Canada's unique magazine for begining readers, Chirp reflects the energy, curiosity and humour of children ages 3 to 6 as they discover the world around them. With read-out-loud stories, engaging illustrations, interactive puzzles, games and crafts, Chirp is a comforting companion for kids.

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National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little

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Click opens up a universe of wonder by introducing kids ages 3 - 7 to the world that's all around them. Click is abut the sciences, nature, and the environment. From the publishers of Ladybug, Click is written so that children will love the challenge of new learning.

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Joking Around with Chirp: More Than 130 Feather-Ruffling Jokes, Riddles, and Tongue Twisters!

Joking Around with Chirp: More Than 130 Feather-Ruffling

What stories do rabbits like best? Ones with hop-py endings! Join Chirp and friends Sparky, Tweet, and Squawk as they giggle and guffaw their way through 130 feather-ruffling riddles, jokes, and tongue twisters. Covering a wide territory of topics including animals, outer space, hallowe'en, and birthdays, this big book of laughs has a joke for every reader to share. Each page, already packed with kid-friendly funnies, also features illustrations and photographs. Readers and their families and friends are sure to fall head-over-boots with laughter over Joking Around with Chirp.

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A discovery magazine for kids 6 to 9, chickaDEE is jam-packed full of interactive games, hands-on science experiments, amazing photos, illustrations and stories - all designed to educate and entertain. Kids and parents love the bright, colorful pages and age-appropriate themes.

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Ranger Rick Jr.

Ranger Rick

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Babybug begins a lifelong love of books for infants and toddlers 6 months to 2 years. For babies who love to be read to and parents and grandparents who love to read to them.

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Chirp Magazine January/February 2018

Chirp Magazine January/February


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Chirp: To The Peak

Chirp: To The

Chirp and his friends Squawk and Tweet love going on adventures together. Today, they've traded in their playhouse for the peak of Mount Everest! These expert climbers are set to conquer the tallest mountain in the world (even Squawk, who's afraid of heights). But they aren't prepared when the mountain starts to rumble. It's... an AVALANCHE! Can the brave mountaineers find anything in their climber's kit to get them to safety? Join Chirp and his crew as they scale the giant peaks in search of snowy fun. The Chirp books invite readers into a world of imagination where Chirp, Squawk, and Tweet work together to solve problems, using everyday objects and their limitless imaginations. Based on episodes of the Kids' CBC TV show "Chirp" and inspired by Chirp Magazine, the Chirp books are designed to encourage learning through imaginative play and will open up the world to preschoolers, one awesome adventure at a time.

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