Civil War Artillery at Gettysburg

Civil War Artillery at

There were over 600 artillery pieces at Gettysburg. The guns were managed and operated by over 14,000 men. In three days over 50,000 rounds were fired. What impact did artillery have on this famous battle? How efficiently were the guns used? What were the strengths and weaknesses on each side? "Civil War Artillery At Gettysburg" answers these questions and many more. Using accessible descriptions, this work details the state of the art of this "long arm" as it existed at the time of the battle. It is an informative overview of field artillery in general while using the battle of Gettysburg to illustrate artillery technology. For it was Gettysburg when the artillery branch of both armies had matured to the point where its organization would stay relatively unchanged for the remainder of the war. Both armies prior to Gettysburg had neither the same mix of guns nor, more importantly, the same structure of organization as it did at this battle. The effects were telling. "This book is an artillery 'buff's' delight...The work meticulously examines the forming of the respective artillery arms of the two armies; the organization; artillery technology; guns; equipment and animals constituting that arm; ammunition; artillery operations; the artillerymen and, finally, actions of the guns on...

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Adult Men's Leather fencing gauntlet long Cuff gloves. Theater, stage, costume, 501st, Imperial, Renaissance, Medieval, Civil War Leather Gauntlets - Expanded Cuff for Artillery - Cavalry - Infantry Get a grip! Our Leather Gauntlets are perfect for piloting your personal mode of conveyance be it on horseback, on velocipede, or with steam-powered jet pack Stylish and also quite practical, these above-the-wrist gloves fit right over the sleeves of your jacket for maximum coverage With a durable finish and long cuffs, these gloves are ready to stand up to the demands of your next adventure

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Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War, revised edition

Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War, revised

This new paperback edition of an established classic is a detailed survey, replete with photographs and diagrams, of the field artillery used by both sides in the Civil War.

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Firearms: An Illustrated History

Firearms: An Illustrated

Published in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, Firearms: An Illustrated History charts the evolution of the gun, from the pistol and rifle, to the machine gun and revolver. Detailed catalogs profile more than 300 firearms spanning over 700 years. With virtual tours detailing the most intricate details of key weaponry and photographic features on the world's iconic gun makers, including Colt, Smith & Wesson, Maxim, and Kalashnikov, Firearms: An Illustrated History is the perfect gift for gun, weapon, and military history enthusiasts.

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American Civil War Artillery 1861-65 (1): Field Artillery (New Vanguard) (Pt.1)

American Civil War Artillery 1861-65 (1): Field Artillery

Perhaps the most influential arm of either army in the prosecution of the American Civil War, the artillery of both sides grew to be highly professional organizations, centralizing their artillery, organizing artillery battalions from individual batteries and giving their commanders higher ranks than field artillerymen had previously held. In battle, the introduction of the 12-pdr. Napoleon , followed closely by rifled cannon, provided a range and power previously unknown on American soil. This book details this vital cog in the war-machine of both sides.

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Westmoreland: The General Who Lost Vietnam

Westmoreland: The General Who Lost

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Maine Roads to Gettysburg: How Joshua Chamberlain, Oliver Howard, and 4,000 Men from the Pine Tree State Helped Win the Civil War's Bloodiest Battle

Maine Roads to Gettysburg: How Joshua Chamberlain, Oliver

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his 20th Maine regiment made a legendary stand on Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863. But Maine's role in the battle includes much more than that. Soldiers from the Pine Tree State contributed mightily during the three days of fighting. Pious general Oliver Otis Howard secured the high ground of Cemetery Ridge for the Union on the first day. Adelbert Ames--the stern taskmaster who had transformed the 20th Maine into a fighting regiment--commanded a brigade and then a division at Gettysburg. The 17th Maine fought ably in the confused and bloody action in the Wheatfield; a sea captain turned artilleryman named Freeman McGilvery cobbled together a defensive line that proved decisive on July 2; and the 19th Maine helped stop Pickett's Charge during the battle's climax.   Maine soldiers had fought and died for two bloody years even before they reached Gettysburg. They had fallen on battlefields in Virginia and Maryland. They had died in front of Richmond, in the Shenandoah Valley, on the bloody fields of Antietam, in the Slaughter Pen at Fredericksburg, and in the tangled Wilderness around Chancellorsville. And the survivors kept fighting, even as they followed Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia into Pennsylvania.  ...

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Diaries From the Civil War a Collection of 120 Books DvdRom letters pictures documents

Diaries From the Civil War a Collection of

** This disc is for Computer Use Only ** SOLD THROUGH GEEKAMEDIA STORES!!!Some People of Interest Included: Abraham Lincoln Letters Clara Barton Robert E. Lee Admiral Du Pont Ulysses S. Grant General John Sedgwick Also included the accounts of: Cavalrymen Spy Accounts Surgeons Nurses Soldiers And more . . . These diaries are some of the oldest and most impressive glimpses into the Civil War by the men and women who lived it. There are gripping accounts that include Civil War Armies, Battles, Battlefields, and Historic Sites, Photographic Diaries, Letters, Written Account Diaries and Memoirs, Documents and Records, and so much more! These accounts are from both Union and Confederate Veterans on and off the battle fields. These books account for thousands of pages of Civil War material that are of interest to Historians, Genealogists and Civil War enthusiasts alike. ** The files contained on this disc are in formats designed to open with a computer **

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Sunny Hill Brass Mini Cannon Pocket Artillery Military Model Kit

Sunny Hill Brass Mini Cannon Pocket Artillery Military

The current decorative collection of Ramrod and Archaistic wooden boxes Small but powerful, flexible adjustable - completely 90 degree tilt, easy to load and fire Neat, tidy and solid - all-copper structure, well-made. Classic Collections and Collectibles - Perfect gift for men Accurate history and perfect scaling - Each mini cannon is hand-crafted and hand-crafted, making our model the highest quality and truest miniature cannon; Full copper construction - No plastic parts, copper shafts and spokes with laser-cut rims. History Gift - Whether you are proud to show your cannon on the office desk or go out Target shooting every weekend. The small size of this scale cannon model makes it ideal for gamers or collectors. Any civil war buff will appreciate this miniature cannon Model specifications: ● barrel length: 1.5" ● Overall length: 2.6" ● Width 1" ● Height 1.5" ● Weight 4.23 ounces package: ● Master Mortarx 1 ● Particle x 1 (bottle)

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Three Years a Soldier: The Diary and Newspaper Correspondence of Private George Perkins, Sixth New York Independent Battery, 1861-1864 (Voices of the Civil War)

Three Years a Soldier: The Diary and Newspaper

Three Years a Soldier combines the diary, correspondence, and literary efforts of Private George Perkins of the Sixth New York Independent Battery, beginning in December 1861 and ending December 1864. The letters and essays-never before published in any collection of Civil War material-offer extended commentary and provide additional insights on the events related in the diary.Taken together, the diary, newspaper letters, and other documents tell a coherent story from the viewpoint of an educated private soldier in the Army of the Potomac. Not only did Perkins provide detailed, accurate reports of the battles and camp life of his service, but he also criticized top army leadership and offered commentaries on major personal and national issues, including his notions of the nature of courage, political issues such as the treatment of draft dodgers, and the effects of slavery. As his writings reveal, Perkins embodied the fiercely independent Northern “free laborer” whom Lincoln always claimed would win the war-and whose values the war would vindicate. Over time, Perkins's writings show that his personal reasons for joining the Union army became identified with the national goals of the Union effort: he came to believe that the existence of slavery was incompatible with the achie...

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At Gettysburg and Elsewhere (Expanded, Annotated): The Civil War Memoir of John Gibbon

At Gettysburg and Elsewhere (Expanded, Annotated): The Civil

One of the most important figures of the American Civil War penned this fascinating and unique memoir. John Gibbon's recollections of his service at Gettysburg and other great battles is frank and personal.This is not an overview of great battles but a soldier's account of the trials and triumphs of four years of horrific conflict. Gibbon wrote plainly about the great men with whom he served, some of whom he greatly admired and some who were difficult. Here are anecdotes of Lincoln, Grant, Meade, Hancock, Hooker, Pope, and many others that you won't read anywhere else.Gibbon was a central figure at Gettysburg, with Pickett's Charge aimed right at the forces he commanded. Wounded on the third day of the battle, he supplemented his memoir with portions of the outstanding narrative of that day by his aide, Lieutenant Frank Haskell.Every memoir of the American Civil War provides us with another view of the catastrophe that changed the country forever.For the first time, this long out-of-print volume is available as an affordable, well-formatted book for e-readers, tablets, and smartphones. Be sure to LOOK INSIDE by clicking the cover above or download a sample.

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3dRose The 1St Ohio Light Artillery Beside Heir Six Pounder Fieldpieces, 1861 1861-Sports Water Bottle, 21oz (wb_171319_1), 21 oz, Multicolor

3dRose The 1St Ohio Light Artillery Beside Heir

Made of stainless steel. Capacity: 21oz;2 twist on caps - 1 easy-flow drinking spout and 1 standard cap. Carabineer clip also included; Custom printed high gloss image sublimated directly to white glossy exterior surface; Fits most cup holders; Not intended for dishwasher or microwave use

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World War I: The Definitive Visual History

World War I: The Definitive Visual

2014 marks the centennial of the start of World War I — DK will mark the occasion with the publication of World War I: The Definitive Visual Guide, a vividly illustrated, in-depth account of the Great War. Written by historian R. G. Grant, and created by DK's award-winning editorial and design team, World War I charts the developments of the war from a global perspective. Using illustrated timelines, detailed maps, and personal accounts, readers will see the oft-studied war in a new light. Key episodes are set clearly in the wider context of the conflict, in-depth profiles look at the key generals and political leaders, and full-color photo galleries showcase the weapons, inventions, and new technologies that altered the course of history. A vivid portrait of the confrontation on land, sea, and sky, World War I: The Definitive Visual Guide offers readers a bold and thoughtful new look at this complex and explosive moment in history.

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From Stray Dog to World War I Hero: The Paris Terrier Who Joined the First Division

From Stray Dog to World War I Hero:

On the streets of Paris one day in July 1918, an American doughboy, Sgt. Jimmy Donovan, befriended a stray dog that he named Rags. No longer an unwanted street mutt, Rags became the mascot to the entire First Division of the American Expeditionary Force and a friend to the American troops who had crossed the Atlantic to fight. Rags was more than a scruffy face and a wagging tail, however. The little terrier mix was with the division at the crucial battle of Soissons, at the Saint-Mihiel offensive, and finally in the blood-and-mud bath of the Meuse-Argonne, during which he and his guardian were wounded. Despite being surrounded by distraction and danger, Rags learned to carry messages through gunfire, locate broken communications wire for the Signal Corps to repair, and alert soldiers to incoming shells, saving the lives of hundreds of American soldiers. Through it all, he brought inspiration to men with little to hope for, especially in the bitter last days of the war.From Stray Dog to World War I Hero covers Rags’s entire life story, from the bomb-filled years of war through his secret journey to the United States that began his second life, one just as filled with drama and heartache. In years of peace, Rags served as a reminder to human survivors of what held men together w...

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Hardtack & Coffee: The Unwritten Story of Army Life

Hardtack & Coffee: The Unwritten Story of Army

First published more than 100 years ago, Hardtack And Coffee is John Billings’ absorbing first-person account of the everyday life of a U.S. Army soldier during the Civil War. Billings attended a reunion of Civil War veterans in 1881 that brought together a group of survivors whose memories and stories of the war compelled him to write this account. It is set in November, 1860. Lincoln has been elected as President of the United States. The Democrats split into two factions, divided over the issue of slavery. As early as October, Southern politicians decide that the state of South Carolina should withdraw from the union. Georgia, Alabama, Mississipi are among the states who seceded from the Union, creating the South Confederacy. On the 15th April, Lincoln issues a proclamation that will send 75,000 militia to suppress the rebellion for three months. ‘Hard Tack and Coffee’ is the story of one of those ‘Minute Men’. John D Billings describes in rich detail the daily routine of a foot soldier as the Civil War developed. Recruitment became conscription, provisions became rations, tents became ‘bomb-proofs’, and the muzzle-loading rifle became breech-loaded. In this unique account, we are given the first-hand account of life as a Massachusetts soldier, from conscription ...

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Photographic History of the Civil War 10 Volumes on CD

Photographic History of the Civil War 10 Volumes

** This disc is for Computer Use Only ** LOOK FOR OUR LABEL, ANY OTHER MEANS IT'S A FAKE & YOU PAID TOO MUCH! THIS ITEM IS ONLY SOLD THROUGH GEEKAMEDIA STORES!!!This collection includes all 10 volumes of these historic books and 3,389 images. This series preserves the finest collection of Brady illustrations of the Civil War ever published. It brings the trials, tribulations, and hardships of the war to the modern day living room. The photographic history of the Civil war Volume 1 The Opening Battles (1911-1912) - Miller, Francis Trevelyan - 384 pages The photographic history of the Civil war Volume 2 Two Years of Grim War (1911-1912) - Miller, Francis Trevelyan - 370 pages The photographic history of the Civil war Volume 3 The Decisive Battles (1911-1912) - Miller, Francis Trevelyan - 368 pages The photographic history of the Civil war Volume 4 The Calvary (1911-1912) - Miller, Francis Trevelyan - 352 pages The photographic history of the Civil war Volume 5 Forts and Artillery (1911-1912) - Miller, Francis Trevelyan - 338 pages The photographic history of the Civil war Volume 6 The Navies (1911-1912) - Miller, Francis Trevelyan - 338 pages The photographic history of the Civil war Volume 7 Prisons and Hospitals (1911-1912) - Miller, Francis Trevelyan - 366 pages The ph...

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The Photographic History of the Civil War, Volume 3: Forts and artillery; The navies

The Photographic History of the Civil War, Volume

Volume III.The Photographic History of the Civil War was first published in 1911 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the great conflict. Extremely popular then, it has become a rare book. Here, in five double volumes, is the complete and unabridged original edition, text and photographs carefully reproduced in the original format and full size.The thousands of photographs contained within are remarkable in their immediacy, spontaneity, and authenticity. They demonstrate the power of the camera as well as the importance of the photographer.   They are a unique record of one of the greatest conflicts in the history of mankind. These pictures can be viewed as art, as history and as journalism. Covering every aspect of the war --from the front to weapons, from tactics to the wounded, from everyday life to grief, from victory to defeat—these volumes are a testament to a mighty conflict and to the great nation which emerged from it.This volume covers the Forts and the Artillery of the Civil War, along with the Navies from both sides of the conflict.

  • Brand: Brand: Blue n Grey Press
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Co. Aytch (Illustrated): A Side Show of the Big Show

Co. Aytch (Illustrated): A Side Show of the

First published in 1882, Samuel Watkins’ Co. Aytch – A Sideshow of the Big Show is widely recognized as one of the most important Civil War memoirs. Written in a lively, engaging style, the book captures the pride, misery, glory, and horror experienced by the common foot soldier. Samuel Watkins is often featured and quoted in Ken Burns’ landmark 1990 documentary The Civil War. This new digital edition of Co. Aytch includes an image gallery.

  • ASIN: B01DI1Y5L2

TORASS Canvas Wall Art Print Vintage Civil War Artillery Group Pictures Artwork for Home Decor 16" x 20"

TORASS Canvas Wall Art Print Vintage Civil War

This art work comes already framed ready to hang, panel has a hook already attached for easy hanging. It's already perfectly stretched on wooden frame, you can easily hang them on the wall. Canvas Wall Art is a New and Fashion Way to decor your lovely home. It will takes a bright and Elegant House for you and your family. Canvas painting is not only for a decoration of yourself house, just can be a good gift for your friends, colleague and neighbors.Great Art for Wall Decor: Perfect choice for wall decor such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, dinning room, meeting room, hallway, coffee house, hotels, inn, Lounge and other spaces of home, office, business, reflection and relaxation.Note: The sample picture are only for illustration purposes and does not represent the actual size of the print.Please measure your wall properly and make sure you pick the right size.

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German Anti-Tank Guns: 37Mm, 50Mm, 75Mm, 88Mm Pak, 1935-1945 : Without Self-Propelled Mountings (Schiffer Military History)

German Anti-Tank Guns: 37Mm, 50Mm, 75Mm, 88Mm Pak,

Covers the use and types of German anti-tank guns used during WWII.

  • ASIN: 0887402410
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