Soft AFO Foot-up - Drop Foot Brace

Soft AFO Foot-up - Drop Foot

Product Name:Soft AFO Foot Drop Brace Product Size: Free size Color:black Product Material: Velvet cloth, sponge, plastic and nylon sticky tape Suitable for people: Achilles tendon meningitis with fasciitis, plantar fasciitis, early only plantar flexion convulsion, calf, spasm (runners spasm) and premenstrual syndrome Long-term bed, prevent foot drop, reduce joint strain, improve microcirculation for the foot Product Merit: By the velvet cloth, sponge, plastic sheet and the adhesive tape and other materials, unique design, wear convenient, comfortable

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Furlove
  • ASIN: B076BR7ZBH
  • UPC: 611040750468

NEOFECT Drop Foot Brace - Foot up, Dorsiflexion, Anti Inversion, AFO & Ankle Stability Stroke, SCI, TBI, Plantar Fasciitis, Gait Abnormality (Left)

NEOFECT Drop Foot Brace - Foot up, Dorsiflexion,

NEOFECT Drop Foot Brace is an ankle and foot brace for those who need ankle and foot stability to improve mobility for everyday activities. The brace maintains foot dorsiflexion and prevents the foot from inverting during gait. With its ergonomic design, the brace helps individuals walk more naturally by keeping the toes lifted and aligning the ankle.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: NEOFECT
  • ASIN: B07F3XLX5R

Swedish AFO (Women Right)

Swedish AFO (Women

The Brace On Swedish AFO features an open heel and lower calf section for premium comfort. Made to provide static dorsiflexion, along with lateral stability. Made from high quality inject molded Polyethylene.

  • Brand: Brace On
  • ASIN: B07BVY3RZ7
  • UPC: 726481270946

Soft AFO Foot Drop Brace | Ankle Foot Orthosis with Dorsiflexion Assist Strap Keeps Foot Up for Improved Walking Gait - Wear Barefoot or Inside Shoe (S/M - Fits Right or Left Foot)

Soft AFO Foot Drop Brace | Ankle Foot

This ankle foot orthosis (AFO) features two interchangeable forefoot attachments. These two different attachments means that it can be worn with either slip-on or laced shoes, as well as when one is barefoot. If you are using the shoe attachment, you are able to lace the vinyl inlay into your shoe using the eyelets and the bottom laces of your shoe. When wearing the brace barefoot, you simply just slide the sleeve onto the forefoot. The AFO leg brace is indicated for treatment of foot drop, dorsiflexion injury, stroke patients, or people dealing with leg muscle disorders. Foot drop refers to the inability to lift the front of the foot off the ground by contracting the muscles of one's shins, a movement known as dorsiflexion. This soft foot drop brace supports the upper portion of the foot so that one can move about with a comfortable stride. Unlike many other AFO braces for foot drop, this brace is made a soft, flexible material that easily fits within shoes. This material is a breathable foam laminate that makes it comfortable to wear. The straps of the foot drop brace are constructed of nylon material that attach to the center release buckle. These contact release buckles make it easy to switch between the different attachments. Velcro closures on the wrap also make it easy to ...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: BraceAbility
  • UPC: 641061983668

Core Products FootFlexor AFO Foot Drop Brace - Universal

Core Products FootFlexor AFO Foot Drop Brace -

FootFlexor Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) is the ultimate mobility solution for individuals with foot drop or similar conditions requiring dorsal flexion support and/or assistance. An independent research firm, ORC International, recently discovered that 99 percent of US adults with a paralyzing condition known as foot drop (or drop foot), do not wear a brace that would help them walk normally. Typical treatment for foot drop and similar conditions includes wearing a semi-rigid or rigid Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO). Unfortunately, most current designs are cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear. Introducing FootFlexor, the first functional AND comfortable AFO that allows an affected foot to perform naturally while walking. Use to help improve gait, increase confidence in walking ability, and help reduce incidence of falls. Designed to work with most lace-up shoes and boots, this AFO is comfortable to wear, increasing compliance for those who require dorsal flexion support and/or assistance. Package includes FootFlexor wrap, eyelet clips, and a tension cord to help lift the toe during gait. Made in the USA of imported materials.

  • Brand: Core Products
  • ASIN: B07819ZHD6
  • UPC: 782944635547

KONMED Adjustable Drop Foot Orthosis Support AFO AFOs Brace Strap Elevator Poliomyelitis Hemiplegia Sroke Universal Size

KONMED Adjustable Drop Foot Orthosis Support AFO AFOs

Product Name: Foot drop orthotics device Product Size: Free size color: black Product Material: breathable elastic material + velcro + plastic clips Suitable for people: A: Stroke, cerebrosclerosis, spinal cord injuries, B: fibula nerve paralysis, hemiplegia, poliomyelitis C: Neuromuscular weakness Product Merits: A: high quality breathable elastic material, velcro and plastic clips make it easy, durable and comfortable to wear. B: It can effectively reduce foot inclination and the possibility of friction between foot and the ground, which helps increase the walking safety.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: KONMED
  • UPC: 604753202836

Insightful Products Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace (Left Foot - Large/X-Large)

Insightful Products Step-Smart Drop Foot Brace (Left Foot

The Step-Smart is a low profile, light weight, energy efficient brace that is a favorite of Drop Foot sufferers who want to maintain a natural gait and flexibility in their ankle and toes. BioMechanically, the Step-Smart design is more energy efficient than the competitive designs. It's more desirable than the stiff design, since it allows for good plantarflexion at heel strike. It's more desirable than the flexible designs, since it is preloaded. The benefit of a preload on the system is critical to shock absorption. Also, the Dorsi Flexion assist joints allows the best clearance at swing phase.With drop foot, however, it is not desirable to have a design with free plantarflexion. Naturally, our bodies control the deceleration at heel strike with an eccentric contraction of the dorsiflexors. This combined with a slight flexion moment at the knee is what creates the best shock absorption. With other flexible solutions, there is too much plantarflexion at heel strike causing foot slap. The result is trauma and pain to the calcaneous.The reason that the Step-Smart design is superior to the others is that it provides resistance to plantarflexion the instant the heel hits the ground. Some other designs need to be plantarflexed before the resistance is high enough to be effective. By ...

  • Brand: Step-Smart
  • ASIN: B0758K7J4B
  • UPC: 858745007033

Ankle Support Drop Foot Brace Orthosis - Comfort Cushioned Adjustable Wrap Compression for Improved Walking Gait, Prevents Cramps Ankle Sprains

Ankle Support Drop Foot Brace Orthosis - Comfort

Scope of Application 1:Foot droop orthosis 2:Achilles tendonitis 3:Early plantar flexion spasm 4:Those who stay in bed for a long time to prevent foot drooping 5:Correction of spinal nerve injury due to cerebral apoplexy 6:Peroneal nerve paralysis 7:Polio Size: Free size, same for left and right Color: Black Matters Needing Attention: The sole part can be removed during the day, and then used together with shoes with shoelaces, and the sole part and the ankle part can be connected at night to correct the use, so as to prevent rebound. Washing Method: Soak them in detergent and water about 60 min, swish & rinse it through warm, clean water. Air dry. Avoid direct sunshine. Attention: This product is not intended to diagnose. If you have any issues, please contact your health-care provider immediately

  • Brand: Tenbon
  • ASIN: B0777BL3B6

AFO Brace Medical Ankle Foot Orthosis Support Drop Foot Postural Correction Brace (Right/M)

AFO Brace Medical Ankle Foot Orthosis Support Drop

Description: This AFO foot drop splint suitable for people who is foot amyosthenia, phil side nerve palsy caused by such as foot drop. To improve walking function and enhance self-confidence. Product Name: Foot Drop Postural Correction Splint Specifications: Material: Polypropylene, Terry Fabric, Hook and loop fasteners Quantity: 1pc Package Size: Approx.43 * 32 * 12cm / 17 * 12.6 * 4.7inch Package Weight: Approx.217 ~ 273g Size Choose advise: Size width is a little narror than normal size, please measuring ur foot width before ordering, or email us to help u choose the most suitable size. Function: Prevent foot drop,Correction of foot varus,foot valgus Foot amyosthenia, phil side nerve palsy caused by such as foot drop, caused by cerebral capillary accident pedal Carry on with foot drop caused by various diseases Ankle foot orthosis,foot drop brace,ankle foot orthosis for drop foot Thermoplastic ankle foot orthoses made of polypropylene, his half hard soles in swing phase to assist the toe, easy to wear, leg and calf pad wear very comfortable, portable products, clean health QUALITY ASSURANCE: FDA attestation ankle and foot orthosis, Furlove provide 3-month return and replacement Guarantee.

  • Color: Right / M
  • Brand: Furlove
  • ASIN: B07L6JSKL8
  • UPC: 698775147725

Ossur Foot-Up Drop Foot Brace 8.5-10.25" Black - Orthosis Ankle Brace Support Comfort Cushioned Adjustable Wrap (Large)

Ossur Foot-Up Drop Foot Brace 8.5-10.25" Black -

Measure ankle circumference for correct size: 07810-1 Foot Up Regular/Medium size 18-21 cm 07810-2 Foot Up Large size 22-26 cm 0 7810-3 Foot Up X Large size 27-33 cm Foot-Up, The Ossur Foot Up AFO Ankle Brace uses an ankle cuff/inlay design to assist the ankle with dorsiflexion to achieve normal toe clearance during walking. Unlike ankle foot orthoses models constructed out of hard plastic, the Foot Up has a breathable ankle cuff strap that is secured around the ankle for support.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Ossur
  • ASIN: B00302N4P8
  • UPC: 784922638632
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