Horse Basics: The perfect beginners guide to owning horse's.

Horse Basics: The perfect beginners guide to owning

A horse is a horse of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course. Unless the horse of course is Mister Ed ~ TV Show Mister Ed~Wouldn’t it be easy if your horse could just tell you what he needed? But, what if your horse really is talking to you? You just haven’t learned how to watch the signs and speak his language. Horse Basics is a great guide about the fundamentals of horse care and happy horse keeping. If you’re a beginner or you’ve had horses for a while this is a great book to have. Good care is in all disciplines of owning horses, whether you ride English, western, or Australian. In Horse Basics you will learn several ways to be a better owner, this is just a few. From: •Basic care •Feed•Safety & Handling•Vaccination & Deworming•Parts of the horse•Gaits and how they effect for your horse •And many more. Horse Basics is a helpful guide whether you’re just starting out or if you’re more experienced and want a good read and a little refresher. Horse Basics covers some of the most basic care and maintenance of horses. It even covers keeping your horse happy and why they need daily turnout if they live in a stall. Some herd dynamics and why you need a good hoof care routine. Plus a few good reasons you may want to have your horse’...

  • ASIN: B00I29O01G

Horse 101: Everything You Wish you Had Known Before You Got Your First Horse

Horse 101: Everything You Wish you Had Known

Training and behavioral issues stem from pain related horse body issues. As well as mysterious lameness, saddle fitting issues and hard to catch/bridle horses. Like to prevent a Colic or high Vet bill$$? Read this book it is full of helpful information that not many horse lovers know about that will save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN TRAINING AND VET BILLS as well as $$ wasted on saddles and pads trying to fit your horse. They are told in educational fun learning stories with exceptional artist drawings that will entertain young and old alike and makes an excellent gift to give to any horse owner no matter how experienced they are. Next in the series is Horse 102 What's in my medicine chest a must have for every horse owner out there.April Battles of Holistic Horseworks LLC has many educational DVDs and YouTube videos available about how to work on your horse yourself. Horse 101 – Everything You Wish You Had Known Before You Got Your First Horse is her first book and is a good chuckle for first-time horse owners as well as experienced ones. Horse 101 will provide you with the basic information you need to know to purchase the right horse for you, what to feed it, how to take care of it, how to train it, and how to handle horses safely. She hopes that you enjoy the cute illustrati...


Complete Horse Care Manual

Complete Horse Care

A thorough, visually engaging guide to everything you need to know about horse care, from daily chores to caring communication to emergency medicine. Hundreds of full-color photographs and diagrams walk you through everything you need to do to keep your horse healthy and happy, while expert commentary gives you a deeper understand of your animal.The book is written by veterinary surgeon and horse specialist Colin Vogel, and includes a detailed diagnostic guide to help horse owners identify and treat common ailments and figure out when something is serious enough to call a veterinarian. Vogel also guides readers through the practical, everyday challenges of horse ownership—from putting together a healthy diet for your horse, to understanding its behavior and body language, to setting up a proper outdoor enclosure. Every aspect of horse care is explained in detail, and illustrated with step-by-step photos so you can follow along.Accessible enough for beginners, and detailed enough that even equine experts will have lots to learn, the Complete Horse Care Manual helps horse lovers of all levels take better care of their animals.

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The Happiest Horse (Part I The Basics)

The Happiest Horse (Part I The

The Happiest Horse Part I The Basic’s is a reliable guide written to help equestrians of all skill levels that offers beneficial information for stable owners and managers as well. The book contains a wealth of information on equine products that actually work as well as scientifically backed recommendations for ensuring your horse’s health. This book has many tips of the trade written by a lifelong horse owner and entrepreneur that are not commonly written about and offers a plethora of insights on the following topics: • How to purchase a horse • Cost involved with horse ownership • How to find the right boarding facility for your horse • Sourcing Hay properly and how to avoid hay scams • How to store hay properly • Equine fencing options and product recommendations • How to properly manage horse pastures • Safest times to allow horses to graze in pastures • Identifying Poisonous Noxious Weeds in horse pastures • Nutritional requirements for the horse • Alternative feeds for horses • How to grow your own grain fodder for horses • Colic and Laminitis symptoms • Preventing colic & laminitis in horses • How to find a veterinarian • Equine Health Care • How to find a farrier

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How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential

In this fascinating best seller, Cherry Hill explores the way horses think and how it affects their behavior. Explaining why certain smells and sounds appeal to your horse’s sensibility and what sets off his sudden movements, Hill stresses how recognizing the thought processes behind your horse’s actions can help you communicate effectively and develop a trusting relationship based on mutual respect.

  • Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • ASIN: 1580178359
  • UPC: 037038178357

Storey's Barn Guide to Horse Health Care + First Aid

Storey's Barn Guide to Horse Health Care +

Keep your horse happy and well. In a hands-free format that allows you to hang the book on a nail for easy reference, Storey’s Barn Guide to Horse Health Care & First Aid covers both routine medical checks and protocols for crisis management. Full of clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions that show you how to handle everything from regular dental checks to unexpected situations like choking, poisoning, and severe wounds, this guide will help you provide the care your horse needs. 

  • Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • ASIN: 1580176399
  • UPC: 037038176391

Horse Hoof Care

Horse Hoof

Help your horse put his best foot forward! Stressing the critical importance of hoof care to your horse’s overall health, this guide covers all aspects of proper hoof maintenance — from dealing with lost shoes, cracks, and thrush to promoting healthy hooves through a balanced diet. With in-depth discussions of hoof anatomy, the role of the farrier, and the importance of daily routines, Horse Hoof Care provides everything you need to know to give your horse a solid foundation of healthy, strong hooves.  

  • Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • ASIN: 1603420886
  • UPC: 037038420883

Basic Horse Care (Doubleday Equestrian Library)

Basic Horse Care (Doubleday Equestrian

By the authors of the best-selling Basic Horsemanship, this indispensable companion volume covers the essentials of horse care -- a must for anyone who owns a horse or is thinking of buying one.B & W photographs throughout

  • ASIN: 0385261993

Horse Health Care: A Step-By-Step Photographic Guide to Mastering Over 100 Horsekeeping Skills (Horsekeeping Skills Library)

Horse Health Care: A Step-By-Step Photographic Guide to

A healthy horse is a happy horse. Packed with dozens of essential health care skills every horse owner should know, this guide will help you keep your animal healthy, save you money, and make your horse operation more self-sufficient. Cherry Hill provides illustrated step-by-step instructions for routine medical maintenance like hoof care, dental exams, and checking vital signs, while also showing you how to deal with an injured horse and the correct techniques for treating wounds, giving injections, wrapping a leg, and preventing infection.

  • Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • ASIN: 0882669559

World of Eric Carle, Hear Bear Roar 30 Animal Sound Book - PI Kids (The World of Eric Carle: Play-a-sound)

World of Eric Carle, Hear Bear Roar 30

Your little animal lovers will love hearing the amazing art of Eric Carle come alive! This sound book includes 30 animal themed sound buttons to press and captivating creatures on each page making Hear Bear Roar an amazing and interactive adventure!This sound book is special because: Hands on interaction engages young readers Connecting words with pictures builds vocabulary Multisensory reading experiences stimulate the imaginations of young readers Features the amazing art of Eric Carle, writer and illustrator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Includes an amazing amount of animals: grizzly bear, deer, fox, wolf, dolphin, lobster, wale, blue jay, bee, owl, seagull, bat, spider, woodpecker, monkey, leopard, goat, eagle, polar bear, penguin, walrus, seal, buffalo, horse, elephant, snake, lion, prairie dog, mouse, and a brown bear

  • ASIN: 1450874770

101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse & Handler (Read & Ride)

101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse &

Ground training is the key to a safe and pleasurable riding experience. Designed for easy reference while working with your horse, this guide can be hung on a post. Riders of all disciplines and skill levels will benefit from these exercises that reinforce good habits and help develop a strong bond between horse and rider.

  • Brand: Kelley Equestrian
  • ASIN: 1612120520
  • UPC: 884268584492

World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 3

World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume

Blizzard Entertainment and Dark Horse Books are proud to present the third installment of their bestselling World of Warcraft Chronicle series!Like its predecessors, Volume III features beautiful full-color artwork by Peter Lee, Emily Chen, Stanton Feng, and other fan-favorite artists, as well as intricately detailed maps and spot art by Joseph Lacroix. Bolster your knowledge of Warcraft lore with this striking third volume!

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: 1616558474

101 Arena Exercises for Horse & Rider (Read & Ride)

101 Arena Exercises for Horse & Rider (Read

Take your riding to a new level! Bringing together recognized classic exercises for both English and Western riders plus her own original patterns and maneuvers, Cherry Hill provides an array of drills that will improve your riding technique. Whether you are a rider interested in expanding your repertoire or an instructor looking for new drills, these exercises will add excitement and variety to your training.

  • Brand: Storey Publishing
  • ASIN: 088266316X
  • UPC: 370380031612

World-Class Grooming for Horses: The English Rider's Complete Guide to Daily Care and Competition

World-Class Grooming for Horses: The English Rider's Complete

When owning, training, riding, and showing horses, there is a certain “look” to which one aspires. World-class “turnout”—a horse in peak condition, perfectly coiffed and luminous with health, outfitted with gleaming and well-fit tack appropriate for his sport—can take your breath away. And while it can certainly play a significant role in a competitive rider’s success, it is just as appealing to have any horse “groomed to the nines,” whether he’s headed for an afternoon lesson or just out on the trail.Achieving this superior look is not just about clean tack, shiny brass, spotless stockings, or perfect braids. The most important steps are in the day-to-day nitty-gritty of grooming and caring for the horse: noticing “something not-quite-right” about the way the horse looks or moves before it becomes “something wrong”; brushing and combing and trimming a little every day so the horse’s skin and coat remain healthy; knowing how to prepare a horse properly for training, and how to cool him down afterward. Now, two of the best professional grooms in the business share their trade secrets, with over 1200 color photographs accompanying the ultimate modern-day guide for all riders who want their horses to look and feel their best.

  • Brand: Trafalgar Square
  • ASIN: 1570766908

Horse Health & Nutrition For Dummies®

Horse Health & Nutrition For

  • ASIN: B001EW530K

Horses For Dummies

Horses For

Features new full-color photos and online resources Train, care for, and have fun with your horse If you're crazy about horses, this hands-on guide is all you need to giddy up and go. Featuring updates on breeds, boarding, nutrition, equipment, training, and riding, as well as new information on various equine conditions, this resource shows you how to keep your horse happy - and take your riding skills to the next level. Discover how to * Select the right horse for you * Feed, groom, and handle your horse * Recognize common horse ailments * Have fun in the saddle * Get involved in equestrian competitions

  • Brand: imusti
  • ASIN: 0764597973

Basic Training of the Young Horse: Dressage, Jumping, Cross-country

Basic Training of the Young Horse: Dressage, Jumping,

This new edition of the highly regarded international bestseller illustrates the correct way to establish a sound, versatile training foundation in a young horse. Reiner Klimke's self-trained horses went on to achieve success at the highest levels in several disciplines, many of them becoming World Champions. Here, based on his extensive experience, he advises the reader on the early education of the foal, longeing and freework, progressive training under saddle, and eventual preparation for competition. Now enhanced with all new color photos and helpful tips from his daughter, Ingrid — a respected rider and competitor in her own right — is poised to again become the modern standard on horse training.

  • ASIN: 1570767602

What I'd Teach Your Horse: Training & Re-Training the Basics (Horse Training How-To) (Volume 8)

What I'd Teach Your Horse: Training & Re-Training

Unillustrated (no pictures), 219 pagesHere's how to train a horse, your map to building the foundation every horse needs regardless of age, breed or background, regardless of riding discipline (English or Western), regardless of what you've planned for your mare, stallion, colt or filly's future. It's your guide to learning and practicing proven, natural horsemanship tips & techniques, methods vital to ensuring future success - because your horse won't change until you do.Tomorrow:Your green colt training begins with Chapter 1 if you broke that young colt to saddle and rode it for the first time today.If you've got an older horse in need of "re-training," you'll start with Chapter 2.When you finish this horse training book of mine, you'll have a horse that's better trained and more dependable than 99% of the others at your barn.  You'll have a horse that goes where you want it to go at a speed you pick; you'll have a partner to hit the trail with or to enjoy in a thousand other ways.  But you'll also have a horse that's had the schooling necessary to move to the next level (showing & competing) if and when you're ready.  You'll be set to train for barrels, roping, or reining, eventing, jumping or dressage.  But today basic training is basic training and we're going to keep t...

  • ASIN: 1497496810

Basic Training for a Safe Trail Horse: Learn How to Improve Horse Behavior Without Resorting to Scare Tactics or Medicinal Supplements

Basic Training for a Safe Trail Horse: Learn

For equestrians, horse trainers, and animal lovers, Basic Training for a Safe Trail Horse is a comprehensive, in-depth look at logical and humane training tips for optimal trail riding. Martha Leynes-Selbert, published writer and horse training specialist, has written a superb user's guide that gives trainers, riders and owners a distinctive way to establish a quiet and successful relationship with a horse. Leynes-Selbert's approach to a gentle way of training is explained in detail along with photographs that give the reader step-by-step instruction. Through her relationship with horse trainer, Patricia Allard, Leynes-Selbert's proven methods include relating to the horse as an "alpha mare" instead of a predator. She takes all aspects of fear-based training out of the equation and highlights the intelligence of this regal animal. Her methods include a more compassionate approach-how horses can actually respond to the rider or trainer through words and patient attention. Martha Leynes-Selbert lives with her husband, three dogs, three cats and three horses in the rolling hills of Virginia's countryside near Richmond. She has spent twenty years riding trails and has published articles about her adventures and about other horse owners in a local newspaper. A strong advocate for the ...

  • ASIN: 1606933779

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You: A Hands-On Manual for Natural Hoof Care All Breeds of Horses and All Equestrian Disciplines for Horse Owners, Farriers, and Veterinarians

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You: A

Detailed hands-on guide to natural horse and hoof care. Explains how to create a successful barefoot program for the domestic horse.

  • Brand: Star Ridge Pub
  • ASIN: 0965800776

Waiting Season: a novel (Book 4)

Waiting Season: a novel (Book

A new year brings new challenges … and the chance to make a dream come true. Melinda hopes to spend January by the fireplace, paging through the seed catalogs’ promises of spring, while the snow drifts around her cozy farmhouse. After all, the slower pace of rural life was one of the reasons she’d left the city behind. Instead, she must face her fears when the worst of winter’s threats surround her door. Braving blizzards to care for her animals, thawing her acreage’s water lines, and anxiously watching over the pregnant sheep in her barn fill her shorter days and longer nights. She trudges on because of Horace’s offer: He’ll sell her the farm in the spring if she still wants to stay.But as winter tightens its grip on the heartland, Melinda's biggest tests are still to come. When a series of events threatens to break her heart and shatter her hopes, can she find the courage to see the season through?

  • ASIN: B07H2Q7MBJ

Discovery: Moo on the Farm! (10-Button Sound Books)

Discovery: Moo on the Farm! (10-Button Sound

Press the buttons and listen to the sounds of the farm!With 10 cool sound buttons, fun facts, full-color pictures and much more, this Discovery sound-and-reference book is a unique way for kids to learn about life on the farm! Kids will love matching the sounds to the animals in this vibrant and interactive book.  

  • ASIN: 1684126886

World of Eric Carle, Animal Babies Sound Book - PI Kids

World of Eric Carle, Animal Babies Sound Book

Baby animals are cute, and they are even cuter when drawn by the amazing Eric Carle. You and your little one with enjoy reading a rhyming story aloud as they learn new words and press 10 buttons to hear baby animals’ names and sounds. This sound book makes the iconic art of Eric Carle come alive! This sound book is special because: Hands on interaction engages young readers Connecting words with pictures builds vocabulary Multisensory reading experiences stimulate the imaginations of young readers Includes wonderful animals: Foxes, Seals, Penguins, Bears, Goats, Giraffes, Lions, Elephants, Zebras, and Monkeys Includes the amazing art of Eric Carle, illustrator and author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • Brand: Eric Carle
  • ASIN: 145086774X

The Principles of Riding: Basic Training for Horse and Rider

The Principles of Riding: Basic Training for Horse

This bestselling official instruction handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation has been completely revised and updated regarding language and content, while still taking into account the well-established principles of the 'Old Masters'. The Principles of Riding provides a complete instruction course of horse and rider using the German training system — a system that has consistently produced international champions for many decades. The emphasis is on an integral approach to the interaction between horse and rider. It all depends on harmony between horse and rider. The correct seat and the appearance of the horse under the rider are regarded as the result of correct riding.

  • ASIN: 1910016128
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