioned pages selected and reproduced from rare copies of Sears catalogs of the World War II era.Over 120 large-format pages have been carefully reprinted on high-quality glossy stock. They reveal in sharp detail the broad range of clothing fashions available during a period when wartime gasoline rationing made mail-order shopping reach new heights of popularity.Hundreds of accurately detailed drawings depict articles of clothing and personal accessories, including hats, overcoats, shoes, dresses, sportswear, undergarments, neckties, and more. Styles for children range from play clothes to "Sunday best." Men's clothing reflects the conservativism in male fashions during the period. Women's wear ranges from slacks, newly popular with women in the workforce, to dresses with plenty of "Oomph."Here is a richly revealing document that historians of costume and readers interested in fashion, social history, and Americana will find endlessly fascinating. JoAnne Olian, curator of the Costume Collection at the Museu...

  • ASIN: 0486269183
  • UPC: 884631202862

Late Victorian and Edwardian Fashions (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)

Late Victorian and Edwardian Fashions (Dover Fashion Coloring

From hoop skirts to bustles: a practical book that's also fun to colorAn era that saw women's fashions go from hoop skirts to softly draped bustles, the late Victorian and Edwardian periods also provided well-to-do ladies with elegant day dresses featuring leg-o'-mutton sleeves and lavish evening wear with plunging necklines. Twenty-nine colorable illustrations of fashionable apparel from the 1860s through 1910 depict — among other outfits — opera capes, frock coats, top hats, and knitted swimwear for men; and for the ladies, walking suits with narrow skirts, bathing outfits that completely cover the figure, and billowing bloomers for bicycling. A dazzling collection for theatrical designers, fashion historians, and style mavens; delightful entertainment for colorists of all ages.

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486444589

Great Fashion Designs of the Fifties Paper Dolls: 30 Haute Couture Costumes by Dior, Balenciaga and Others (Dover Paper Dolls)

Great Fashion Designs of the Fifties Paper Dolls:

Two lifelike paper dolls and 30 haute couture outfits by Chanel, Paquin, Jacques Heim, Mainbocher, Pauline Trigere, Givenchy, Cardin, Norell, other greats. Publisher's Note. Captions.

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486249603
  • UPC: 800759249602

Fashions of First Ladies Paper Dolls (Dover President Paper Dolls)

Fashions of First Ladies Paper Dolls (Dover President

Michelle Obama wore a silk chiffon gown to the Inaugural Ball. Jackie Kennedy selected Oleg Cassini to create her wardrobe. "Reagan Red" was Nancy Reagan's favorite color, and Hillary Clinton was partial to pantsuits. Tom Tierney celebrates more than a half century of lovely First Ladies and their glamorous apparel in this lavish paper doll collection. Ten dolls and 32 costumes — including inaugural gowns, classic day wear, and casual outfits — spotlight the most stylish women to ever grace the White House. Descriptive notes accompany the dolls and their clothing.

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486448797

Antique Dolls (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)

Antique Dolls (Dover Fashion Coloring

Generations ago, only a few youngsters were fortunate enough to play with the lovely dolls depicted in the pages of this coloring book. Today, these elegant dolls, created from a variety of materials and with engaging, hand-painted faces, have become highly valued antiques.Artist Brenda Sneathen Mattox has painstakingly re-created a rich selection of nineteenth-century dolls for today's youngsters (and the young at heart) to enjoy. Thirty full-page, ready-to-color illustrations present these rare dolls in authentic period costumes. Included are captivating Jumeau dolls with long, curly tresses; a Bru lady doll with a fashionable hat and high-necked dress, ca. 1870; a French fashion bride of the 1870s; a French walking doll with a feathered hat, ca. 1880; an engaging, wide-eyed bisque "googly"; a Simon and Halbig and a Kestner doll, both with long hair; a François Gaultier-type doll in a stylish ensemble; and many more. Seven dolls are shown in full color on the covers.These beautifully drawn portraits of irresistible playthings — all identified in brief captions — will delight not only coloring book fans, but doll collectors and antique enthusiasts as well.

  • Brand: Dover
  • ASIN: 0486413187
  • UPC: 800759413188

Paper Dolls Fashion Workshop: More than 40 inspiring designs, projects & ideas for creating your own paper doll fashions (Walter Foster Studio)

Paper Dolls Fashion Workshop: More than 40 inspiring

Create your own paper doll fashions - from basic wear to haute couture!Paper Dolls Fashion Workshop offers budding fashionistas a fashion-forward style lookbook of prompts, tips, and expert instruction as they learn to make their own paper dolls and paper doll wardrobes. Beginning with an overview of basic tools and materials, techniques, and embellishments, readers will embark on a creative journey through a variety of patterns and projects that teach them how to turn their own doodles, tangles, and designs into fabulous fashion looks and accessories - specifically for the purpose of creating their own paper dolls. With reusable doll models and blank clothing templates, artists will enjoy endless paper doll fun. From basics and sleepwear to dresses and outerwear, savvy style mavens will find an abundance of fashion-forward inspiration encouraging them to create their own designs, while a section on career, costume, and haute couture paper doll clothing inspires artists to let their imagination run free.

  • ASIN: 1633221652

More Erté Fashion Paper Dolls (More Erte Fashion Paper Dolls in Full Color)

More Erté Fashion Paper Dolls (More Erte Fashion

Rendered by Tom Tierney. 2 dolls and 20 costumes scrupulously rendered from original designs by legendary couturier. Gowns, capes, coats, sporting attire, theatrical costumes, more. Exotic inventive haute couture. Brief captions.

  • ASIN: 0486246302

French Fashion Designers Paper Dolls: 1900-1950 (Dover Paper Dolls)

French Fashion Designers Paper Dolls: 1900-1950 (Dover Paper

French fashions reigned supreme during the first half of the twentieth century — from ostentatious gowns featuring the hourglass look by Callot Soeurs, to feminine evening dresses of the fifties by Jacques Fath. In between came the "boyish" tubular look of the twenties; suits and dresses that were wide at the shoulders and slim at the hips during the thirties, and a "New Look" dependent on the lavish use of fabric during the forties.Tom Tierney's carefully researched and expertly rendered collection featuring 50 years of French high fashion includes three dolls modeling haut couture apparel by Schiaparelli, Paquin, Poiret, Lanvin, Patou, Worth, Lelong, Chanel, Grés, Ricci, Balenciaga, Dior, and 18 other fashion giants. Descriptive notes accompany a costume extravaganza that will delight paper doll fans, collectors, and fashion designers alike. Three dolls and 32 full-color costumes.

  • Brand: Dover
  • ASIN: 0486423921
  • UPC: 800759423927

60 Civil War-Era Fashion Patterns (Dover Fashion and Costumes)

60 Civil War-Era Fashion Patterns (Dover Fashion and

Assembled from vintage issues of Peterson's Magazine, a popular nineteenth-century "ladies" periodical that premiered in 1842, here is an authentic gallery of Civil War-era clothing patterns for women, children, and men. The author of many books on historic fashion, Seleshanko has compiled this new, original volume of wonderfully usable antique garment designs to delight costume designers, historians, Civil War reconstructionists, and antiques collectors alike!During the 1860s, the Civil War left Americans with shortages of all kinds — including clothing resources. Peterson's pattern diagrams were of enormous help to women who no longer had the opportunity to purchase their clothing abroad or visit their local dressmaker. This one-of-a-kind collection showcases sixty historically accurate nineteenth-century garment designs. Included are a Chemise, the Madeline Wrapper, and a Polonaise Dinner Dress for ladies...a Knickerbocker Suit and Loose Jacket and Waistcoat for boys...and a Tunic and Cape and Basquine Dress for girls...and, for men, a handsome Smoking Cap. 60 patterns. Over 300 diagrams and illustrations.

  • ASIN: 0486461769
  • UPC: 800759461769

Classic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls in Full Color (Dover Celebrity Paper Dolls)

Classic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls in Full Color

In 1934, at the age of six, America's favorite curly-headed moppet won a Special Academy Award for bringing "more happiness to millions of children and millions of grownups than any other child of her years in the history of the world." By the time she was eight, the young star was the number one international box office attraction.This collection of classic Shirley Temple paper dolls makes the diminutive charmer available once again to delight fans, film buffs, paper doll collectors, as well as youngsters who know Shirley only through television and old films. Assembled by noted collector Grayce Piemontesi, these full-color dolls and costumes are compiled from two rare and popular collections first published in the 1930s. Included in this volume are three full-color dolls — each a different size. The largest covers two pages and is 20 7/8 inches high; the medium-sized doll (10 1/4 inches tall) is two-sided and comes with outfits that give a delightfully realistic front-and-back view to the figure. The smallest stands 5 7/8 inches high. Youngsters can dress these dolls in 18 attractive costumes — pleated and ruffled party dresses, pinafores for home and school, and sunsuits for the beach and backyard. There's also a snugly belted raincoat with galoshes and umbrella, a perky ...

  • Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486251934
  • UPC: 800759251933

Great Fashion Designs of the Thirties Paper Dolls: 32 Haute Couture Costumes by Schiaparelli, Molyneux, Mainbocher, and Others (Dover Paper Dolls)

Great Fashion Designs of the Thirties Paper Dolls:

The 1930s … they began somewhat unstylishly in the midst of a worldwide depression but ended as a dazzling and influential decade of haute couture. Influenced by the Bauhaus movement ("Form follow function") and the Art Deco trend, a coterie of brilliant designers set the tone for the times with an exciting new wave of provocative fashions.Here, in a handsome, painstakingly researched paper doll fashion book, noted artist and fashion authority Tom Tierney re-creates the exquisite inventions of the top couturiers: Schiaparelli, Lanvin, Vionnet, Molyneux, Chanel, Mainbocher, Worth, Paquin, and others. Rendered in glowing full color, the collection comprises two dolls and 32 meticulously detailed costumes, accurate down to the last nuance of fabric and fold.Suddenly out is the "boyish look" of the Roaring Twenties. It is a more seductive line. In the 30s, skirts take on a clinging fluidity, hats get smaller, gloves of every length are à la mode, and the backless evening gown makes a dramatic entrance. By 1933, Paris turns to Hollywood for inspiration and film stars Gloria Swanson, Joan Crawford, and Garbo are the new international fashion setters. (Tierney's dolls bear striking resemblances to the first two actresses.)Fashion connoisseurs will delight in this parade of stunning c...

  • ASIN: 0486247244
  • UPC: 800759247240

Fashion Models Paper Dolls (Dover Paper Dolls)

Fashion Models Paper Dolls (Dover Paper

From a photo shoot in Italy to a poolside barbeque in the Caribbean, these high-fashion dolls work and play in the world's most glamorous settings. Dress the two reversible dolls with ensembles from 16 pages of costumes and accessories, including outfits for parties, galas, picnics, a traditional runway show finale, and a wedding extravaganza. Lively background scenes on the book's inside covers set the mood for going out on the town and relaxing at home.

  • Brand: Brand: Dover Publications
  • ASIN: 0486488772
  • UPC: 800759488773

Descendants: Mal's Spell Book

Descendants: Mal's Spell

For fans of Descendants, this spell book, which formerly belonged to Maleficent before she passed it on to Mal, is full of comments, notes, and inside jokes between Mal and the other villains' kids. Laugh and cry along with Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos as they find their way in the world of Auradon Prep.

  • Brand: Disney Press
  • ASIN: 1484726383

Chanel Fashion Review Paper Dolls (Dover Paper Dolls)

Chanel Fashion Review Paper Dolls (Dover Paper

The essential little black dress, the elegant suit with the gold-buttoned jacket, the freedom to wear slacks — modern women still draw upon the innovations of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. The twentieth-century's fashion doyenne began her long and brilliant career by replacing the traditional corset with the comfort and casual grace of simple but exquisitely tailored outfits. This collection features three dolls and twenty-eight authentic costumes that illustrate Chanel's haute couture history and the enduring appeal and influence of her designs.

  • ASIN: 0486251055
  • UPC: 800759251056

Fashion a la Mode: The Pop-Up History of Costumes and Dresses

Fashion a la Mode: The Pop-Up History of

Fashion-à la Mode is a sumptuous jewel of costume and fashion history seen through a dazzling parade of dolls that pop up on the page, accompanied by extraordinary interactive apparel, such as removeable fans, parasols, and shoes. The costumes in the book are created by Isabelle de Borchgrave and are based on her one-of-a-kind, hand-painted paper dresses.With short texts and numerous costumed figures that pop up in three dimensions, the book is organized chronologically into themes: Egypt and the beginning of costume, the Elizabethan period, 18th-century France, the Victorian Opera, the kimono, Chanel and the liberation of women's clothing, and fashion as art (Fortuny and Miyake).The text is written by Dorothy Twining Globus, Director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Also included are enthusiastic essays by such notable fashion authorities as Hubert de Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld, Myra Walker, and Sue North.

  • Brand: Brand: Universe
  • ASIN: 0789305070

Doll Fashion Studio: Sew 20 Seasonal Outfits for Your 18-Inch Doll

Doll Fashion Studio: Sew 20 Seasonal Outfits for

Make adorable outfits for an entire year of fun adventures and special occasions!20 fully illustrated seasonal outfits with easy-to-follow instructions.3 pattern sheets featuring 100 full-size patterns.Bonus! 8 simple accessory projects for young beginners.Tips from the author for making simple pattern alterations.

  • Brand: Krause Publications
  • ASIN: 1440230919
  • UPC: 074962014870

Yves St. Laurent Fashion Review (Dover Paper Dolls)

Yves St. Laurent Fashion Review (Dover Paper

One of the great couturiers of the 20th century, Yves St. Laurent created a fashion empire that changed the way women looked from the 1950s to the 1990s. St. Laurent's diverse interests fueled his fertile mind as he translated art into fashion, startling the fashion world with such innovations as pantsuits, see-through apparel, safari clothes, leather looks, the Pop Art collection, and many more.Noted paper doll artist Tom Tierney captures the highlights of the distinguished designer's career in this well-researched and scrupulously rendered paper doll collection. Three dolls, including a figure of the designer and two models, are accompanied by 28 different costumes –among them a Mondrian-inspired dress. a satin-trimmed tuxedo (the first of St. Laurent's "le smoking" evening ensembles), a day dress in the "trapeze" style, an Algerian-inspired outfit from the Rive Gauche collection, an astonishing wedding dress, humorously described as a "cocoon" of knitted wool, an evening dress incorporating a body sculpture of galvanized copper, and other formidable creatures.An informative introduction and detailed descriptive notes accompany this lavish display of clothing in a brilliant tribute that will delight students of costume design, fashion historians, and paper doll fans of all ag...

  • ASIN: 0486405788
  • UPC: 800759405787

Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive, 965 Illustrations (Dover Pictorial Archive)

Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive, 965 Illustrations (Dover

Women's fashions during the second half of the nineteenth century offered a delightful display of styles reflecting English, French, and American tastes. This comprehensive treasury of more than 900 crisp black-and-white illustrations ― arranged chronologically and dated by year ― provides a rich pictorial record of clothing styles from that period. Suitable for a wide variety of graphic projects, these cuts will especially appeal to artists and illustrators in search of finely rendered images of authentic Victorian fashions. Selected by graphic artist Carol Belanger Grafton from such vintage sources as Harper's Bazar, La Mode Illustrée, Peterson's Magazine, Godey's Salon de la Mode and Frank Leslie's Ladies' Magazine, the cuts brim with clear detail and old-time flavor as they record a wealth of evolving styles ― from ornate gowns of the mid-1800s, widened by hoop skirts and elaborately enhanced with ribbons, ruffles, laces, and bows, to turn-of-the-century fashions that produced leg-o'-mutton sleeves, narrowed skirts, diminished bustles, and high-necked bodices (except for evening wear, which exhibited a more daring neckline).Here, for copyright-free use, are hundreds of elegant dresses accented with intricately embroidered designs, shirtwaists featuring lace inserts, an...

  • Brand: Grafton, Carol Belanger
  • ASIN: 0486402215
  • UPC: 800759402212

Barbie Doll Fashion: the Complete History of the Wardrobes of Barbie Doll, Her Friends and Her Family, Vol. 3, 1975-1979

Barbie Doll Fashion: the Complete History of the

Sarah Eames's Barbie® doll fashion books have become standards in the Barbie® collecting world. Her third volume in the series will be no exception. With no repeats from her other two volumes, Barbie® Doll Fashion, Volume III features more than 600 full-color photographs of fashions, detailed descriptions, and current values. Fashions for Ken doll, family, and friends are also included: Skipper, Francie, Tutti, Todd, Chris, and Carla, and all the personalities from Barbie® doll's world like Chantal Goya, Donnie and Marie, and TV star women. All the original outfits for all the dolls, outfits sold separately, and store exclusives are included. The series of costumes covered are Best Buys, Fashion Originals, SuperStar, Get-Ups 'N Go, and international issues. 2004 values.

  • Brand: Brand: Collector Books
  • ASIN: 1574323458

In Their Fashion: Doll Costumes and Accessories, 1850-1925 by Florence Theriault (1994-05-03)

In Their Fashion: Doll Costumes and Accessories, 1850-1925

Will be shipped from US. Used books may not include companion materials, may have some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include CDs or access codes. 100% money back guarantee.

  • ASIN: B01FIWF73O

Fashions of the Old South Coloring Book (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)

Fashions of the Old South Coloring Book (Dover

In the years shortly before the Civil War, many Southern plantation owners and their families "summered" in the cooler climate of the northern states, often along the New England coast. These journeys frequently included side trips to New York, Boston, or Philadelphia to replenish the family's wardrobes with the latest fashions. The particularly wealthy occasionally went to Europe, returning home with stylish apparel from London or Paris.Clothing worn during this period by members of antebellum society conveyed a distinct glamor and elegance. Tom Tierney captures the fine details of authentic garments in 29 ready-to-color illustrations. Included are walking costumes, evening gowns, morning and afternoon dresses, and wedding apparel for women, as well as suits, vests, trousers, and handsome military uniforms for the men.Descriptive captions accompany illustrations in an attractive coloring book that will not only please coloring book fans, but will also be of use to costume historians and designers.

  • Brand: Dover
  • ASIN: 0486438767

Classic Fashions of Christian Dior: Re-created in Paper Dolls (Dover Paper Dolls)

Classic Fashions of Christian Dior: Re-created in Paper

The leading style setter of the post–World War II era, French couturier Christian Dior helped revive Paris as the center of high fashion. For this fabulous collection, famous paper doll illustrator Tom Tierney has meticulously researched and re-created many of Dior's most innovative designs.Extravagant evening gowns with crinoline underskirts. Cocktail dresses with nipped waists. Pillbox hats, elbow-length gloves, and more. This dazzling collection includes 26 costumes in all, plus gorgeous dolls representing two of Dior's best-known models. It's a brand-new way to enjoy the "New Look!"

  • ASIN: 0486286428
  • UPC: 800759286423
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