Canada's unique magazine for begining readers, Chirp reflects the energy, curiosity and humour of children ages 3 to 6 as they discover the world around them. With read-out-loud stories, engaging illustrations, interactive puzzles, games and crafts, Chirp is a comforting companion for kids.

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Ranger Rick Jr.

Ranger Rick

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Click opens up a universe of wonder by introducing kids ages 3 - 7 to the world that's all around them. Click is abut the sciences, nature, and the environment. From the publishers of Ladybug, Click is written so that children will love the challenge of new learning.

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Chirp Magazine November 2018

Chirp Magazine November

Chirp Magazine November 2018

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Chirp (Free)


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Joking Around with Chirp: More Than 130 Feather-Ruffling Jokes, Riddles, and Tongue Twisters!

Joking Around with Chirp: More Than 130 Feather-Ruffling

What stories do rabbits like best? Ones with hop-py endings! Join Chirp and friends Sparky, Tweet, and Squawk as they giggle and guffaw their way through 130 feather-ruffling riddles, jokes, and tongue twisters. Covering a wide territory of topics including animals, outer space, hallowe'en, and birthdays, this big book of laughs has a joke for every reader to share. Each page, already packed with kid-friendly funnies, also features illustrations and photographs. Readers and their families and friends are sure to fall head-over-boots with laughter over Joking Around with Chirp.

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Programming Amateur Radios with CHIRP: Ham Radio Setups Made Easy

Programming Amateur Radios with CHIRP: Ham Radio Setups

“Back in my day, radios came with a CW key and a frequency knob, and that was all we needed.” —Every Old Ham CurmudgeonOK, that’s probably a slight exaggeration, but radios were a lot simpler in the “distant” past, when everything was station-to-station, and most communications were some flavor of HF. Nowadays, we have HF, VHF, UHF, digital modes, CW/SSB/AM/FM/MW, repeaters with offsets, repeaters with tones, User IDs, reflectors, talk groups, and who-knows-what coming down the road for next year. There are a lot of modes, tones, offsets, and little nit-picky details that have to go into our radios before we can even make a call.On the other hand, radios, especially handheld models, continue to get smaller, lighter, and generally have fewer physical buttons and controls. This is good in that it keeps costs down, adds to durability, and allows for waterproofing, but it doesn’t make programming them any easier. Fortunately, we have computers to handle all the programming stuff for us. Just hook the radio up to the computer, enter in all your information, transfer the frequency and channel data into the radio, and you’re good to go. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?The problem is that radio manufacturers aren’t necessarily good software designers. God forbid you try to ...


Chirp Magazine (Summer 2013 (Celebrate Summer))

Chirp Magazine (Summer 2013 (Celebrate

The See & Do, Laugh & Learn Magzine


Chirp Magazine June 2018 ( All About Cats)

Chirp Magazine June 2018 ( All About

Chirp Magazine


Chirp Magazine September 2018

Chirp Magazine September

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Chirp Magazine November 2012 (All About Wheels)

Chirp Magazine November 2012 (All About

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Chirp Magazine December 2014

Chirp Magazine December

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Chirp Magazine Winter 2017

Chirp Magazine Winter



Chirp Magazine January/February 2018

Chirp Magazine January/February


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Chirp - Magazine Subscription from MagazineLine (Save 33%)

Chirp - Magazine Subscription from MagazineLine (Save

1 Year, 10 Issues - Especially for preschoolers and beginning readers, Chirp Magazine uses simple text, engaging artwork, and age appropriate games, puzzles and crafts to delight parents and children alike. For ages 3-6 years. (MagazineLine will process your order within 24 hours and deliver to the publisher. From the publisher, weekly magazines ship in 4-6 weeks, and monthly magazines ship in 6-10 weeks.)

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Chirp Magazine January/February 2014

Chirp Magazine January/February


Chirp Magazine March 2013

Chirp Magazine March


Chirp Magazine October 2018

Chirp Magazine October


Animal Tales: Favorite Stories from Chirp Magazine

Animal Tales: Favorite Stories from Chirp

Animal Tales is a delightful collection of lively stories and charming illustrations, which children will enjoy reading or hearing again and again. With fourteen unique tales from some of the most internationally beloved authors and illustrators, there's something to engage every child. Whether they're joining a rabbit orchestra, celebrating an armadillo's birthday, or overcoming the fear of the first day of school, kids will be delighted with the stories in this book. Contributors include Eugenie Fernandes, Marthe Jocelyn, David McPhail, Ruth Ohi, Mélanie Watt, and many more.

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Animals on Parade: Favorite Rhymes from Chirp Magazine

Animals on Parade: Favorite Rhymes from Chirp

Feast your eyes and tickle your tongue with this collection of classic and contemporary rhymes, each beautifully illustrated. Originally published in Chirp Magazine, this collection feature's the talents of more than thirty of the most well-respected and best-loved children's authors and illustrators. A perfect gift for bedtime or storyhour, Animals on Parade is sure to be a favorite in the family bookcase. Contributors include Helaine Becker, Marie-Louise Gay, Dennis Lee, Mireille Levert, Barbara Reid, and many more.

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Chirp Magazine April 2019

Chirp Magazine April


chirp summer 2016 magazine for kids

chirp summer 2016 magazine for

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