Amazon Parrots. Amazon Parrots as pets. Amazon Parrots Pros and Cons, Care, Housing, Diet and Health.

Amazon Parrots. Amazon Parrots as pets. Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are amongst the most colorful and beautiful birds in the world. They are native to South and Central America. These birds have been taken all over the world by explorers who were simply fascinated by the variety in coloration of these gorgeous birds. These birds are extremely intelligent and, of course, exotic. For new parrot owners, bringing home Amazon parrots can be an interesting experience. While these birds make extremely wonderful pets and companions, training them requires a great deal of patience. You also need to try and understand the behavior of your bird to bond with it better and find a simple way to train your bird. Since these are exotic birds, their care requirements are also quite specific. You will have to make sure that you fulfil the dietary needs of these birds and give them the right housing as well. That is when you can prevent any health issues and problems with your birds. Remember, like any bird, the Amazon parrot, too, is highly susceptible to diseases and infections. Taking proper care and keeping the bird active is the key to a healthy pet. This book will tell you all about: - The history and origin of the species - Caring for the bird for the first few days - Routine care for Amazon parrots - Amazon parrot healthcare - Bonding activit...

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Amazon Parrots (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

Amazon Parrots (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's

Amazon Parrots is a book in Barron's series of Complete Pet Owner's Manuals . These medium-size parrots are known for their playful companionship and their talking ability. Written especially to introduce inexperienced and prospective pet owners to the pleasures and duties of pet care, Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals also make fine guides to pet care for older children. These heavily illustrated books are filled with helpful information on purchasing, housing, feeding, health care--and where applicable, grooming and training pets. Each book is individually written by an expert--a trainer, breeder, veterinarian, or other animal specialist. These manuals cover every popular dog and cat breed, as well as bird varieties, hamsters and other small caged animals, fish varieties for aquarium hobbyists, terrarium pets, and even exotics, such as reptiles, amphibians, and scorpions. All books have 70 or more color photos, and most also have instructive line illustrations.

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Yaheetech Wrought Iron Rolling Extra Large Open Playtop Bird Cage for Mini Macaw Goffin's Cockatoo Cockatiels African Grey Amazon Parrots Green Cheek Conures Caique Bird Cage with Rolling Stand

Yaheetech Wrought Iron Rolling Extra Large Open Playtop

About Yaheetech - A Leading Online Birdcage BrandYaheetech is a leading online birdcage brand registered in the US in 2015. Since the establishment, it has achieved steadily rapid development among top birdcage brands, which are highly trusted by worldwide pet bird lovers for safety and construction. As of October, it has had sales of over 44,357 birdcages in the year 2018. As ever, Yaheetech is dedicated to providing global customers with reliable and professional pet bird housing solutions that boast safe materials, large space and great comfort for pet birds. Check out more about Yaheetech items now!Our extral large bird cage is good for mini macaws or cockatoos, we recommend Red-bellied, Red-shouldered, Yellow-collared, Chestnut-Fronted, Blue-winged, Blue-headed, Umbrella Cockatoo, Goffin's, Sulphur crested, Moluccan, African Grey, Senegal, Meyer's, Jardine, Yellow nape, Red-lored Amazon, Caique, Red-rumped, Eclectus,Indian Ring Neck,Quaker, Alexandrine, Green Cheek, Sun Conures,Cockatiel or other similar size birds.Specifications:- Material: Iron & Stainless Steel Feeder & PP Caster & Wooden Perch- Overall Dimension(when roof opened): 81.5 x 77 x 160 cm/ 32 x 30.3 x 63'' (WxDxH)- Overall Dimension(when roof closed): 81.5 x 77 x 154 cm/ 32 x 30.3 x 61'' (WxDxH)- Cage Size: 61...

  • Color: hammertone black
  • Brand: Yaheetech

Encyclopedia of Amazon Parrots

Encyclopedia of Amazon

Amazons are one of the groups of parrots most appreciated by pet lovers and bird breeders. They are easy to tame and train; they can be bred; and they are one of the least expensive groups of the larger parrots. The authors have written this book from first hand experience, and each bird is surveyed from its life and capture in the wild, through importation, quarantine, and acclimation, to the requirements for keeping it as a pet and breeding it in captivity. In a systematic treatment, each species or subspecies is discussed, with a range map for each and a supplemental gallery of photographs. The photos are remarkable and comprehensive, and makes identification of each subspecies simple and accurate. Instances of captive breeding are followed by assessments of the characteristics of each particular subspecies.

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Kaytee Supreme Parrot Food 25 pound bag

Kaytee Supreme Parrot Food 25 pound

Kaytee Supreme Parrot food is a wholesome, high-quality mix that contains all of the natural protein, fiber, oils and nutrients of whole grains. Fortified to ensure a balance blend, Supreme utilizes natural seeds, grains and pellets to provide your bird with a simple yet healthy diet. Kaytee Supreme offers high quality ingredients pet birds love and the nutrition they require. Kaytee understands that sharing your life with a pet bird is not only enjoyable but very enriching. Kaytee shows our love by ensuring we provide your pet bird with the best nutrition for a long and healthy life. With over 150 years of nutritional experience, it's no wonder why Kaytee is at the heart of every healthy feeding routine.

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  • Brand: Kaytee
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A Parrot's Fine Cuisine Cookbook: and Nutritional Guide

A Parrot's Fine Cuisine Cookbook: and Nutritional

What we feed our birds has a direct effect on their health and happiness. Avian experts continue to see poor nutrition as the cause for many serious illnesses, even death, in parrots. This book offers articles from Dr. Jason Crean, Dr. Stephanie Lamb and Vlogger Marlene Mc'Cohen on the importance of raw whole foods, the nutritional powerhouse of soaking and sprouting, avian teas, safe and toxic foods, getting your bird to eat vegetables, pros and cons of pellets, a 12 page nutritional list, and much more. A Parrot’s Fine Cuisine Cookbook & Nutritional Guide will give you insights into the evolving topics of avian nutrition. Join us in our mission to raise the bar of parrot health through increased dietary diversity. You will also find over 60 unique and healthy recipes for your VIP companion. Karmen Budai has created these recipes with love and passion to offer the best we can in avian nutrition.A Parrot's Fine Cuisine Cookbook is a beautiful 8x10 book with full color photos, illustrations or charts on almost every page.BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE INSIDE THE BOOK!

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KINTOR Bird Chewing Toy Large Medium Parrot Cage Bite Toys African Grey Macaws Cockatoos Eclectus Amazon (Banana-22inch)

KINTOR Bird Chewing Toy Large Medium Parrot Cage

Why Parrot need the toy? First of all,in the wild, most parrots are gregarious, they spend a lot of time to foraging and avoiding the enemy. However, once the parrot was domesticated, because there is no such worries, and have more free time.most people keep only 1 to 2 parrots, which can cause the birds to lack companions and see the master as an important partner.Of course this is a good thing, but if you do not have much time to accompany it, it will feel lonely and boring. Lonely parrots may shout, bite things, and even bite their hair in order to attract your attention. Over time, a well-behaved bird will gradually introverted, irritable, become full of wild birds. Secondly,parrot's beak is going to keep growing to keep it sharp. However, too long beak will affect the parrot's own eating ability, and damage its health. The wild parrot will control the length of the beak by biting the trunks and hard food, and loving bite things becomes part of their nature. If the home parrot lack of appropriate things can bite, based on health and nature, they had to bite the goods in the home.that's why chewing toys is necessity for parrot. Why Choose Kintor Parrot Chewing Toys? --Made with pet safe materials and quick link fastener for easy attachment to cage --Unique and colorfull design...

  • Color: Banana
  • Brand: KINTOR
  • ASIN: B072JLXVR9
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Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot Journal: 150 page lined notebook/diary

Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot Journal: 150 page lined

A life worth living is worth recording, and what better place than this journal? These lined pages crave your scribbled notes, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and notions. Fill the lines, remember your life, don't lose your ideas, and keep reaching higher to live the best life you can. It all starts here, folks, but you'll need your own pen or pencil. Write on!

  • ASIN: 1533422621

Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot (Barron's)

Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot

This expanded new edition of a popular parrot-training book explains parrot psychology and discusses the ways in which parrot owners can apply it to solve behavior problems. The author cites the most common problems--screaming, biting, and feather-chewing--and tells how to remedy them. She also stresses the need for periodic reinforcement of desirable parrot behavior traits and advises on many aspects of good parrot care, including proper nutrition and providing the bird with steady companionship. The text is complemented with many attractive and instructive color photos and line art.

  • ASIN: B004X4IGNM

Sleek & Sassy Garden Large Hookbill Parrot Food for Large Conures, Amazons, African Greys, Cockatoos, Pionus-Parrots & Small Macaws (4 lbs.)

Sleek & Sassy Garden Large Hookbill Parrot Food

Your large Conures, Amazons, African Greys, Cockatoos, Pionus-Parrots & Macaws will love this all natural mix! Excellent variety, including our advanced formula Complete Pellet Diet bursting with multiple sources of protein, vitamins, minerals and all the essential amino acids. We then add a taste tempting assortment of fresh, clean, naturally nutritious enzyme rich Whole Grains, Oil Seeds, Legumes, Papaya, Pineapple, Green Bell Pepper, Red Chili Peppers, Carrots, Sweet Potato and Sweet Garden Peas! Unlike many companies, we choose to package all of our products in Oxygen filled packaging to ensure enzyme rich seeds and grain to optimize the nutritional value. We do not Nitrogen flush or Vacuum pack our products which evacuates the oxygen to increase shelf life. Whole Seeds & Grain should always be stored in an oxygen filled environment to maintain their live enzyme activity and viability. Enzymes are CRUCIAL in aiding the digestion and assimilation of most nutrients. Taking away the oxygen will kill the live enzymes and reduce the nutritional value.

  • Brand: Sleek & Sassy
  • ASIN: B07F1GJF2F
  • UPC: 012531131047
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