Tramex CME4 Tramex Non Destructive Concrete Moisture Meter Encounter 4, Measuring Range: 2-6% H2O

Tramex CME4 Tramex Non Destructive Concrete Moisture Meter

SCREEDS AND CONCRETE FLOORS MUST BE DRY BEFORE THE FLOOR COVERING IS INSTALLED Regular checking of moisture content during the drying out period of a new concrete floor or floor screed is important to ensure it has reached sufficient dryness to accept the floor covering. Excess moisture in the concrete could cause latent problems such as condensation or failure of the adhesive under the floor covering. The Concrete Moisture Encounter 4 will give you an instant reading of moisture content up to 6% concrete; up to 0 - 10 comparitive on gypsum screed enabling you to make an informed decision on when to install the floor covering. To use, simply switch on and hold the instrument firmly against the surface. As many non-destructive tests as you need can be carried out in seconds without the need to drill or damage the concrete. DESIGNED FOR THE FLOORING INDUSTRY Tramex has been designing, manufacturing and marketing worldwide, non-destructive moisture meters for more than 20 years. You can, therefore, purchase with confidence that you are getting the latest, and yet the most practical and useful, moisture measurement instrument available to the flooring industry.

  • Brand: Tramex
  • ASIN: B0083CK9N0
  • UPC: 082045098884

Calculated Industries 7445 AccuMASTER Duo Pro Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter Detects Hidden Leaks and Moisture | Combo Non-invasive Pad + Pin Sensors | for Restoration Contractors, Woodworkers, DIYs

Calculated Industries 7445 AccuMASTER Duo Pro Pin &

The 7445 AccuMASTER Duo Pro Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter is ideal for helping you measure moisture content in hardwood, lumber, wood flooring, brick, concrete, drywall and plaster. Its dual-sensor system can help you speed up and improve your moisture detection using either its pad or pins. It’s the best of both worlds. WOODWORKERS AND CRAFTSMEN -- can check moisture content percentage quickly and easily with the moisture meter’s dual function before purchasing or using lumber and hardwoods. PRO AND DIY REMODELERS -- discover hidden water damage in floors, walls and under carpets due to roof leaks, flooding, burst pipes, underground seepage or other water sources. Locating high levels of moisture content can help you know where to repair to avoid further damage and to stop toxic mold or other health risks. YOU CAN EASILY SEE -- AccuMASTER’s large, well-designed LCD display and always-on backlight means you can easily read it in dimly lit jobsites, lumberyards, workshops, or even at your wood pile at night. Plus, the Hold function lets you freeze a reading on the display for viewing at a more convenient angle. USER FRIENDLY, SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND – In pin mode firmly push the (replaceable) sharp, stainless steel pins into test material. Or, in pad mode place the back of th...

  • Brand: Calculated Industries
  • ASIN: B07PK62JSS
  • UPC: 098584003128

General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter, Water Leak Detector, Moisture Tester, Pin Type, Backlit LCD Display With Audible and Visual High-Medium-Low Moisture Content Alerts

General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter, Water Leak

The General Tools MMD4E Pin-Style Digital Moisture Meter provides accurate moisture level reading to detect leaks, dampness and moisture in wood, walls, ceiling, carpet and firewood. It is an essential tool for assessing water damage and remediation efforts after flooding from storms, hurricanes, roof leaks or broken pipes to discover hidden water damage in floors, walls and under carpets. By checking suspicious water stains with a moisture tester around the house, you can determine whether the area is wet (a perfect breeding ground for mold) or has long since dried. This water leak detector also is helpful for new home inspections and home restorations, locating roof leaks or simply to ensure firewood is ready to burn. It also ensures the appropriate level of surface dryness before painting, sealing or treating wood or drywall. The moisture meter is easy to use: simply stick the stainless steel pins into the surface of what you are measuring in order to get a read-out. Overall measurement range of 5 to 50% for wood and 1.5 to 33% for building materials. The backlit, large, easy-to-read digits and clearly-designed LED alerts tell you immediately if the moisture content is high, medium or low. Plus, the moisture meter has audible high, medium, low alerts so you will be able to hea...

  • Color: Grays
  • Brand: General Tools
  • ASIN: B00275F5O2
  • UPC: 012301860924

Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter

Tramex Concrete Moisture

'Concrete Moisture Meter, Test Concrete & Cementitious Screeds to ASTM F2170 & F2659 & Wood Flooring, Moisture Content 0 Percent to 6.9 Percent In Concrete, 7 Percent to 40 Percent In Wood, Temp. Range (F) -40 Degrees to 176 Degrees , Display Digital, Number of Species of Wood 0, Data Hold Yes, No Memory, Interface No, For Use With Concrete and Other Cementitious Materials Per ASTM F2659 & F2170 with Optional RH Probe attachment, As Well As Wood with Optional Pin-Type Probe'

  • Brand: Tramex
  • UPC: 094716068089

Dual Moisture Meter: LCD BACKLIT DISPLAY- Sensor for Moisture and Temperature in Wood, Concrete, Drywall, Carpet. Detector Tool for Mold Test | Firewood | Home Inspection

Dual Moisture Meter: LCD BACKLIT DISPLAY- Sensor for

The SAM-PRO Dual Moisture Meter quickly tests moisture levels & temperature in Wood, Concrete, Drywall & Other Building Materials. Easily detect Water Damage, Mold Risk, Leaks, Wet Building Materials & Seasoned Firewood. Simply take off the protective cap, press the Power button, select your material type and push the two pins of the meter into the material you want to measure. A couple seconds later the device will display the moisture content on its large easy-to-read LCD display. Taking measurements in hard to access area, like the back of your firewood shed? Turn on the backlight. Want to know the range of moisture values taken at various locations? Use the Min and Max display feature of the SAM-PRO moisture tester. Even includes an air temperature sensor. Packaging Includes: ✔︎ Moisture Meter ✔︎ Travel Case ✔︎ Owner's Manual ✔︎ 9V Battery

  • Color: White & Black
  • Brand: SAM-PRO TOOLS
  • ASIN: B075ZZ47RH
  • UPC: 761856159150

Ryobi E49MM01 Digital LED Pinless Moisture Meter for Softwood, Drywall, and Masonry (9 Volt Battery Included)

Ryobi E49MM01 Digital LED Pinless Moisture Meter for

Knowing the moisture levels in your walls, wood, and masonry can give you an estimate of the potential for mold growth throughout your home. To help you get an easy reading on these moisture levels, use the E49MM01 from Ryobi. It's very easy to use. Simply hold the sensor over whatever you're trying to read, set the device to read whatever material you're using (it's good for wood, drywall, and masonry), and look at the LED screen for a percentage. Additionally, you can listen to the audible alerts the device sends off. They change in frequency as you run into higher levels. By using both sight and sound, you're sure to have an accurate measurement. It doesn't use any pins, so you can run this over your delicate surfaces without scuffing them up. For a solid moisture meter to use around the home or diy workshop, the E49MM01 from Ryobi is a solid choice.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Ryobi
  • ASIN: B0070YI0JM
  • UPC: 033287145911

Moisture Meter by ennoLogic - Digital LCD Pin Type 7 Material Settings - Use for Wood Cement Mortar Brick Drywall Carpet - Backlight Hold Max Min Air Temperature and Holster - eH710T

Moisture Meter by ennoLogic - Digital LCD Pin

More than just a Moisture Tester for Firewood Measuring moisture content of all kinds of wood and building materials is easy with the ennoLogic moisture meter eH710T. Simply take off the protective cap, press the Power button, select your material type and push the two pins of the meter into the material you want to measure. A couple seconds later the device will display the moisture content on its large easy-to-read display with a wide viewing angle. Taking measurements in hard to access area, like the back of your firewood shed? Use the Hold button to freeze the value and read it later when you can look at the display. Turn on the backlight if it's dark. Want to know the range of moisture values taken at various locations? Use the Min and Max display feature of the ennoLogic moisture meter. Even includes an air temperature sensor. And for added convenience, the settings you used last will be remembered the next time you use the meter. The ennoLogic eH710T comes with a 10-Year Warranty, a Hassle-Free Replacement Guarantee, and a Risk-Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Specifications - Material 1: Beech, Spruce, Larch, Birch, Cherry, Walnut, Carpet (8.8 ~ 54.8%) - Material 2: Oak, Cedar, Maple, Ash, Douglas Fir, Pine, Meranti (7.0 ~ 47.9%) - Material 3: Cement, Concrete, Plaster, ...

  • Color: black red
  • Brand: ennoLogic
  • UPC: 641171757937

Wood Moisture Meter - Digital Moisture Detector Moisture Tester, Pin-Type Water Leak Detector Damp Tester Dampness Meter for Wood Building Material Firewood Walls Paper Floor

Wood Moisture Meter - Digital Moisture Detector Moisture

Are you worry about the cracks, splits, warping when purchasing or using the lumber and hardwoods?Are you want to know the water leak around your home? Such as floors, walls and under carpets due to roof leaks, flooding, burst pipes, underground seepage or other water infiltration sources. TAVOOL MOISTURE METER CAN TOTALLY MEET YOUR NEEDS! Tavool moisture meter tester is ideal to use in WOODWORKING, BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, AGRICULTURE RESTORATION and floor-laying. By using Tavool moisture detector for working, professionals can ensure that you have consistent results!!Classify in 8 types of woods for selection: based on different types of wood materials - A: Teak, Walnut, Afrormosia, Rubber Tree Imbuia, Kokrodua, Niove Bidinkala, Cork- B: Keruing, White Poplar, Beech, Cedar, Tola- C: Lauan, Ash, Elm, Fir, Maple, Padauk Oak- D: Basswood, Larch, Pine, Birch - E: Abura,Bitterwood, Cordia, Erimado, etc. - F: Amboyna, Basswood, coachwood, etc- G: Gequ, Nohor, Rubberwood, etc - H: Cherry, Agba, Birch, Cedar, etc. FEATURES: 1. Display:LCD and green backlight2. Measurement Range: Wood:the scale A woods: 6%-60%Building Material:0.2-2.9%Temperature:0 ~ 40℃ or 32 ~ 104℉3. Accuracy:Wood:±2%Temperature:±2℃ / ±4℉5.Max/Min moisture measurement6.HOLD function to freeze th...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Tavool
  • ASIN: B07Q5TFB74

Extech MO55 Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

Extech MO55 Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture

The MO55 is a combination pin/pinless moisture meter. Take quick moisture measurements on wood and building materials with choice of pin or pinless (non-invasive) Method. Easy-to-operate with display icons that indicate the levels of moisture content Plus audible alert feature. Ideal for building restoration projects and applications where moisture detection on floors, tiles and under carpets is critical. A Must-Have tool for analyzing the after-effects of water leakage behind walls and in ceilings. Complete with pins (2), protective cap, and 9V battery.

  • Brand: Extech
  • UPC: 793950475058

Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno E/D

Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno

Bright red numeric display makes taking accurate moisture readings easy and error-free. Simply press the pins into the wood and the meter automatically turns on to provide a reading. Features a wide moisture range of 6-45 - low enough for professional furniture/cabinet makers and hardwood floor installers and high enough for construction-grade lumber, firewood, and wood turning blanks. Includes two standard 3/16" pins, two 7/16" pins for taking deeper core readings, wrist strap, pouch and 9V battery (Battery Included). Extra pins are stored inside the meter. Measures approximately 2-3/4" x 5" x 1". Weight: 8 ounces (200g). High-impact plastic and 2 Year Warranty.

  • Brand: Lignomat USA, LTD
  • UPC: 767654131312

Lignomat Scanner SD Moisture Meter

Lignomat Scanner SD Moisture

The Scanner S/D is a dual depth (¼" or ¾") pinless, capacitance-type meter. The S/D uses the relationship between the dielectric properties and the moisture content of the wood to produce a moisture reading that is the average value of the area between the surface and the maximum depth of penetration. Since pinless meters leave no mark, they're preferred when testing finished products such as cabinet doors, table tops and ready to finish furniture. The S/D range of measurement range is from 5% - 99% dependent upon species. Temperature correction is not necessary. Comes with instructions, specie card and carry pouch. Requires 9v battery (Battery Included) & 2 Year Warranty.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Lignomat
  • UPC: 718122389223

FLIR MR55 Pin Moisture Meter with Bluetooth

FLIR MR55 Pin Moisture Meter with

The MR55 is an affordable tool for moisture remediation and pest control professionals, home or building inspectors, and flooring installers. The pin-based meter features wireless connectivity, making it easy to view and share readings from a Mobile device. You can also tune the meter to the appropriate test material using a built-in Library of 11 material groups to get the most accurate readings. Quickly look up the correct material Group on the FLIR website by using your Mobile device to scan a QR code on the back of the meter. Then send measurement data wirelessly to FLIR tools Mobile for live display and to compatible FLIR thermal cameras for later analysis and reporting. The MR55 is a reliable standalone meter and a useful accessory to pair with a FLIR thermal imager.

  • Brand: FLIR
  • ASIN: B07G7VQW49
  • UPC: 793950370568

General Tools MMD900 Moisture Meter, Pin Type or Pinless, Deep Sensing with Remote Probe

General Tools MMD900 Moisture Meter, Pin Type or

Equipped with two pairs of test pin, one on top of unit, and the other at the end of a cable and remote probe that can fit in tighter spaces measuring the Change in the material's capacitance produced by the slight spreading of a local electrical field generated by the meter. Pin or pinless. Remote probe. Manual or auto.

  • Brand: General Tools
  • ASIN: B00563TQ8S
  • UPC: 031111204100

Pinless Wood Moisture Meter, Dr.meter Upgraded Inductive Pinless Tools, Intelligent Lumber Moisture Meter, Digital Moisture Meter for Wood, (Range 4% - 80% RH; Accuracy: 0.5%), MD918

Pinless Wood Moisture Meter, Dr.meter Upgraded Inductive Pinless

Dr. Meter Intelligent Moisture Meter MD918 Moisture Meter is used to measure the moisture percentage of timbers through HF electromagnetic waves without piercing material's surface. It has a wide measurement range 4~80%RH with accuracy 0.5%. As we know, moisture content affects most important properties of timbers. In order to effectively use wood and wood-base materials, we require an efficient and reliable wood moisture measuring tool just like MD918 Specifications -Measuring Range: 4% ~ 80% -Max. error: 1%Rh+0.5 -Resolution: 0.5% -Environment: temperature -10 ~ 60 ºC , humidity: 0 ~70%RH -Power supply: 3 x 1.5V AAA battery -Weight: 95g (not including batteries) -Size: 132 x 67 x 26 mm Package Contents -1 x MD918 Inductive Moisture Meter -3 x 1.5V AAA battery -1 x Carrying Pouch -1 x User Manual -1 x Warranty Card recommendation To make sure accurate measurement and prolong life time, please kindly calibrate MD918 when the following condition occur -Exchange battery -Use MD918 meter for the first time -MD918 has not been used for a long time and you restart to use it -When using the product with two extreme temperature differences Note -MD918 meter has a temperature compensation function, keep the object to be tested at the same temperature at least within 5 mins -Keep...

  • Color: MD918 Wood Moisture Meter
  • Brand: Dr.meter
  • ASIN: B017D6U2DS

Sonin Model # 50211 10% to 28% Analog Wood, Concrete, Plaster, Carpet and More Moisture Meter

Sonin Model # 50211 10% to 28% Analog

Tests for presence of damaging moisture. Contact probes on 3' coiled cable. Dual reading scale provides relative and moisture percentages (10% - 28%) readings. Uses 9V battery. Instructions included. Tests hard or soft wood, concrete, plaster, carpet. Locate and trace Roof leaks, water seepage. Check surfaces before painting, laying floors or tile, Wallpapering. Select drier lumber. Dual reading scale gives relative (1-10) & moisture percentages 10-28% readings. Measures moisture from 10 to 28%; test hard/soft wood, concrete, plaster, carpet, and more. Rugged plastic housing.

  • Brand: Sonin
  • ASIN: B0000224DA
  • UPC: 028814502114

MEP Tramex Non Destructive Encounter Plus Moisture Meter, Measuring Range: 5% to 30% for wood and 0 to 100 Comparative for Other Materials

MEP Tramex Non Destructive Encounter Plus Moisture Meter,

The Trammel MEP Moisture Encounter Plus is a non-destructive overall building inspection moisture meter which has applications for numerous industries. It has many unique features that make moisture measurement and evaluation fast, precise and versatile.

  • Brand: Tramex
  • ASIN: B0052P49B4
  • UPC: 082045098860

Lignomat Concrete Moisture Meter RH-KS, LignoTec RH Package follows ASTM F2170

Lignomat Concrete Moisture Meter RH-KS, LignoTec RH Package

Lignomat developed the RH BluePeg sensor to measure moisture in concrete slabs as recommended by flooring experts following ASTM F2170 guidelines. It is important to do this test before installing any type of floor covering or applying coatings over concrete. This operation is economical: The RH BluePeg can be used multiple times, only the sleeve is disposable. The design is user friendly: The sensor slips easily into the sleeve. The cap fits perfectly and is as flat as can be. The connection to the sensor is provided by an easy-to-connect, fail-proof plug. The meter is ready to read RH values as soon as the cable is plugged into the meter.

  • Brand: Lignomat USA
  • ASIN: B002R8JEKK
  • UPC: 718122392025

Lignomat BW Dual-depth Pinless Moisture Meter with RH Capabilities

Lignomat BW Dual-depth Pinless Moisture Meter with RH

The Ligno-DuoTec BW is a non-invasive moisture meter with dual-depth measuring capabilities. The RH BluePeg Probe can be added to use as a Thermo-Hygrometer or for RH in-situ probe testing of concrete following the latest ASTM F2170 standard. Lignomat’s unique dual-depth pinless moisture meters allows the user to have more versatility. Two moisture meters in one. Great for thinner and thicker boards, engineered floor planks, and waterborne finishes.

  • Brand: Lignomat
  • ASIN: B072BXHNN3
  • UPC: 718122389629

techtongda Concrete Ground Moisture Meter(Item#024348)

techtongda Concrete Ground Moisture

It is mainly used to measure the moisture content of wood, paper, carton, building material, ground, glass and foam plastics(according to the material, select the code).The instrument adopts advanced integrated circuit sensor technology and advanced electronic components development. It has high measurement accuracy and stable performance. It is an ideal choice for flooring, furniture, construction, papermaking, and chemical industries to detect the moisture content of their products. Name: Concrete Ground Moisture Meter Package Size: 10.2"*11.8"*6.3"(26*30*16CM) Gross Weight: 0.95KG Display Mode: 4-digit LCD Digital Display Moisture Measurement Range: 0-80% Measuring Environment: Temperature:-10℃-60℃ Humidity: 35%-90% Measuring Principle: High-frequency Capacitor Principle, Temperature Compensation Accuracy:±0.5% Resolution:0.1 Response Time:1 second Power:7th Battery for Four Code Selection: 8 Types Package Includes: One Concrete Ground Moisture Meter (024348)

  • UPC: 703063574685

Proster Handheld Wood Moisture Test Meter LCD Moisture Tester for Wood Moisture Detector for Firewood Paper Humidity Measuring Include 9V Battery with 2 Test Probe Pins

Proster Handheld Wood Moisture Test Meter LCD Moisture

This Proster Digital Wood Moisture Meter Provides 18 Months Warranty. Features: Displays wood moisture in LCD Use on wood, paper, cardboard, etc Electrode pins: Integrated Measurement principle: Electrical resistance Memory contains 4 wood groups with calibrations for approximately 50 species of wood Impact proof housing Auto power off conserves battery energy Data hold function Built-in battery check and low battery icon display Complete with protective cap, and carrying case Specification: Measurement principle: Electrical resistance Range: 0~99.9% wood Resolution: 0.1% Accuracy: ±0.5% Electrode length: 10mm (0.4") Electrode pins: Integrated Auto Power Off: After approx.15 minutes Power Supply: 1 x 9V battery(included) Meter housing material: ABS Plastic Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32°F~104°F) Operating Humidity: 85% Relative Humidity Maximum Dimension: 145 x 67 x 32mm Color: Yellow Wood species Group Table: A: Teak Walnut Afromosia Rubber tree B: Keruing White poplar Beech Cedar Tola C: Lauan Ash Elm Fir Maple Padauk Tola D: Basswood Larch Pine Birch How to use: STEP 1: Take off the protection cap of the meter, and press "POWER" button STEP 2: Press "MODE" to select matching wood groups STEP 3: Pushed the pins into the wood, and it displays reading STEP 4: Until t...

  • Color: 2 Pins(yellow)
  • Brand: Proster
  • ASIN: B01MV3PSF6

Wood Moisture Meter, Dr.meter Digital Portable Wood Water Moisture Tester, Digital LCD Display with 2 Spare Sensor Pins and one 9V Battery(Both Included) Range 5% - 40%, Accuracy: +/-1%, MD812

Wood Moisture Meter, Dr.meter Digital Portable Wood Water

Dr.meter digital wood moisture meter MD-812 can easily detects hidden leaks in wood,plaster,carpet,sub-flooring. This hight accurancy moisture tester MD-812 may provide accurate moisture level readings ,which makes this wood moisture meter great for new home inspections, locating roof leaks or even selecting dry lumber at the yard. Used to check wood, drywall and concrete before painting, sealing or treating and locate and identify water leaks in roofs, floors and walls. Ideal to use in woodworking, building construction, agriculture restoration and floor-laying. HD Digital LED display, wide measuring range, strong stainless steel pins, audible alarms and battery status indication.Specification: - Manufactory/Brand: Dr.meter - Testing Range 5% - 40% - Digital large size LCD display- Accuracy: +/-1% - Data held in memory for easy reading - Powered by one 9V battery(Included), and has a low-power indicator - 2-pin sensor(2 x Spare Sensor Pins included) - Ability to change the sensor pins based on application - Dimension: 130Lx64Wx32H(mm) - Small size, easy to operate and carryPackage Included: - 1 x Dr.meter Moisture Meter - 1 x Dr.meter Carry Bag - 1 x Operating Manual - 1 x 9V Battery - 2 x Spare Sensor Pins (Total 4 Sensor Pins Included)

  • Color: Measuring Range: 5%-40%, Accuracy: +/-1%
  • Brand: Dr.meter
  • ASIN: B008V6I840
  • UPC: 602456760042

Alotpower Soil Moisture Sensor Meter,Hygrometer Moisture Sensor for Garden, Farm, Lawn Plants Indoor & Outdoor(No Battery needed)

Alotpower Soil Moisture Sensor Meter,Hygrometer Moisture Sensor for

Alotpower Water Monitor Humidity Plant Tester, Hygrometer Moisture Sensor for Garden, Farm, Lawn, Indoor & Outdoor Use How To Use Step 1:Clean the probe before use Step 2: Stick the probe into the soil about 2-4 inches Step 3: After several minutes, Note moisture level in the dial Step 4: Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use Tips and Advice 1. Use cloth wipe the probe so that keep clean and dry and then use. 1. Don't touch the stone or hard objects since it will be easy to damage the probe. 2. Can't put it into the soil for a long time, in case it may damage probe. 3. Don't use it to test rigid ground or floor. 4. Don't touch fire and stay away from children. 5. Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use. 6.Do not put it into water for testing. Specifications Moisture Range: 1-10 (1-3 DRY, 4-7 NOR, 8-10 WET) Package Includes 1 x Soil Meter

  • Color: Only Moisture
  • Brand: Alotpower
  • ASIN: B06XC6QD3B

Extech MO257 Pinless Moisture Meter

Extech MO257 Pinless Moisture

Monitor moisture in wood and other building materials with virtually no surface damage Relative pinless moisture reading for non-invasive measurement from 0.0 to 100.0 with 0.1 resolution. Multifunction backlit triple LCD display. Pinless measurement depth from 0.78" (20mm) to 1.6" (40mm) below the surface. High frequency sensing technology. Automatic Data Hold. Two adjustable alarm levels with audible beeper and visual (flashing "RISK" or "WET") indicators. Automatic calibration (in dry air) when meter is powered on. Low battery indication. Auto Power off

  • Brand: Extech
  • ASIN: B004WN6ODS
  • UPC: 616268481972

Extech MO210 Pocket Size Moisture Meter with 2-in-1 Digital LCD Readout and Analog Bargraph

Extech MO210 Pocket Size Moisture Meter with 2-in-1

The Extech MO210 is a pocket-sized Moisture Meter with a dual measurement LCD scale and bar graph. The moisture meter can be used on wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar. The MO210 moisture meter reads wood moisture from 6 to 44% and other building materials from .2 to 2%. The pocket-sized meter has a belt clip, threaded electrode pins that are replaceable and impact proof housing. This moisture meter features built in battery check and measurement verification tests as well as an auto power off function which saves your battery. This product comes with a protective cap, replacement pins, and three CR-2032 button batteries. Battery Type: CR2032 lithium battery, Display Type: Dual digital, bar graph display, Battery Included: Yes, Range Selection: 6-44%, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 5 1/8 x 1 5/8 x 1, Low Battery Indicator: Yes, Case Included: Pouch, Style: Electrode pin style, Auto On/Off: Yes, Accuracy: ±1%

  • Color: green
  • Brand: Extech Instruments
  • ASIN: B00116SGUS
  • UPC: 793950472101
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