Test Tube Aliens Good #1 KURION

Test Tube Aliens Good #1

  • Brand: 4Kidz
  • UPC: 784358730153

Test Tube Aliens - Tuth

Test Tube Aliens -

Test Tube Aliens are invading the planet, and it's up to you to save mankind. Hatch, feed and grow your alien in the test tube. Then go online at testtubealiens.com to register and interrogate them. Only by learning each alien's secrets can you hope to save the human race. Each alien comes with an exclusive dossier, including a bio, mug shot, custody instructions, and more. Collect all six.

  • Brand: Unknown
  • UPC: 788668910120

Test Tube Aliens Operation Lab - Kleev

Test Tube Aliens Operation Lab -

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B007UKX49C
  • UPC: 783318407081

The Scorpion's Mate (Iriduan Test Subjects Book 1)

The Scorpion's Mate (Iriduan Test Subjects Book

This is a full-length, science-fiction, alien abduction romance that was previously released as part of a two-book collection introducing the first books in two series. Each book is now being released separately. This revised edition of The Scorpion's Mate has some small changes from the original. Claire has never really fit in with everyone around her, but she's carved out a life for herself using her own unique style and artistic ability to support herself on the Internet. The last thing she expects is to be abducted by aliens and dropped into a research facility, where a genetically-engineered alien soldier chooses her as his life-mate. Thrax’s pheromones are compelling, and his status as a fellow unwilling test subject makes them allies, but Claire isn't certain she can trust someone who is convinced she belongs to him, when all she wants to do is find a way to return home to Earth—a place that her devoted alien can never follow, because there’s no way the scorpion-like alien would ever be able to pass for human. Still, she’ll accept help where she can find it, so she doesn't hesitate to escape with Thrax from the facility, though their time running from their pursuers in the warrens beneath the research facility will forever change Claire, and could make it impossibl...


Test Tube Aliens Evil #1 DODEC

Test Tube Aliens Evil #1

An unknown race of Aliens is arriving on planet Earth. But this is no invasion -- they need the help of the human race to bring their unborn to life. Electronic Test Tube Aliens is an innovative new concept that gives children the opportunity to grow, nurture and interact with their own collectible race of creatures. Using advanced sensor technology, Test Tube Aliens are aware of their environment and will react to changes by the way they are treated. Kids can adopt an Electronic Test Tube Alien, hatching it from chrysalis and nurturing it into a full-grown Alien. Alien babies need to be fed, rested and live in a swampy home of sloog. Get the balance right and your Alien will survive and thrive into adulthood, but get the balance wrong it will deplete its life force after four weeks.There are six Electronic Test Tube Aliens to collect - three "good" and three "bad" Aliens. Each comes as a chrysalis and hatches when submerged in water. As you bring to life your Alien, it will detect light and its electronic heart will start to "beat". Add the special growing "sloog" (a nutrient-rich slime), and over a 7-10-day period, the Alien will grown about eight times its birth size. Test Tube Aliens start out at 3.5" tall and when fully gown are about 6.5" tall.

  • Brand: 4Kidz
  • UPC: 784358730054

Area 51 T Shirt Test Pilot, Alien, Roswell, Weather Balloon

Area 51 T Shirt Test Pilot, Alien, Roswell,

Area 51 Test Pilot Weather Balloon Division T Shirt. Funny UFO military design, claim to be an official flying saucer pilot. Great gift for alien cover up, conspiracy theory fans. Distressed graphic printed T shirt.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Tripping Yarns
  • ASIN: B07F7167SX



  • ASIN: B00160FBWK

Alien Operation Lab - Psycus

Alien Operation Lab -

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B007UKX48S
  • UPC: 788668910472

Fun Express Alien Test Tube Slime (1 Dozen)

Fun Express Alien Test Tube Slime (1

Alien Test Tube Slime in assorted colors and designs. Each 3 3/4" plastic container is filled with goo surrounding a 1 3/4" glow-in-the-dark alien. Includes 12 test tubes. Fun for a themed birthday party favor. Also fun for Halloween costume parties.

  • Brand: Fun Express
  • ASIN: B003C4VV0E
  • UPC: 698887786041

Novelty, Inc. 4-Pack Alien Test-Tube Neon Slime Putty for Kids

Novelty, Inc. 4-Pack Alien Test-Tube Neon Slime Putty

Take kids on a space adventure or a trip into the science lab with test tubes full of galactic slime! 4 plastic tubes filled to the brim with neon slime and a plastic alien figurine floating inside! Each test tube-shaped container of slime measures 3.5" long. Perfect party favor, carnival prize or stocking stuffer. Includes 4 assorted colors of slime - there is one for everyone!

  • Brand: Novelty, Inc.
  • UPC: 794080048631

Test Tube Aliens - Kleev

Test Tube Aliens -

5513139 Features: -Evilution Kleev. -Slog feeding solution. -Online adventure for interactive play. -Test Tube Aliens collection. Gender: -Boy. Category: -Early Development Toys. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -8 Inches. Overall Width - Side to Side: -10.25 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -3.5 Inches. Overall Product Weight: -1.04 Pounds.

  • Brand: Unknown
  • UPC: 788668910106

The Test: First Encounter

The Test: First

Content living his life sheltered from the outside world, Ethan needs nothing but his video games, music, and internet to keep him happy. Yet when everyone in the world is suddenly frozen, he wonders if he’s being tested. Determined to find answers, Ethan embarks on a journey to figure out what is going on—and why. But as those answers arise, so do more questions—questions that rattle his life and understanding of everything. The line separating black from white diminish when circumstances force him to make choices harder than ending his own life. Is Ethan truly alone? Will he find the cause of The Test?

  • ASIN: B07RSLY73R

Sonix, Give Me Space, Spaceship Cell Phone Case Military Drop Test Certified Protective Clear Case for Apple iPhone XR

Sonix, Give Me Space, Spaceship Cell Phone Case

A transparent polycarbonate back shows off your phone while the impact-resistant bumper protects from everyday mishaps. Military Drop Test Certified (UL). This case is slim and lightweight without sacrificing protection. Clear back, hard outer shell, shock absorbent rubber sides and anti-scratch coating. Made for those who want fashionable technology accessories without having to compromise protection or quality.

  • Color: Cosmos Collection - Give Me Space
  • Brand: Sonix
  • UPC: 817569029638

Alien [Blu-ray]


Unbeknownst to the crew of a space ship, it has taken on an alien stowaway that incubates in some humans and hunts the rest. In space, no one can hear you scream. Blue ray can be playable but the digital copy code cannot be used

  • Brand: 20th Century Fox
  • UPC: 024543982555

Kipp Brothers Alien Tube Slime (Bag of 12)

Kipp Brothers Alien Tube Slime (Bag of

Assorted bright colored slime in a test tube container complete with an alien figure submerged inside.

  • Brand: Kipp Brothers
  • ASIN: B076BNQ4G9
  • UPC: 794080205508

Alien Sunshade Jeep Sunshade Mesh Top Jeep Wrangler 2-Door JK 4-Door JKU 2007-2018 - 10 Year Warranty Front Jeep Blue

Alien Sunshade Jeep Sunshade Mesh Top Jeep Wrangler

STAY COOL & KEEP THE OPEN AIR EXPERIENCE IN YOUR JEEP WITH OUR JEEP SUNSHADESunny days are action-packed in your Jeep Wrangler, but they can take a toll on passengers and upholstery. With an Alien Sunshade Jeep Wrangler Sunshade, you can maintain that topless, open-air sense of freedom while reducing exposure to harmful, damaging UV rays - one of the best Jeep Wrangler Accessories you can buy! This fun & functional Jeep Shade Top installs in minutes on your Jeep Wrangler, without any vehicle modifications. With the Alien Shade in place, you'll enjoy less wind noise so you can carry on a conversation with your passengers while blazing down the road toward your next big adventure.Quick, easy protection from UV raysAlien Sunshade is a high quality Jeep Wrangler Mesh Top made from lightweight, durable Polyester. With 13 bungee ball cords, the Alien Sun Shade fastens snugly to your Wrangler's roll bars, letting you answer the call of the open road while reducing UV rays that lead to harmful sunburn and fading & cracking of your vehicle's interior surfaces. No tools are required, and it even fits under your freedom panels, hard top or soft top with the removal of just a few bungees. Our innovative shade top sunshade fits 2007-2018 2 Door JK & 4 Door JKU Jeep Wrangler models.FitmentJee...

  • Color: Gift Blue
  • Brand: Alien Sunshade
  • UPC: 808939477678

Alien By Thierry Mugler Eau De Parfum Vial 1.2ml .04 oz

Alien By Thierry Mugler Eau De Parfum Vial


  • Brand: Thierry Mugler
  • ASIN: B009Y8B5P8
  • UPC: 799422583832

yoyomax Soil Test Kit pH Moisture Meter Plant Water Light Tester Testing Kits Garden Plants

yoyomax Soil Test Kit pH Moisture Meter Plant

Why guess? Were you always wondering if you were keeping your garden the proper wetness? "It looks OK, but maybe it is a little dry???" Now with a quick check you can tell if it is indeed dry or wet enough.Making the watering more proper and the gardening more joyful, this soil tester will save your potted plants from over watering on these hot summer days. When it's hot the top soil can seem so dry but the plant may have ample water deeper in the pot. This cuts the guess work altogether and your plants will look better because they are not in danger of being over-watered.Easy to use, it tests soil pH & light as well and gives the value directly without batteries needed. You will enjoy this product for its simplicity (plug and read) and the fact that you never have to replace the batteries.How to Use: Step 1: Switch to moisture/pH/light position according to demand Step 2: Insert the probe into the soil about 2-4 inches Step 3: Adjust the position of the probe until the pointer on the dial swing slightly Step 4: Check moisture/pH/light level in the dial after 10 minutes Step 5: Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use Kindly Note: 1. Do not force it into very hard soil or touch hard objects since it will be easy to damage the probe;2. Do not use it to test pure water ...

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: yoyomax
  • UPC: 696177891871

Electronic Test Tube Aliens - Toys - Tatsuni

Electronic Test Tube Aliens - Toys -

Dissolve cocoon to bring your Test Tube Alien to life. Feed it carefully as it grows into an adult alien. Discover what it needs by monitoring its heartbeat. Keep alive with just the right amount of food and light. Web interactive! Verify your alien's age, set special modes, get secret codes, check health status and much more! Tatsuni: The healer and the oldest of all the aliens They say he has existed for all of time. He remained loyal until the end. Located Earth as a suitable haven. Solved the mystery of alien regression.

  • Brand: Unknown
  • UPC: 784358730177

Desantis Intruder For Glock 17 Right Hand Black

Desantis Intruder For Glock 17 Right Hand

The Intruder is designed for both concealment and comfort. It is tuck-able and adjustable for both height and cant. The holster back consists of top grain premium steer-hide and the leather front component is finished with a supremely durable polyurethane film for lasting beauty. Each Intruder is molded from genuine Kydex sheet to exact specifications.  Available in black.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: DeSantis Gunhide
  • ASIN: B003K7X53O
  • UPC: 973428142242
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