Herding Dogs: Progressive Training

Herding Dogs: Progressive

Herding Dogs: Progressive Training is the only book of its kind to guide the owner toward training the complete herding dog. Whether you are involved in farming or ranching, or simply want to explore your herding dog's heritage, you will find a wealth of information here. For those with competitive goals, Herding Dogs will enhance your knowledge with a philosophy that has the dog's individual breed and personality as the central focus.Vergil S. Holland teaches the handler to understand the dog's reactions before beginning this progressive training. Whether it is your dog's first exposure to stock or your older dog with a new problem, you, as a handler, will find solutions to each problem and sound advice on each phase of training.Special chapters on different personalities of the various herding breeds, with training modifications tailored to these differences, make it possible for you and your dog as a team to reach your maximum potential.Herding commands and terms are thoroughly covered, as are those of basic Obedience for the stock dog. Working various kinds of stock-sheep, cattle and ducks-is covered to meet the needs of every stock dog owner. Detailed diagrams and concept maps throughout the book highlight the individualized training methods for each type of dog and stock.A ...

  • Brand: Holland, Vergil S.
  • ASIN: 0876056443
  • UPC: 785555038011

76 Exercises to Improve Your Stockwork

76 Exercises to Improve Your

"76 Exercises" is a practical workbook designed to give you step by step exercises that start at the very beginning of working with your dog through to advanced trial work. The book is set up in easy to find and use sections that include: a before you start, foundation exercises, trial exercises, glossary, equipment and title explanation sections. "76 Exercises" can be of benefit to people wanting to find out about herding, people that are just getting started in herding, and people looking to problem solve or get a new take on a more advanced training issue.

  • ASIN: 1530067162

Doggie Boot Camp: Basic Training for Your Working Stock Dog

Doggie Boot Camp: Basic Training for Your Working

Doggie Boot Camp is a book about the author’s tried and true training practices that are based on more than 30 years of experience and success in training working stock dogs. By sharing his experience and wisdom in a step-by-step instruction with practical advice and personal stories, the author guides you through basic training for your young dog. Your pup will be actively engaged and learn quickly, which will make you a very happy owner! The techniques described in this book are easy to follow and are designed for any dog owner, regardless of previous experience, from novice to the highly skilled. Discussions include selecting and bonding with your new pup, as well as the length and frequency of training sessions. By the end of this book, you will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to train your new pup.

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Old World Christmas 12510 Ornament, Herding Border Collie

Old World Christmas 12510 Ornament, Herding Border

Border Collies are herding dogs originally from Great Britain. These loveable and devoted dogs are still used today for herding all over the globe. They are energetic, intelligent, responsive and have an instinctive desire to work with humans. Border Collies excel at competitive sports, agility skills and fetch. Add this hard-working dog to your blown-glass ornament collection today!

  • Color: Herding Border Collie
  • Brand: Old World Christmas
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Top Trainers Talk about Starting a Sheepdog: Training a Border Collie on Sheep and Other Livestock

Top Trainers Talk about Starting a Sheepdog: Training

TOP TRAINERS TALK ABOUT STARTING A SHEEPDOG brings together interviews with many of the best working border collie trainers in North America and the United Kingdom, who share their methods of introducing young border collies to livestock. Whether you are training a stockdog for trialing or for work on the farm or ranch, this collection of expert advice, presented for the first time ever in a single volume, is a treasury of experience and wisdom that is sure to prove invaluable. Trainers interviewed include Bill Berhow, Kate Broadbent, Carol Campion, Scott Glen, Bobby Henderson, David Henry, Julie Hill, Carla King, Kathy Knox, Lyle Lad, Beverly Lambert, Amanda Milliken, Barbara Ray, Derek Scrimgeour, Patrick Shannahan, Jeanne Weaver, and Tom Wilson.

  • Brand: Brand: Outrun Press
  • ASIN: 0979469015

Teach Your Herding Breed to Be a Great Companion Dog: From Obsessive to Outstanding

Teach Your Herding Breed to Be a Great

Winner of the DWAA 2015 Captain Haggerty Award for Best Training BookHelp! He’s herding the neighborhood kids!!Herding breed dogs such as Border Collies, Corgis, and Australian Shepherds have incredibly strong instinctive behaviors to do the work they were bred for—controlling various kinds of livestock. These behaviors manifest themselves in modern herding breed dogs kept as companions or family pets in a number of ways. These include chasing cars and bicyclists, herding kids, nipping at vulnerable heels, barking incessantly, and acting as the “fun police” in dog parks. All behaviors that are entirely appropriate and necessary when dealing with sheep or cattle, not so great in a suburban neighborhood. Fortunately, these instincts can be redirected in a number of ways that keep these energetic dogs busy and happy as well as out of trouble. That is why so many of these dogs can be taught to excel in agility and obedience trials, love to retrieve, and make great running companions. In her latest book, author Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell offers solutions to solving and preventing problem behaviors associated with herding breeds living in the modern world. And no, even though your Border Collie or Corgi might love it, you don’t need to buy a farm!As the owner of two obsessive but...

  • ASIN: 1617811629

From the Handler's Post: Competitive Strategies and Training Tips for Sheepdog Trialing

From the Handler's Post: Competitive Strategies and

This book is Vergil Holland's much-anticipated followup to his classic HERDING DOGS: PROGRESSIVE TRAINING. A useful guide to succeeding at sheepdog trials for both novice and advanced handlers, this book contains a lifetime of knowledge from one of the most successful sheepdog handlers in North America.

  • ASIN: 0996599606

Border Collie Training Dog Training with the No BRAINER Dog TRAINER ~ We Make it THAT Easy!: How To EASILY TRAIN Your Border Collie (Volume 2)

Border Collie Training Dog Training with the No

Take the fast and easy path to Border Collie dog training that helps you form a loving bond that lasts a lifetime. This is your complete guide for training and understanding Border Collies. From respected dog training author Paul Allen Pearce whose techniques have successfully trained millions of dogs worldwide. This book will help you immediately apply what you will learn and quickly attain noticeable results.All that is needed is a little gumption to follow the instructions contained inside, and soon you and your pal will be frolicking and enjoying the inimitable bond between dog and owner.Whether a puppy or an adult Border Collie, you can shape, teach or change any behavior by using the methods contained inside this training guide. START TODAY by ordering this Border Collie training guide right now and avoid your BC being an untrained, uncontrollable canine, and instead have a top-notch,well-behaved respected canine citizen that is welcome anywhere.Border Collies are intelligent dogs, and can learn simple tasks quickly. This is true when you do the right things in the way that BC's completely understand.What's the right way to train your Border Collie?It's named Dogmanship, and part of it is the ability to communicate with your dog the way dogs naturally communicate with each ...

  • ASIN: 1515086348

Aussie Herding: Interviews with Top Australian Shepherd Stockdog Trainers

Aussie Herding: Interviews with Top Australian Shepherd Stockdog

Aussie Herding provides interviews with some of the top Australian Shepherd herding trainers in the U.S. Read what they have to say about training an Aussie for herding and competing. A great resource for those with Australian Shepherds who are just starting in herding or those that have years of experience. A herding clinic in a book, this volume offers a wealth of information. Trainers interviewed include: Elsie Rhodes, Trudy Viklund, Marti Parish, Dana Mackenzie, Robyn Johnson-Garrett, Devona Myrick and Bob Myrick. This book is a great addition to any herding enthusiast’s library.

  • ASIN: 0692247637

Border Collie Security Sign Area Patrolled pet Herding Dog Vet Lover Animal

Border Collie Security Sign Area Patrolled pet Herding

Get a fun novelty sign for your home and office and show off your sense of humor. Looking for a fun, hilarious novelty sign to hang on your cubicle or in your “man cave”? If so, SignMission has all the cute, funny, hilarious, and even work-related novelty signs you’re looking for! Something for Everyone We’ve got a wide range of American-made signs just like this Border Collie Security sign that will tickle your funny bone, make others smile, or even show off your snarky attitude. Colorful and Durable SignMission novelty signs are crafted with outdoor-durable plastic and premium vinyl graphics that perfectly highlight the colors and image on the front. And because they’re safe for indoor and outdoor use, you can stick one on your patio, in the living room, or anywhere else you want to get people smiling and laughing along. Product Details: Border Collie Security Sign Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes Indoor and Outdoor Use Rust and Fade Resistant One-Sided Dimension: 12” x 8” Made in the USA Outdoor Durable Plastic and Premium-Grade Vinyl Click ‘Add to Cart’ to get your Border Collie Security sign today and enjoy a good laugh each time you pass by!

  • Color: Border Collie
  • Brand: SignMission
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Border Collie Activities Border Collie Tricks, Games & Agility. Includes: Border Collie Beginner to Advanced Tricks, Series of Games, Agility and More

Border Collie Activities Border Collie Tricks, Games &

This Training Guide is amongst one of the most resourceful and informative out there. Packed full of reliable and tested information - written by a highly experienced Trainer. Easy to read, and in-depth in its nature - you will thoroughly enjoy your journey through it, all while expanding your knowledge. It contains a wealth of interesting facts and reliable information, along with detailed advice for owners. This is one book that is certainly a must-have addition to your collection.

  • ASIN: 1535082771

Semtomn Shower Curtain Puppy Look Border Collie Herding Dog Puppies Pets 66"x72" Home Decor Waterproof Bath Bathroom Curtains Set with Hooks

Semtomn Shower Curtain Puppy Look Border Collie Herding

Measure: 66 x 72 Inches (165 x 180 CM).Includes:1 shower curtain,12 strong hooks.Wash;Low iron; Don't bleach or tumble dry.If you have any other questions about our shower, please contact us. We will answer as soon as possible. We strive to provide the best service for every user.

  • Color: Multi 2
  • Brand: Semtomn
  • ASIN: B07RRXC891

The Ultimate Border Collie

The Ultimate Border

A guide to selection and care of Border Collies discusses breed characteristics as well as activities to channel the breed's quick wits and intelligence constructively, including search and rescue, farm work, sheep trials, and competition in obedience, agility, and flyball,

  • Brand: Brand: *Howell Book House
  • ASIN: 0876055897
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Shepherds Sheepdog Stock Plastic Lip Dog Whistle Border Collie Herding Livestock

Shepherds Sheepdog Stock Plastic Lip Dog Whistle Border

The Boulder Bluff Plastic Sheherds Lip Mouth Whistle is used for years by professional Dog Trainers and Shepherds. This is the most universal of all whistles. The advantage of using this whistle is you can vary the pitch to make any sound you feel comfortable with. Once you have learned how to make a variety of sounds, you can teach your dog what you want him to do on a sound of your choosing. The dog will respond a lot better to the sound of a whistle than a voice command because he can hear the whistle sound at a long distance as well as up close. Professional dog trainers around the world use this whistle to teach their dogs many different activities. For example you can teach your dog to down, here, right, left, bite, jump, roll over or anything else you can teach him to do with a hand signal or voice command. Each one of these activities will have a different sound. This whistle does require a few practice blows before you get a sound, but once one sound is achieved, it is plain sailing or whistling. Bulk packaging Listing is for one whistle

  • Brand: Boulder Bluff (BB)
  • ASIN: B01EQN513C
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Border Collie Training Book for Dogs and Puppies by BoneUP Dog Training: Are You Ready to Bone Up? Easy Steps * Fast Results Border Collie Training (Volume 3)

Border Collie Training Book for Dogs and Puppies

Border Collie Training Book for Dogs & Puppies by BoneUp Dog TrainingAre You Ready to Bone Up? Easy Training * Fast Results, Border Collie Training Special *FREE* Bonus InsideAre You Ready to Bone Up? Because, this Border Collie Training System begins From the Car Ride Home. Like, now. When it counts. When it matters to you, your pup, and your family. From Day One. Today.Day one makes the success difference in training your Border Collie. It’s that critical moment from the car ride home, to begin communicating with your dog at your pup’s level. There’s a name for it too. It’s called Dogmanship, and your dog craves it. Fact, it’s the key difference in the Bone-Up dog training system that creates the Simple Steps that get you the Quick Results you’re looking for – now. Now, and not some time, some-day, in some-future. Look at what you’re about to learn in how to teach your Border CollieBoneUp dog training is all about rewards-based clicker training using Dogmanship, a clicker, treats, praising and phrasing. All in a Simple Steps, Fast Results, Dog Training System for both new, and experienced dog owners.Simple Steps, Quick Results Dog Training: Including:Clicker, Treat TrainingThe Ultimate Results Training SystemBasic Commands. All of them you could possibly need.Ha...

  • ASIN: 1987599063

The Herding Resource Book: Tips, Advice and Suggestions for People Learning to Herd with their Dogs

The Herding Resource Book: Tips, Advice and Suggestions

Herding is a great sport, but it is also a tough one to learn. Think “golf where the ball, club and obstacles move – all at the same time!” A good trainer is a must, but other resources are also valuable. This book hopefully will serve as one of those resources. Filled with tips, suggestions, advice, and other information, it will help the novice herder get better at their sport. Remember though the most important lesson in herding - have fun with your dog!

  • ASIN: 1505284848

Herding Dogs of the World: 107 Breeds From Around the Globe

Herding Dogs of the World: 107 Breeds From

Herding Dogs of the World is a richly illustrated collection of 107 well-known and rare herding breeds from around the world and brings them to life with breed descriptions, brief histories and hundreds of colorful images from vintage cigarette cards, antique books, postage stamps, advertising premiums, postcards, and photographs.

  • ASIN: 0989880087

Border Collie Funny Herding Breed T Shirt

Border Collie Funny Herding Breed T

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Pupbeats Border Collie Store
  • ASIN: B07PDJ1MS7

Border Collie: How to Own, Train and Care for Your Border Collie

Border Collie: How to Own, Train and Care

Do you want to have the smartest dog in the world to be your pet? Are you an active person/family looking for the perfect athlete for your energetic lifestyle? Would you want a dog that could do a lot of complex commands? Are you not a first-time dog owner and happens to understand dog behavior? Then, the Border Collie must be for you!When looking for a pet, one characteristics dog owners look for is intelligence. The Border Collie, wherever chart or survey you look, is often rank as the number one in terms of intelligence. Bred to be problem solvers and aid to man in controlling livestock for thousands of years, Border Collies developed a smart, hardworking, tenacious, alert and energetic temperament. They are highly trainable and can be the best house pet when properly trained. This breed, however, is not for beginners and there are a lot of things that an owner should know. This guide will provide you valuable information on how to take care and train a Border Collie. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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