Knights Fury (Rumblin' Knights Book 2)

Knights Fury (Rumblin' Knights Book

My name is Finn. The broken one. The one everyone worries about. The one who will probably never have it together. I’m the quiet one. My eyes don’t smile. My heart doesn’t love. I was hurt the most. I’ll never recover. Those are their words. They aren’t mine. The truth is, nobody really knows who I am. Not a damned soul. And they probably never will. Because I’m tired of people feeling sorry for me. I’m tired of living under the Knight command. Keeping the reputation. Maybe, just maybe, I’d like to be something else. Because, screw the Knight name. It means nothing to me. But her…well, she might just mean something to me. My name is Finn. I guess you’ll just have to read this one to know my story. My true story.


Knights Rising (Rumblin' Knights Book 1)

Knights Rising (Rumblin' Knights Book

From USA TODAY Bestselling author, comes the first in a brand new scorching series!!Some things are best left alone. I know this. I should stand by it. That would be the safest option for me. But, well, I just can’t do that. Because the thing I should leave alone…is everything.It is the reason I breathe. It is the reason I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I need help. I know it, but nobody wants to step up and give that to me. The case is too hard. There is nothing they can do. And then I meet them. Bikers. The Knight Brothers. They can give me the help I need. They have the resources. But there is one problem that lies amongst all of this. Lincoln Knight. I can’t stand him. I loathe him. I despise him. And yet, he’s determined to help me. He won’t take no for an answer. And if I’m being honest…I need him.But working with him, spending time with him, it’s the last thing I want to do. But…I have no choice. And I know it. This most definitely won’t end well.


Knights Lady (Rumblin' Knights Book 3)

Knights Lady (Rumblin' Knights Book

LUCYI’ve always held my own. I’m determined.I’m happy.I’m strong. Not right now, though. Right now I’m weak. Pathetic. Because I screwed up, I screwed up in a way I can’t fix. I destroyed someone.I stomped on a heart. I broke the one rule all women should live by. There is no coming back from it. Yet, I can’t seem to find the strength to stop. Nicolai. That name. It ruins me. I tried to stay away. I fought so hard.I knew what he was. Who he was. I knew what he had done. But I can’t seem to stop. I try and forget how his hands felt against my skin. How his lips felt on mine.How his body moved. God, his body.I’m a terrible person. A terrible sister. But take me to hell, if you must, so long as he comes with me. DAMONGet a girl, they say. Find a woman, Damon. Settle down. I have one thing to say to that. Women equal drama. You know it’s true.I don’t have time for drama. Why can’t I be different? Why do I have to follow the trend?My story doesn’t have to match theirs. Hell, when the time comes I’ll find the right one.Until then, I’ll stick to friends. Yep. I can do friends. Lucy. She’s my friend. My best friend, if I’m being honest. She’s strong. She’s determined. She kind of holds my pieces together. And I hers.In the most non-romantic way I ca...

  • ASIN: B07NJH56S1

Knights Burden (Rumblin' Knights Book 4)

Knights Burden (Rumblin' Knights Book

Broken doesn’t describe him. His demons now define him. Brody. The name that left my lips so many times. The name that stole my heart. The name that made me into the woman I am today. The name that eventually shattered my world so completely. He built me up, with love and desire - his darkness tore me down. Now he’s gone. Out there – trying to fight a battle that isn’t his to fight. He’ll die. No truer words have been spoken. Everyone tells me to walk away, to let go.I can’t fix him. I can’t save him. I can’t keep hanging on.How can I let go?My whole world lies within him. He is the very reason I breathe. So I’ll fight. I’ll do whatever I have to do.I’ll find him. I’ll bring him home. Even if it kills me. **Note - This contains characters from my previous book Step-Lover. For those who have followed that, this is Brody and Melanie's story. It can still be read as a follow on from Knights Lady, and is still part of the Rumblin' Knights series**

  • ASIN: B07R7FNNJ7

This for That: The Edge Of Retaliation #1

This for That: The Edge Of Retaliation

What would you do, for revenge? Dear Diary,Oh, who am I kidding? Dear Life, You’re cruel. You’re heartless. You’re sick. You’re really damned twisted.Do you know that?Nope…Still doesn’t cut it. Dear Fate…yeah, that’s the one. Dear Fate, What the actual hell?What exactly did I do to deserve the life you paved for me?Did I bother you so?Was I awful?Did I not pray enough?You took my life into your hands, fate, and you twisted it. You turned it into a broken mess, and you made it ugly. You made meugly. A life for a life. An eye for an eye.That’s how it goes, right? Her life. Now mine. Someone is coming for me, but you already know that, don’t you fate?Did you plan it?Did you even try to tell them it wasn’t my fault?That it was an accident? That I didn’t mean for it to happen? Or is this part of your sick and twisted plan?I have one last question, fate, before you go…Have you got a hero for me?Because I’m going to need one.

  • ASIN: B07SH54B1N

Iron Fury MC Boxed Set

Iron Fury MC Boxed

FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR COMES ALL SIX IRON FURY BOOKS IN ONCE PLACE!!! Come on a wild ride with country singers, bikers and a whirlwind of romance, pain, drama and danger! The entire Iron Fury MC Series is yours for the taking! What are you waiting for? Jump in, today!!Whiskey Burning #1 - Country music singer Scarlett meets her match when she stumbles across gorgeous biker, Maverick. He comes at the right time, though. Danger is lurking in every corner! Hushed Torment #2 - Amalie is quiet, gorgeous and sweet. She's also deaf due to a horrendous accident earlier in life. When she meets MC President Malakai, sparks fly. Can they work out, being from two completely different worlds?Darkest Hour #3 - Charlie is wild, and the daughter of a very dangerous man. When a hit on her head causes her to hide, she's left alone with Dakoda, gorgeous, rugged and completely driving her crazy!! How will she survive in lock down with this gorgeous man? Will they escape before they kill each other?Sassy Little Thing #4 - Saskia needs a job, when she finds herself taking care of a house for the gorgeous Mason, things don't quite go as expected. No, Mason is going to take her on a ride she'll never forget. If only he knew the secrets she was hiding from him...Me, Please #5 - Chantelle or Pe...

  • ASIN: B07TV996VC

Rumblin' Knights Boxed Set

Rumblin' Knights Boxed

FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR COMES ALL FOUR BOOKS IN THE RUMBLIN' KNIGHTS SERIES IN ONE BOXED SET!Come on a wild ride with the Knight Brothers in this incredible boxed set. It includes all four books in the Rumblin' Knights Series. Knights Rising #1 - Lincoln and Shania. These two will take you on a wild ride, especially when Lincoln finds out the secrets Shania has been hiding. He becomes determined to help her, but he has no idea what he's about to uncover. Knights Fury #2 - Finn and Erin. Finn is damaged and quiet, Erin is bubbly and fun. The two of them swore to only have a friends with benefits relationship, but they find themselves drawn to each other and unable to stay away. When they end up on a vacation together, things get...well...heated. Knights Lady #3 - Lucy and Nicolai. Lucy is Shania's sister. Nicolai is Shania's ex. Need I say more? The two of them are in a forbidden relationship, unable to tear themselves away from each other. When Shania finds out, things are going to get messy, really really quickly. Knights Burden #4 - Brody and Melanie. You met Brody and Melanie in Step Lover. Now you get to go on a wild ride with them, through the worst possible pain any couple can endure, and a strength that keeps Melanie fighting for the love of her life, even when i...


Step-Lover: A Stepbrother Romance

Step-Lover: A Stepbrother

A STEPBROTHER ROMANCEIntended for mature audiences onlyI met him before I knew. I loved him before I knew. I didn’t know he was my stepbrother when I fell for Bladen. I fell for a mystery guy who I spent a long, amazing weekend with. Then he got up and left me, without even a goodbye. I was nothing more than a bit of fun.He broke my heart. I didn’t see him again.Until my mom and her new husband, Jack, decide to take us all on a family vacation to the lake so I can meet my new stepbrothers for the first time. I don’t see it coming. When he gets out of that car, my world stops. My passionate lover is…my stepbrother. He isn’t the same man. He’s a prick and he makes sure I know it. I’m not the same woman. I’m in love with him and I very much plan to make sure he knows it. He won’t make my life easy. I won’t give up.


Our Final Tale (Iron Fury MC Book 6)

Our Final Tale (Iron Fury MC Book

SLATERFor over a decade I searched for her. She disappeared a long time ago. But I never gave up.Seeing her again, it was the only thing that kept me holding on for so long. Clutching onto the small chance that she might know who I am when I found her again. If I found her again. It was always a big if. But I wasn’t going to rest until I got answers, alive or dead, I would find her.I needed to know what happened to the girl who took my heart when we were younger, and kept it for well over a decade. She owns every single piece of who I am. Nobody else has ever come close. And now I’ve found her.And she’s lookin’ at me like she doesn’t know who I am. Like I wasn’t her first kiss. Her first boyfriend. Her first love.Her first heartbreak.The man who took her innocence. The man who destroyed her, and caused her to run. The man who spent ten years trying to find her, because of one pathetic, pitiful mistake. I ruined her. And now she has no idea who I am. Not a single damned clue. ELLIEI don’t know who he is. And yet something about him seems strangely familiar. I know nothing of who I am. All my memories are like hazy nightmares. I don’t know which ones are real and which ones are fake. I don’t even know my own name. I don’t know anything about my past. I only kno...

  • ASIN: B07HLT45FB

Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners Series Book 1)

Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners Series Book

Recommended for readers over 17+ Contains adult content.A modern day biker romance.Addison has had a hard life. Her mother is useless, and her father hasn't been in her life for years. When her mother dies, she's left with no money and an angry man after her. She goes to the only person she knows can take care of her right now - her father. She knows her father is the President of an MC club, but she doesn't quite realize just how much she will come to rely on that club. Cade is everything she knows she should stay away from, and yet she can't seem to keep herself from wanting him. He's the club VP, gorgeous, rugged, charming and he makes her feel again. She should be running, she should be escaping the demons of her past, but instead she finds herself falling for the gorgeous biker. Come on this whirlwind romance with two broken people, who figure out how to put each other back together.

  • ASIN: B00EN6DO4G

Darkest Hour (Iron Fury MC Book 3)

Darkest Hour (Iron Fury MC Book

BOOK THREE IN THE IRON FURY MC IS HERE!!!From the second you are born, the shaping begins.Who you are.Who you’ll become.Where your life will lead.What kind of heart you’ll have.If you’ll be good, or bad.From your very first breath, those around you influence everything about you.I was influenced by the worst. By a monster. A cold hearted, soulless man.But I got away.I started fresh.I reshaped myself. Only now, my past is catching up with me. My demons have returned.And they’re back with a vengeance.The only protection I have is a Motorcycle Club. I helped them. Now they’re helping me. With a large hit on my head, I’m hustled into the mountains with one very broody, very angry, very gorgeous biker.He has a mission. A secret bigger than even mine. And he wants the blood of the monster after me.He’s been assigned to protect me.He gets on every nerve I have left.The tension between us is high. And we’re stuck alone.In the middle of the wilderness.Things are about to get...interesting.

  • ASIN: B079SVZ762

Me, please. (Iron Fury MC Book 5)

Me, please. (Iron Fury MC Book

Iron Fury MC Book #5I don’t do love triangles. Hell, I don’t do women.I've learned that lesson the hard way.I get in. I get out. I do what I have to do. Until I meet them. Two of them. Completely different. Both perfect.One, soft and sweet. Beautiful in a way that takes your breath away. The other, wild and crazy. The kind that makes your soul spark back to life. Both of them speak to me. Both of them want me. I’m in the middle of a mess, and with my own demons, I don’t know how to fight my way out of it. When the situation becomes dangerous, I have no choice but to protect them both. And in doing that, exposing myself and them, to very real pain. Pain I’ve fought so long to avoid. And there they are, looking at me with those incredible eyes, both saying…Me, please?Contains Adult Content.


Whiskey Burning (Iron Fury MC Book 1)

Whiskey Burning (Iron Fury MC Book

Brand new MC Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Bella Jewel!!In the darkness is where I first met him.Alone at a water fountain, tears rolling down my cheeks.Ready to give up.From the shadows, his voice came to me.Soothing. Comforting. Rough as the blackest night.I didn’t see him.I didn’t even know his name.All I knew was he saved me that night.He put my back on my feet.And he kept me on them.Every single time I needed him, he found a way to come to me.My stranger of the night.My dark warrior.My name is Scarlett. You probably know me.I’m America’s number one country music star.I’m also the loneliest girl you’ll ever meet.He’s as free as a bird. A nomad. Travelling alone.Nobody to hold him back.He holds the freedom I pray for every single day.He shows me that life can be so much more than what I’m living.When danger comes knocking, he’ll also show me a different world.A world I never knew existed.A world that both terrifies and fascinates me.A world that goes against everything I’ve ever known.A world of Iron Fury.**Contains Adult Themes**

  • ASIN: B075WV56G1

'Til Death - Part 1

'Til Death - Part

USA Today Bestselling Series. **This is part of a two part series. Both parts are now available. This is part one**They say there's a fine line between love and hate. There is. I fell in love with a monster. He used me. He destroyed me. He made a fool out of me. I didn’t know it at the start. You never do. You think you have found the man of your dreams. You think nothing could break you apart. How wrong you are. I loved Marcus Tandem with everything that was me. To him, I was just a business deal, a way to keep something he’d worked hard for. He never had any intentions of returning my affections. He never wanted me in his life. But I wanted him in mine. When you fall in love with the devil, you expect to get burned. Marcus burned me. He consumed me. He devastated me. Somewhere inside, I knew he was no good. I just prayed having me in his life might be enough. I hold onto that small hope, that maybe, just maybe, somewhere deep down in his soul, he might love me too. Someday.Contains Adult Content. Series ends with HEA. Only Two Parts.


Sassy Little Thing (Iron Fury MC Book 4)

Sassy Little Thing (Iron Fury MC Book

IRON FURY MC BOOK 4!!!People, in my opinion, don’t take happiness seriously enough. They go through life, constantly trying to please other people. I do, however, take my happiness seriously. Very seriously. But, when things in my life, go suddenly south, I am left with more than one choice. Do what’s right, or do what’s wrong?That, on any normal day, would be an easy choice for me. I’ll do whatever I need to keep my life flowing with happiness.But when it comes to love, everything changes. And him. I love him. Which means I have to correct my wrong doings. I need him to forgive me. I need money.It’s the only way.When a job for a live-in maid comes up, with excellent pay, I jump at the chance. When I realize it’s for the member of a Motorcycle Club, I still don’t back down. Even if it means I have to live with and work for, one of the hottest, broodiest and most difficult men I’ve ever met. I’ll do whatever it takes. Only, I don’t expect to actually like him. The mysterious biker. The one who I seem drawn to.And now I have a real problem. Do what’s right, or let my heart take me where it wishes? Two men. Once choice. Things are about to get very, very complicated.


Pandemonium (MC Sinners Next Generation Book 1)

Pandemonium (MC Sinners Next Generation Book

**This book can be read as a standalone, but don't stress original MC Sinner fans, your favs are all there!**I am the good girl, the one who does no wrong. Daughter to a ferocious and strong MC President, I know what protection feels like. Until one night changes everything - and not a single person in the world can protect me from it, not even my dad. Suffocating. Alone. Desperate. I let my problems live deep inside until there is no longer anywhere to run. I need an escape. Anything to make the pain go away. Trouble comes for me, and I don't fight it. I tried so hard to believe in what I was, But nobody understood. Not until him. Not until Lucas. He sees me. He believes in me. He refuses to let me drown. He’s my way out. My escape. But Lucas is forbidden. He’s a cop. I’m in danger. And my father is trying to protect what can’t be protected. There can only be one outcome. Pandemonium. **This book is intended for readers over 18**

  • ASIN: B0177GRCLE

Where Darkness Lies (Criminals of the Ocean Book 2)

Where Darkness Lies (Criminals of the Ocean Book

Anger and pain brought them together, but their passion might just set them free.Dimitri wants only one thing: revenge. His stepfather, Hendrix, has caused him nothing but pain and heartache. At last Dimitri can take something—someone—important to Hendrix and make him pay: Jess.Jess is feisty and strong headed. Her past haunts her and connects her to the dangerously dark Dimitri in an unexpected way. Dimitri keeps his secrets locked deep inside, and Jess is drawn to this broken man like no one before.With little to cling to besides their haunting pasts, both could have been doomed to lives spent raging against the darkness that holds them prisoner. Instead, it seems that as their pain draws them closer together, it is their desire and combustible passion that will set them free.Where Darkness Lies is a sizzling romance and the second book in the popular Criminals of the Ocean series.


Manacle (MC Sinners Next Generation Book 3)

Manacle (MC Sinners Next Generation Book

The third instalment in the MC Sinners Next Generation is here!I’ve loved Danny since I was five. He’s loved me longer. It seemed destined that we would be together, it seemed like the stars had aligned. Then we grew up and life got in the way. He’s stepping up to be president of the Motorcycle club we grew up in. And I want no part in it. I want to be free, to travel the world and experience life without violence. He’s not willing to give up the club. I’m not willing to be an old lady. But giving him up is like losing a part of myself. Love isn’t easy.Life certainly never is. The manacles he has wrapped around me will hold me to him.No matter how hard I try to run.

  • ASIN: B01EH5IRI0

Drifter (MC Sinners Next Gen)

Drifter (MC Sinners Next

It's here! The second installment in the USA Today bestselling series, MC Sinners Next Gen. This book can be read as a standalone. They say opposites attract. In my world that isn’t a good thing. I did everything I could to escape the grips of motorcycle club I grew up in when I turned twenty-one. It wasn’t about fear, or betrayal, or even lack of love. I just needed my own life. I had to know how it felt to stand on my own two feet without their protection. Then I met Diesel. Mysterious, dark, with eyes that screamed to be understood. From the second I met him, I knew I needed to be in his life. There’s just one problem – he’s a member of a different motorcycle club. Two things that should never be combined. Yet I can’t stay away. No matter how hard he pushes. I can see beyond his mask. I need to know who he is and I’ll overcome any obstacle to be in his life. A friendship is born, followed by an epic love. Our relationship is forbidden. But I’ll do anything to be in his life. Anything.This book contains mature themes.

  • ASIN: B01D810BIS

Hushed Torment (Iron Fury MC Book 2)

Hushed Torment (Iron Fury MC Book

From USA Today, and international bestseller, comes the second book in the Iron Fury MC!One accident changed my life.One single second changed everything for me.In one terrifying moment, everything I knew was gone.Music is the only thing that keeps me holding on.When the opportunity arises for me to tour with country music star, Scarlett Belle, I take it.An escape.A chance. Only it isn’t enough to lift the shadows of my past.And when I meet him, dangerous and different, I can’t turn away.He is forbidden to me.The President of a Motorcycle Club.A man who could bring noise back into my soundless world.But the shadows of my past haunt me.They linger like a dark nightmare, reminding me that we can never be.Because my sins are far too heavy.And my mind far too broken.Music is the only escape I can allow into my life.The only one that I will let seep through my hungry veins.But he’s always there.And he’s persistent.But if he knew what I kept behind closed doors…no.I must continue my life just the way it is.Without him.Breathing in my nightmare.Living in my Hushed Torment.*Contains adult content*

  • ASIN: B077M84BKM

Jokers' Wrath Motorcycle Club: Boxed set - Books 1-4

Jokers' Wrath Motorcycle Club: Boxed set - Books

From USA Today, International and Amazon bestselling author comes the complete Jokers’ Wrath series – four novels for only 99c.Fall in love with them the same way the world did.PRECARIOUSIn darkness, we find danger. In danger, I find Beau. Ash is a prison guard, she's tough, she's strong and she never backs away from a fight. She takes her job seriously, she takes her training seriously, and everything in her life goes as planned. Until the day he is brought into the prison. She'll never forget meeting Beau 'Krypt' Dawson for the first time. He's a member of the Jokers' Wrath MC and it is said he killed an innocent family in the middle of a cafe, in cold blood. Deranged. Crazy. Psychotic. All those words describe the infamous Krypt, but Ash suspects there's far more to the quiet man than meets the eye. Secrets are being hidden by the club, information is being kept under wraps. Krypt is silent for a reason. Ash is desperate to know that reason. Continually fighting, Krypt is transferred to a high security prison. Ash is in charge. She's always prepared, always alert. Not even her skills will stop the club from ambushing them and taking back Krypt. Only Ash ends up right in the middle of it. They take her, too. Now she's stuck with a Motorcycle Club who are determined not to l...


Knights' Sinner (The MC Sinners Series Book 3)

Knights' Sinner (The MC Sinners Series Book

Recommended for readers 17+ Jackson is always considered the 'softie'. He's the first to help people out when they're in need. He's President of the Hell's Knights and he figures it's about time he shows the world how much of a sinner he can be.Serenity has a dark past. Secrets haunt her and she has no way of escaping them. Hogan is the only family she knows and life with him is brutal. And it's about to get worse.He sends her on a mission.On a mission to destroy the Hell's Knights and the Heaven's Sinners.Can she pretend with a club she doesn't know?Or will she betray Hogan for the man she's falling in love with?Contains one M/F/M scene.

  • ASIN: B00G5IG3RK

Hard to Fight: An Alpha's Heart Novel (Alpha Heart Book 1)

Hard to Fight: An Alpha's Heart Novel (Alpha

Grace is a bounty hunter who wants to be taken seriously, but her boss refuses to believe that a woman can bring down a dangerous criminal. She finally gets a chance to prove herself when she's given the case of a lifetime: capture Raide Knox and bring him to justice. Raide is a dangerous fugitive on the run...and the sexiest man Grace has ever met. Catching Raide won't be easy. He's not the kind of man to go down without a fight. Raide is more intense and frustrating than any man she's ever had to deal with, and the instantaneous attraction that sparks between them is undeniable. One thing is for's going to be a case they will never forget.**Hard To Fight is a full-length standalone romance with a HEA**"Funny, sassy and sexy, with an anti-hero you won't soon forget!" - New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Chantal Fernando

  • ASIN: B00VE4Y2BE

Anguish (Jokers' Wrath, Book 3)

Anguish (Jokers' Wrath, Book

From International and USA Today Bestselling Author comes the Third Book in the exciting Jokers' Wrath Series. There are a lot of things in this world that are easy to escape from. Having a son you didn't ask for isn't one of them. Mack is a nomad. He likes his own space and he struggles with emotion. His past is grey and his future looks about the same. That is until his ex-girlfriend dies and his son is handed over to him. A two month old baby he didn't know existed. Until now.His world comes crashing down around him. Desperate, he hires a nanny.Jaylah has gotten herself into some serious trouble, so when she sees the job opening for a nanny pop up, she jumps on it. Of course she's not a nanny, but she figures she can pull it off. I mean, how hard can it be? She's thrown into a world of diapers, hourly feedings and a whole lot of laundry. She's also introduced to the most rugged, gorgeous man she's ever had the pleasure of meeting. The best part, he's the baby's father. The worst part, he's a biker.Their sexual tension is huge, but he's a hard nut to crack. She'll get in, though. She makes it her mission to break through the wall Mack has built so high around himself. Her world is about to spiral out of control, and she's taking Mack along for the ride.

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