Boyd Enterprises Marine Vita-Chem 16oz

Boyd Enterprises Marine Vita-Chem

Boyd Enterprises Marine Vita-Chem 16oz Vita-chem Marine and Vita-chem Fresh is a totally new concept in Aquatic and Marine vitamin formulation and methology that is -- give the animals and fishes exactly what they are missing from their natural habitat and environment in compact concentrated and easy assimilated solution compatible with their individually specialized systems and environments. For use in saltwater or freshwater tanks. Pre-stabilized multi-vitamin, water and tissue soluble 37 naturally occurring extracts from live organisms bonded with natural occurring amino acids Brings out the natural colors in fish natures ways Will not be removed by the carbon in tanks. Made by Boyd Enterprises

  • Brand: Boyd Enterprises (Chemi-Pure)
  • ASIN: B00025YRIY
  • UPC: 719958167092

Dead Lock (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series Book 8)

Dead Lock (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series

Early on a cold Somerset morning, ten year old Alesha Daniels is reported missing by her father, a violent alcoholic. Her mother, a known drug addict, is found unconscious, but it’s her mother’s boyfriend the police are keen to trace.As the hunt for Alesha gathers pace, a second local girl is taken, plunging another family into the depths of despair.Cutting short his holiday, DI Nick Dixon races home to join the Major Investigation Team, but no sooner has he identified a network of local suspects than they begin to show up dead.At odds with his superiors, Dixon is convinced the child abductions are anything but random, but nobody is prepared for the investigation to lead quite so close to home.Can Dixon and his team crack the case before all the suspects are silenced? And will he find the missing girls before it’s too late?

  • ASIN: B0786GB2TS

Boyd Enterprises ABE16707 Marine Vitachem for Aquarium, 4-Ounce

Boyd Enterprises ABE16707 Marine Vitachem for Aquarium,

Vitachem is a pre-stabilized multi-vitamin that is water and tissue soluble-it's a revolutionary concept in vitamin supplements for freshwater, saltwater and invertebrates kept in closed systems. Vitachem is excellent for fin regeneration and correcting lateral line disease. Vitachem brings out the natural colors in fish. It has been tested by some of the most experienced breeders, hobbyist and public aquariums for over 20 years producing consistent results like better spawn and growth rates. Vitachem Fresh has 30, naturally occurring extracts from live organisms bonded with amino acids. Shake well, add 1 drop per gallon once a week and several drops in food once daily. Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate.

  • Color: Blues & Purples
  • Brand: Boyd Enterprises
  • ASIN: B00025YRIE
  • UPC: 719958167078

Through the Wheat: A Novel of the World War I Marines

Through the Wheat: A Novel of the World

Fresh out of a Defiance, Ohio, high school, Thomas Boyd (1898–1935) joined the Marines to serve his country in the patriotic heat of the spring of 1917. In 1919 he came home from the war with a Croix de Guerre and a desire to write. He joined the St. Paul News as a journalist and opened a bookstore, whose patrons included F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sinclair Lewis. Through the Wheat appeared to immediate acclaim, with F. Scott Fitzgerald calling it "a work of art" and "arresting." Boyd wrote five other works before he died in Vermont of a cerebral hemorrhage at age thirty-seven.

  • Brand: Brand: University of Nebraska Press
  • ASIN: 0803261683

Boyds Brears USA Marine Bearster

Boyds Brears USA Marine

  • UPC: 765867104758

Death Sentence (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series Book 6)

Death Sentence (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series

The highly anticipated sixth book in the bestselling DI Nick Dixon Crime Series.The body of an elderly man is found in an abandoned World War Two pillbox beside the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal. With no obvious motive and no credible suspect, DI Nick Dixon starts digging into the victim’s past.The more he digs, the deeper Dixon is drawn into a case that takes him from the cave systems beneath rural Somerset to the heart of government, and threatens to expose a military cover-up at the highest level.Blocked by a wall of silence, Dixon must unravel a dangerous conspiracy before the killer strikes again.

  • ASIN: B01E3UB7PE

Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue Nano Aquarium (5 Pack)

Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue Nano Aquarium (5

Chemi-pure is the original formula for over 50 years with millions of satisfied customers. It was invented by Dick Boyd in the 1960's. Chemi-pure combines high grade granular activated carbon with advanced ion exchange resins offering superior filtration for your freshwater, reef, or marine aquarium. Together, this proprietary blend removes odors and color- causing dissolved organic molecules along with toxins, medications, phenols, and dissolved metals. Chemi-pure's exclusive media formula has an ideal pore size for absorbing nitrogenous wastes and dissolved organics in your aquarium water while being the safest filter media available. Chemi-pure will keep your aquarium healthy, stable, and crystal clear. Keep Chemi-pure sealed in container until ready for use. Rinse lightly under running water then place nylon bag in any external power filter, canister filter, or filter sump. Chemi-pure should be replaced approximately every 3 months depending on bio-load. If more than one Chemi-pure filter bag is used, change one at a time every week until all bags have been replaced. Use one 11.74 oz. unit for up to 50 US gallons.

  • Brand: Boyd Enterprises
  • UPC: 719958167542

Marine Mammal Ecology and Conservation: A Handbook of Techniques (Techniques in Ecology & Conservation)

Marine Mammal Ecology and Conservation: A Handbook of

Marine mammals command a high level of public attention, reflected in specific legislation for their protection and management in many countries. They also present particular challenges to ecologists and conservation biologists. They are mostly difficult to observe, they occupy an environment that is vast in its three dimensional extent, there are often perceived conflicts between marine mammals and people, and furthermore several species are now close to extinction. Marine mammals have some intriguing features in their biology - the ability to dive to crushing depths, to perform breath-hold dives that defy our current understanding of mammalian physiology, and many have an ability to hunt down prey using sophisticated sonar that we are only just beginning to understand. Many species also have complex social structures. We still have much to learn about these extraordinary animals so a comprehensive and authoritative overview of current methodology is now timely. The intention of this book is both to summarize the state-of-the-art and to encourage innovation and further progress in this research field.

  • ASIN: 0199216576

To Be a Marine

To Be a

  • ASIN: B012C1DNYY

ARB 10900010 Fridge Freezer Tie Down System

ARB 10900010 Fridge Freezer Tie Down

ARB's tie down system is ideal for ensuring that your fridge is secured at all times. Tailored to suit the ARB Fridge Freeze, this tie down system uses powder coated clamps and any easy quick release system.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: ARB
  • ASIN: B003CEVFV4
  • UPC: 785422344276
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