Odif USA 404 Quilt Ruler Guide Adhesive

Odif USA 404 Quilt Ruler Guide

Spray and Fix Ruler Grip is a permanently repositionable craft adhesive - it sticks anywhere in any combination: paper, leather, plastic, wood, metal.

  • Brand: Odif Usa
  • ASIN: B010E250VW
  • UPC: 695301430474

Prime-Line Products M 6221 Shower Door Guide, White

Prime-Line Products M 6221 Shower Door Guide,

This shower door guide is constructed from white plastic. It features a bottom mount, self-adhesive design. This style guide is used on framed tub enclosures.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: PRIME-LINE
  • ASIN: B00E4BI32I
  • UPC: 735090021818

50pcs Adhesive Cable Clips, Wire Clips,Car Cable Organizer,Cable Holder,Cable Wire Management,Wire Cable Holder for Car,Office and Home

50pcs Adhesive Cable Clips, Wire Clips,Car Cable Organizer,Cable

Strong adhesive make it grip firmlySelf-adhesive, easy to use, creative approach is available as you like to utilize themCable organization: cable clip organizer attaches to a smooth surface firmly and help keep your place neat and organized, free from annoyance of mess wires, clean and tidy environment makes you at easeSuitable for cars, house and office, can be applied to various cables such as computer cables, TV cables, Christmas lights cable, USB cables and so on  Color:Black Attention:1. Please clean the attachment surface before adhering the clip.2. Do not move your car in 48 hours after you adhere the clip.

  • Color: 50pcs
  • Brand: FOLAI
  • ASIN: B07JB4K2QD
  • UPC: 687551501042

Juscycling MTB Bike Road Bicycle c-Clips Clamps housing Hose Guide with Adhesive seat for Brake derailleur Shift Cables or Oil Tube, 4 pcs/Pack

Juscycling MTB Bike Road Bicycle c-Clips Clamps housing

Used for routing the cables on bike frame Especially useful for frames without hydraulic oil tube fixture Weight: 1.1 g/piece Material: Nylon(C-Clips) +Aluminiun Alloy (Seat) Color: Black Package Contents: 4 Pcs C-Clip with Adhestive Aluminiun Seat

  • Brand: Juscycling
  • ASIN: B07NY991Z1
  • UPC: 710670412347

eBoot Adjustable Cable Clips Adhesive Nylon Wire Clamps, Black, 50 Pack

eBoot Adjustable Cable Clips Adhesive Nylon Wire Clamps,

eBoot adjustable cable clips adhesive nylon wire clamps Product descriptions: Color: black Material: nylon Back size: 25 * 19 * 2.2 mm Suitable for most size wires. Can be utilized in car, office and home. Easy to use, convenient for you to keep your cables organized. Package includes: 50 * Adjustable cable clips Note: Attach to the smooth surface. Don't move it frequently.Press it for a while when attaching it to the place you want.

  • Brand: eBoot
  • ASIN: B01LYO307S
  • UPC: 713072672111

Dritz 3094 Quilting Gauge with 1/8-Inch Seam Guide

Dritz 3094 Quilting Gauge with 1/8-Inch Seam

Dritz has an extensive line of quilting notions created with innovation and quality to provide you with the tools needed to create beautiful memories. With the Dritz Machine Seam Gauge & Adhesive Guide you never have to worry about sewing straight lines again! Whether your allowance is 1/4", 3/4", or even 1-1/4" this handy guide is perfect for you. It is so easy to use it could even used by a beginning sewer. Package contains: plastic gauge and adhesive guide.

  • Brand: Dritz
  • ASIN: B001UAF6IK
  • UPC: 072879030945

Blulu 648 Pieces French Manicure Nail Art Stickers, Self-adhesive Nail Sticker Tips for Manicure Decoration DIY Tools (Moon Shape Design, 648 Pieces)

Blulu 648 Pieces French Manicure Nail Art Stickers,

648 Pieces French manicure nail art stickers, self-adhesive nail sticker tips for manicure decoration diy tools (moon shape design, 648 pieces) Good quality: The French nail guides are made of white opaque stickers, that are good quality and easy to use. Convenient application: The nail art stickers can use a variety of nail polish, just stained as correct direction, the nail polish would not not penetrate below. Using steps: 1. Apply based polish and let it dry completely. 2. Pick off the nail art sticker gently and put it on nails. 3. Coating another color nail polish. 4. Dry and remove the stickers cover. Specification: Style: smile line Quantity: 648 pieces (12 sheets, each sheet includes 54 pieces) Weight:14.4 g Color: white Package includes: 648 x French manicure nail art stickers

  • Color: Moon Shape Design, 648 Pieces
  • Brand: Blulu
  • ASIN: B07FZ5NY41
  • UPC: 765756052511

Sewing Edge - Reusable Vinyl Stops for Your Machine: 5 Strips

Sewing Edge - Reusable Vinyl Stops for Your

Sew faster and more easily without losing your precision! These vinyl strips replace masking tape and moleskin with a repositionable stop that doesn't leave sticky residue. The thickness creates an edge that guides the fabric in front of the foot. Sew with confidence every time! Works on all machines.

  • ASIN: 1617452998

Physix Gear Sport Kinesiology Tape - Free Illustrated E-Guide - 16ft Uncut Roll - Best Pain Relief Adhesive for Muscles, Shin Splints Knee & Shoulder - 24/7 Waterproof Therapeutic Aid (1PK YEL)

Physix Gear Sport Kinesiology Tape - Free Illustrated

YOUR SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT KINESIOLOGY TAPE IS FINALLY OVER! NEW DELUXE KINESIOLOGY TAPE from Physix Gear Sport - Is your current Kinesiology Tape PEELING easily, with no real support? - Suffer from Back Pain, Sore Muscles, Hematoma, Plantar Fasciitis, Aches and Pains, and Aching Joints? - Want to reduce Lymphatic Oedema, Stimulate Hypotonic Muscles, Improve your proprioception System, and Increase overall health? INTRODUCING KINESIOLOGY SPORTS TAPE BY PHYSIX GEAR TO THE RESCUE! - WON'T PEEL EASILY, like other cheap Kinesiology tapes - 4 WAY STRETCH TECHNOLOGY, designed breathability, sore muscles relief, reduce inflammation, and workout recovery - PERFECT ADHESIVE FOR Fibromyalgia Relief, Shoulder, Knee, Back, Neck, Calf, Thigh, any skin surface! Bulk orders available! - CORRECTION OF THE FASCIA, Shin Splints, musculoskeletal injuries, ACL recovery, MCL Surgery Recovery, Hypotonia and Joint Pains - WATERPROOF TAPE, designed to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and relax muscles - ENHANCE PERFORMANCE, rehabilitate - supporting muscles for sporting events. The ultimate Results & recovery formula - Also for EQUINE THERAPY WHEN YOU PURCHASE TODAY, YOU GET THIS BONUS! - FREE 82pg EBOOK DOWNLOAD GUIDES! - Multiple User Friendly Techniques for taping across multiple injuries and p...

  • Color: (Single) Yellow Tape + eGuide
  • Brand: Physix Gear Sport
  • ASIN: B017THA088
  • UPC: 641171670816

Flex Coat G8 Epoxy Glue

Flex Coat G8 Epoxy

This is a professional, high strength, waterproof clear bonding material. Perfect for gluing reel seats, ferrules, gimbals, handles, grips, roller tip

  • Brand: Flex Coat
  • ASIN: B0084EH76O
  • UPC: 014394101168

360 Degree 9 Ft. Laser Tool Marker Saw Guide Adhesive Or Magnetic Base (batteries included)

360 Degree 9 Ft. Laser Tool Marker Saw

Turn any saw into a laser-guided saw with this easy-to-use Laser Marker. The marker projects a crisp, clear laser line up to 9 ft. away. Adjust your line of cut quickly with the a 360 degree rotary head and tilt angle feature. The power tool laser marker can be mounted on almost any power tool using an adhesive pad, magnetic mount or screw mount. Requires three LR44 batteries (included). Max. Output

  • Brand: EasternMachinery©
  • ASIN: B01E46350W
  • UPC: 717959103989

Fretless Finger Guide for Full (4/4) Size Violin

Fretless Finger Guide for Full (4/4) Size

Learn how to play right handed violin, learn how to play fiddle and learn proper finger placement on the fingerboard with Fretless Finger Guides. Our one-piece, clear, cling vinyl first position fingering chart goes right on your fingerboard. The Guide uses no glues or adhesives and clings to itself not to your instrument. No need to loosen or remove the strings to put it on. This patented, proven, color-coded Guide and method makes learning to read music and play songs and scales easy, fun and fast. This violin fingering guide covers seven intervals and shows the natural, sharp and flat notes for first position. Fretless Finger Guides are undeniably the best way to learn violin note locations. Our unique color-coded design is by far the fastest and easiest way to learn to play violin or fiddle. This Guide works best with full (4/4) size violins that have a string length of approximately 13 inches (330 millimeters). Stays securely in place. JUST PEEL IT OFF, PUT IT ON, AND PLAY! These violin finger position markers have helped tens of thousands of aspiring violinists learn where the notes are on the music staff and the violin fingerboard. Our violin learning guide is a wonderful tool by itself or in combination with teacher assisted or online violin instruction. Fretless Finger G...

  • Brand: Fretless Finger Guides
  • ASIN: B00E9EC2K4

Coavas Window Film Non Adhesive Frosted Home Office Film Privacy Window Sticker Self Static Cling Vinly Glass Film for Bathroom Office Meeting Room Living Room (Matte White 17.7by78.7 Inch)

Coavas Window Film Non Adhesive Frosted Home Office

Advantage: 1.Using static cling with no adhesives, the window film is easy to handle and install, even can be recycled when it wrinkled. 2.This window film privacy is thick enough to give the privacy in anticipation. Privacy Window film Specification: Size: 17.4 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches Weight: 9.9 ounces Privacy Window film operating instruction: Step 1. Keep Window or Glass clean Step 2. Wet the Window or Glass with water( Soapy water will be the best choice ) Step 3. Remove the Static Film from backing protect sheet ( Please MAKE SURE you have removed it before you apply the matte window film to glass) Step 4. When you install it, apply to wet glass and smooth with hands. Step 5. Squeegee away air bubbles and redundant water. Step 6. Much easier than Wall Decals,two people work together more efficiently. Step 7. Enjoy your works! If you want to remove it, simply peel the window film from any corner. It comes off cleanly leaving no residue.

  • Color: Pure
  • Brand: Coavas
  • UPC: 600316956048

Large Magnetic Baby Safety Locks by Fat Alpaca - 8 Locks + 2 Keys - Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Door and Drawer Locks for Small Children and Toddlers - Strong Adhesive Tape and Installation Guide

Large Magnetic Baby Safety Locks by Fat Alpaca

Are you looking to keep curious babies and toddlers safe and out of cupboards and drawers? Are you looking for a product that keeps the look of your cabinets the same and is easy to use? Magnetic Baby Safety Locks by Fat Alpaca is your answer! Keep your cupboards shut without gaps for small fingers to get hurt in and without external mechanisms that can be overcome. Adults can use the locking bar to easily disengage the lock to freely open and close cabinets when baby proofing is not necessary. Fat Alpaca locks are held in place by strong, industry standard, 3M tape that sets up a bond with cabinetry in 24 hours. The large size of the locks (just over 1 3/4 in x 1 3/4 in lock body) gives them an advantage over competitors with more tape surface area and a robust construction. These locks come with an easy to use installation guide for perfect alignment of your locks At Fat Alpaca we understand that not all cabinets are made the same and sometimes even the best tape will simply not form a strong hold on some surfaces. That is why we have included factory indents for screws in the locks and catches along with screws to firmly attach the locks to stubborn surfaces. We love our pets and sometimes they can be curious! Magnetic Baby Safety Locks by Fat Alpaca can also be used to keep ...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Fat Alpaca
  • ASIN: B07Q8J5W4Z
  • UPC: 758891828660

Bulldogology Carbon Black Puppy Pee Pads with Adhesive Sticky Tape - Large Dog Training Wee Pads - (24x24, 50-Count)

Bulldogology Carbon Black Puppy Pee Pads with Adhesive

Make Housebreaking Your Puppy Easy and Stress Free with Premium Puppy Pee PadsHousebreaking with dog pee pads is an essential factor of dog training. Though vital, the process can be stressful for the trainer and anxiety inducing for the puppy. You want to ensure that your pet is comfortable and hygienic, but what happens when you're at work or out for the day? Oftentimes, you come home to a wet carpet. It feels like you're starting from square one, and what's worse, your dog feels guilty and ashamed for an unavoidable mistake.Bulldogology Pet Solutions Puppy Pee Pads is safe for any breed and is manufactured under strict guidelines to ensure both quality and durability. Our absorbent pee pads puts both you and your dog at ease. Made with 5g SAP and our new Bullsorbent Polymer Tech, these leak proof training pads allow you to housebreak your dog, even when you're away from home. Acting as a powerful puppy attractant, your dog will quickly learn to use these wee pads when indoors. The best part? They're quick drying to reduce odor.What Makes Our Puppy Pee Pads The Best Choice?• 100% more absorbent than regular training pads to protect your floors from stains and smells.• Intended for indoor use, the pads are ideal for any time of year. • Innovative 6-layer design includes No...

  • Color: Charcoal
  • Brand: Bulldogology
  • UPC: 651989822802

30 Pieces White Cable Clips Viaky Adjustable Self-Adhesive Nylon Wire Clips Cable Management Drop Wire Holder

30 Pieces White Cable Clips Viaky Adjustable Self-Adhesive

If you're looking for a neat and tidy method to organize your wires, Christmas lights and festive ornaments well. Make wiring and cable installations clean and well organized. Allow you to easily mount cable bundles to the wall, ceiling or any surface desired. More convenient. Color: White Guide for Better Usage Purpose: 1. Do not use on the surface which is wet, dirt or with oil and wax etc. Please apply the cable tie mounts on clean and smooth surfaces. 2. When it is placed, do not shake it immediately, it should stay several minutes to let the glue adhesive better. 3. Do not place it near high temperature objects. 4. When the tempurature falls to 10 degrees or below, please use a hair dryer to slightly heat the adhesive side. Package Included: 30 Pcs White Cable clips

  • Color: 30white
  • Brand: viaky
  • ASIN: B079HPJ8HH
  • UPC: 645195293471

Guidelines4quilting Seam Guides, 0.5 x 2 x 0.03125-Inch, 6-Pack

Guidelines4quilting Seam Guides, 0.5 x 2 x 0.03125-Inch,

Guidelines4Quilting-Seam Guides. The perfect guide for when you use your sewing machine. Line up as many as you like to make a longer guide. Removable adhesive leaves no sticky residue. This package contains six 2x1/2 inch seam guides 1/32 Inch thick. Made in USA.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Guidelines4quilting
  • ASIN: B005NGX8M8
  • UPC: 785934107482

WOAIWO-Q Eyebrow Ruler,100Pcs Disposable Eyebrow Ruler Sticker, Adhesive Eyebrow Microblading Ruler Guide For makeup tool

WOAIWO-Q Eyebrow Ruler,100Pcs Disposable Eyebrow Ruler Sticker, Adhesive

  • Brand: Woaiwo-q
  • ASIN: B07528Q883

Prime-Line Products M 6058 Shower Door Bottom Guide Assembly,(Pack of 2)

Prime-Line Products M 6058 Shower Door Bottom Guide

This guide is constructed from injected nylon. It fits a 7/16 In. thick door rail and helps to keep your sliding tub enclosure doors aligned. Used by several shower door manufacturers.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: PRIME-LINE
  • ASIN: B007UTU88S
  • UPC: 784497759718

PROGRIP 905010 Adhesive Parking Guide with Wheel Chock and Mat, Yellow

PROGRIP 905010 Adhesive Parking Guide with Wheel Chock

ProGrip Adhesive Parking Guide with Wheel Chock, Yellow is an aid used in parking or tire blocking, ideally used by large truck owners, vehicle owners with small parking spaces, or users that transport cargo that can use a stopping / blocking aid. Parking pad designed with bright yellow color and black stripes on top for high visibility; features wheel chock that can be used to stop a vehicle tire and adhesive backing to ensure safe placement of mat in desired area. Multiple uses for mat including a parking guide for places such as a small garage or when loading a motorcycle onto truck bed or trailer when in low lighting; also used to stop motorcycle wheel from during transport. ProGrip Adhesive Parking Guide with Wheel Chock, Yellow comes easy to use and in pack of 1.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: PROGRIP
  • ASIN: B007CVSF84
  • UPC: 029194905014

UT Wire UTW-D18-BK D-Wings Cord Organizer Combo Kit, Black, 18-Piece

UT Wire UTW-D18-BK D-Wings Cord Organizer Combo

UT Wire D-Wings 18-piece Cord Control Combo Kit in black is an easy cord organizer to hold and guide loose cords across any flat surfaces such as wall or desks. Simply peal, stick, and stay. Use it for audio video cords, chargers, lighting cords, power cables, holiday lights and etc.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: UT Wire
  • ASIN: B008MA8WY6
  • UPC: 888620018809

2X Back Rear Camera Glass Lens Cover Replacement + Tool + Guide with TIPS + Adhesives Preinstalled + Tempered Glass + Clean Cloth For Samsung Galaxy S7 G930 / S7 Edge G935 ( Any Carriers )

2X Back Rear Camera Glass Lens Cover Replacement

Full complete repair replacement rear camera lens kit, all you would need to do the replacement repair work except a heat source which you can use a hot hair blow dryer. The installation guide included has many USEFUL tips to avoid damages during installation. The tool included is a very strong solid small tip, a must have to remove the old glass lens. After installed, protect your lens with the tempered glass screen protector for the camera lens. Cleaning cloth also included. Will fit perfect for Samsung S7 S7 Edge Model G930 / G935. NOT for Samsung S7 Active SM-G891A.

  • Brand: WirelessFinest
  • ASIN: B07482VC38
  • UPC: 688957655964

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack)

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

Introducing amFilm Tempered GLASS Screen Protectors for your Nintendo Switch amFilm Premium GLASS Protectors are the latest in state-of-the-art screen protection technology. Highly durable and scratch resistant/chip resistant, this strong 9H (hardness level) protector will guarantee your Switch the best protection against drops, bumps, scratches and normal wear and tear. Get all the protection without any bulk - amFilm Glass protectors are a mere .33mm thin making them ultra-light weight to allow for a 'delicate touch' style screen protector that promises not to interfere with the sensitivity of your touchscreen. To top it all off the amFilm GLASS protectors are designed to be 99.99% transparent to promote an optimal, natural, crystal clear viewing experience. Backed by our Easy To Install Guarantee - simply align the protector with your device and a simple swipe of your finger adheres the protector to your screen Works with: Nintendo Switch Kit Contains: 2x GLASS Screen Protector, Wet Wipes, Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth, Squeeze Card, Installation Use Guide, Hinge Stickers The product is one pack with two screen protectors enclosed Color: GLASS (Ultra-Clear) Warranty: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Lifetime Warranty Warranty applies to the purchased product. Restri...

  • Brand: amFilm
  • UPC: 810357023627

Tomboy (English Subtitled)

Tomboy (English

  • ASIN: B007X58P1G
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