EZVIZ C3W / ezGuard 1080p - Wireless Wi-Fi Security Camera with Remote Activated Alarm System

EZVIZ C3W / ezGuard 1080p - Wireless Wi-Fi

"ezGuard 1080p - All-in-One Wi-Fi Security System, Full 1080p WDR, Remote Activated Siren and Strobe, Intelligent Motion Activated Alarm, Two-Way Audio, Onboard Storage Don't Just Monitor Your Home, Defend It! Take your security system to the next level with a remote activated alarm system and give your self the tools to fight back against unwanted visitors. Combined with Two-Way Audio and Instant Activity Alerts, it will be like you are always home and ready to protect the things most precious to you. Notifications are sent directly to your mobile device and alarm functions are enabled right on screen. Setup (1) Download EZVIZ app on iOS 7.0+ (iPhone, iPad), Android 4.0+. (2) Have smartphone on same 2.4GHz network as camera. (3) Create an account and follow easy and quick setup steps in app. *Please ensure to update your device firmware from the EZVIZ APP upon initial setup and check back regularly for future updates. Camera Specifications Max Resolution - 1920 x 1080, support dual stream Image Sensor - 1/2.7"" Progressive Scan CMOS Lens - [email protected] F2.2,view angle: 118° Day & Night - IR Cut Filter DNR - 3D DNR WDR - Digital WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Video Compression - H.264 (Main Profile) Video Bit Rate - HD;balance;and fluency. Adaptive Bit Rate. Frame Rate - 50Hz @ 25fps, 60Hz ...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: EZVIZ
  • ASIN: B079D8CTWJ
  • UPC: 842571109719

FAYINWBO solar outdoor animal repeller, motion activated alarm and flash, expel raccoon, rabbit, birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, etc. Protected courtyard, lawn and garden

Why choose our animal repeller 1. You can use 5 modes to choose the most effective solution for your specific problem. 2. Powerful white flashing LED flash, large wild animals such as wild boars and deer will be sensitive to this flash, making it uncomfortable and away from the protected area. 3. Economy - Solar energy, charging in the sun, wireless charging. No extra cost How does this work Plant the spike into the ground, in an area you wish to protect. Solar animal repeller sensor for detecting animal motion and triggering speakers. Frequency Dialing (Right): Frequency and mode control. Sensitivity knob (left): Used to adjust sensitivity and distance. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the range of protection. To knock out the small animal, turn the knob up. specification: Effective range: 8-9 meters Detection angle: 110 degrees horizontal Charging time: 7 hours set up The button frequency position is as follows: 0: off 1. 13.5KHZ-19.5KHZ expel mice, rats, dogs, foxes, cockroaches, etc. 2. 19.5KHZ-24.5KHZ expel cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks and other animals, 3. 24.5KHZ-45.5KHZ expels bats, birds, rodents and other animals, Alarm sounds and strong white LED flashing to scare away wild animals 5. Used with Mode 1 Model 2 Model 3 with strong LED flashing. This is the best wo...

  • Color: 501
  • Brand: FAYINWBO
  • ASIN: B07P6673C5
  • UPC: 631924231111

Solar Powered Motion Sensor Detector Alarm

Solar Powered Motion Sensor Detector

Add extra safety and security to your home without having to get an electrician with this Motion Sensor LED Security Alarm! There's no electricity needed to power the Solar Powered Motion Sensor Detector Alarm. With no wires to run, you can install this solar light in minutes. A built-in photocell lets the Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor Alarm know when it's dark, so it won't waste battery and bulb life by burning during daylight hours. This motion detector must be installed outdoors with its solar panel receiving DIRECT sunlight. The built-in solar panel collects and converts sunlight into DC power everyday while the pre-installed rechargeable battery stores the energy to power the device at night. The built-in sensor automatically activates the unit at dusk and deactivates it at dawn. Solar Powered Motion Detector works only when it is dark. It is ideal for backyard security and walkway lighting as it turns on whenever movement is detected.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Solar Powered
  • ASIN: B003RBP2PC

PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Activated Voice Recordable Audio Player Entrance Welcome Doorbell for Shop Store with USB Cable, Download MP3 Files Freely

PIR Infrared Motion Sensor Activated Voice Recordable Audio

This audio player, called Microsound.  Audio will playback automatically after the PIR sensor has been activated. The audio files can be replaced by yourself. For example, used as a doorbell, when customer enter the door, it can say "Hello, welcome".  Application: Create an audible warning for a restricted area. Audible security alarm. Create a special door entrance greeting. Raise attention and create impact by adding a speech, music or sound effects to a point of sale display. Features:  MP3 audio format. Two levels volume for option, small or maximum. Human body induction, induction range within 4 meters. Built in 32Mbit(4MByte) flash memory. Play modes: single play, sequential play. Audio files can be replaced by yourself. Can download audio files directly from computer. Parameters: Power Supply: 3 AAA batteries or USB power, DC3V~ 5V Working Current: Sleep mode ≤100uA; Playing mode ≤130mA Audio Format: MP3, Bit Rate: 8~320Kbps Audio Output Power: 8Ω/1W Infrared Induction Range: ≤4m(120°angle) How to update audio files?  Convert the voice into MP3 format. Connect player to computer by USB cable. There will be a removable disk appearing on computer.  Format the "removable disk". Open that removable disk, then copy files to this...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Waytronic
  • ASIN: B07DJ6CX9V
  • UPC: 795042337275

Streetwise Security Products Streetwise Electronic Watch Dog

Streetwise Security Products Streetwise Electronic Watch

Barking/chiming/alarming when there is no apparent motion trigger: Please consider this: the detection range of the back of the unit (if it is not going through any type of barrier) is 7.7 yards which is 23 feet. This decreases to 5.5 yards (16.5 feet) when the microwaves pass through a wall or barrier. The detection range may decrease even further depending on the thickness of the barrier it’s passing through. This means that if you have a hanging plant outside, large wind chimes, trees or bushes that sway in the wind, a dog or cat, or anything moving within 16.5 feet beyond the wall/door, the unit will go off. I’ve even had a report of an inflatable inner tube floating around in an outdoor pool setting it off. The unit also has a detection range of 3.3 yards (9.9 feet) on the front and sides. This means that if you are standing within ten feet of the unit while you are testing it, have an oscillating fan within the detection range, or any other occupant (or pet) inside the house walks within ten feet of the unit, it will go off. Again, the detection distance will decrease on the front and the sides if the waves have to travel through furniture or any other type of barrier. Now these distances are maximum distances reached only on the maximum detection range. If you are rece...

  • Brand: Streetwise Security Products
  • UPC: 793831008153

Safety Technology International, Inc. ED-50 Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog, Barking Dog Alarm

Safety Technology International, Inc. ED-50 Rex Plus Electronic

Safety Technology International, Inc. - STI ED-50 Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog Barking Dog Alarm. This electronic watchdog alarm never needs sleep, a walk, food or water; yet is always on duty guarding and protecting. Choose from four settings: continual tranquil sounds of the rainforest, alert sound of an angry and protective watchdog, soothing sounds to alert you of a guest's arrival, and alert sounds of both the angry watchdog and a warning siren. Rex Plus can see through thick doors, walls and glass. Once you plug his cord into any standard 110-VAC electrical outlet, he'll stay on duty around the clock. Place Rex Plus in any location indoors where you would like him to detect and watch him go. When there is any movement detected, Rex Plus will alert you with the sounds you have chosen. The closer the intruder, the more frequent the sounds. Ideal for homes, apartments, mobile homes, RVs, jewelry stores, hotels, public and private buildings of virtually every kind. Limited 90 day warranty. Safety Technology International, Inc. "We protect the things that protect you"

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Safety Technology International, Inc.
  • ASIN: B002XITC5G
  • UPC: 783961712341

ACEIken Personal Alarm,Button Activated 130 DB Safety Sound Emergency Security Alarm Keychain Best Gift for Women(4 Pack)

ACEIken Personal Alarm,Button Activated 130 DB Safety Sound

Personal Alarm A handheld personal security alarm is like a security system for your body. Similar to keeping an alarm on your house to warn against would-be intruders, you can keep this personal body alarm on hand to use when you need urgent help. Each personal safety alarm has specific benefits and features. Whether it's the key ring that you always have when you're on the go or the mobile device alarm that's specifically made for those with assisted walking, our personal alarms help you reach out for help right when you need it most. Product Feature: Simple operation:pull the plug to trigger the alarm Ultra alarm sound 130dB siren Alarm sound continue when hook point is separated Compact size,light weight:30g Battery power supply:1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included) Color available for selection:Gray,Blue,Black,Rose Red Dimension: 3.1 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches(L*W*H) Ideal for travelling,outting,wallet,suitcase,handbag,running. Package includes : 4 differenct color personal alerts NOTE: This product is NOT completely waterproof, do not put it in the water, as far as possible to make it in a dry state.

  • Brand: ACEIken
  • ASIN: B07BTB1DF6
  • UPC: 654070937379

UniquExceptional MA795DC Strobe Motion Activated Alarm and Door Chime with Remote (White)

UniquExceptional MA795DC Strobe Motion Activated Alarm and Door

This totally wireless and easy to install PIR motion sensor with 120dB Alarm with strobe light and door chime is ideal for protection your home or office or store. It can be placed on a table or hung on the wall with the included adjustable mounting bracket. It will detect motion from up to 30 feet away by120 degree wide. If not disarmed by the owner-by using the remote control- it will respond with an ear piercing 120 dB alarm and the flashing light which will scare off the intruder and alert others to your need of help. This alarm - door chime is packaged with features. You may select either alarm or door chime mode by simply holding the remote button for 3 seconds. Entry and exit delays with LED indicators for alarm mode only. The alarm also allows you to set your own programmable codes for additional security. You never have to worry about the batteries being dead-even though the unit comes with a low battery indicator- since the unit can be powered by an 9v AC adapter that is not included. A switch on the side of the strobe light allows the light to remain on and be used for emergency lighting during a power outage. Ideal security for a home or retail store or office or dorm room or hotel room. This unit comes with one IR remote control but extra remote controls can by purch...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: UniquExceptional
  • ASIN: B004B4GY1K
  • UPC: 797053002005

Motion Detector Alarm w/ Chime

Motion Detector Alarm w/

The Doberman Security Motion Detector Alarm W/Chime protects any area or valuable. This unit can be placed anywhere or mounted on the wall or ceiling. Its motion detecting 100dB alarm will alert you immediately if someone enters the protected area. This alarm unit can protect a zone up to 15 feet out and 60 degrees vertically and horizontally. Select from alarm or chime. Includes swivel mounting bracket.

  • Color: Black 1 Pack
  • Brand: Doberman Security
  • ASIN: B000V6YNOW
  • UPC: 185535000555

KWANWA Battery Operated Only Cordless LED Electronic Alarm Clock with Clear Voice Recording Alarm,1.2 inch Red Numbers Display

KWANWA Battery Operated Only Cordless LED Electronic Alarm

Features 1.1.2" 24hours light up LED time display 2.12H or 24H time display format 3.Max. 15 seconds voice recorder 4.Two daily alarm (60 seconds alarming time) 5.Two alarm sound (beep sound or the voice message you recorded) 6.Snooze function 7.Three levels of brightness and Night-mode during 8:00pm~6:00am 8.Flashing of dots between numbers can be shut off. 9.Accuracy of time is +/-30 seconds per month.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: KWANWA
  • ASIN: B077M4Z3T1
  • UPC: 747180288001

Upgraded Door Stop Security Alarm with 120 Decibels,Great for Traveling Security Door Stopper Doorstop Safety Tools for Home Apartment Security Door Stopper(Pack of 2)

Upgraded Door Stop Security Alarm with 120 Decibels,Great

Make sure the on/off switch is in the "off" position. Turn the unit upside down and open the battery compartment Install one 9-volt battery and close the compartment.Turn on the switch.Simply place the pressure-sensitive door stop alarm at the base of any door.The 120-decibel alarm warns you and your neighbors of a forced entry. The alarm is activated when pressure is applied to the top of the device when the door is opened. A sensitive trigger switch prevents intruders from bypassing the alarm by sounding the siren no matter how far the door is opened. Note: The gap between door bottom and floor should be 1 - 3.5cm Specification: Power by: 9 v battery (not included) Single size: 5.5 * 1.8 * 1.5 inch Single weight: 0.28 lb Package includes: 2 x Door stop alarms (9v battery is not included.)

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Apartment Security Door Stopper
  • ASIN: B07QQXB94C
  • UPC: 824006850090

Ideal Security SK602G QH Wireless Motion Package Battery-operated & Weatherproof - 1 Sensor and 1 Alarm, Grey

Ideal Security SK602G QH Wireless Motion Package Battery-operated

The Ideal Security qh series wireless alert uses a motion sensor to detect motion and sends a wireless signal to the linked receiver. Once a signal is received by the receiver, the unit will chime, alarm (100Db) or just flash lights. Usage monitor driveways, gates, sheds, walkways, and swimming pools. Monitor front or back doors at small businesses, or supervise children to keep them safe. The motion sensor Works in both light and darkness, but it is not pet immune. To scare off intruders, choose the high-decibel alarm. In situations where movement must be restricted, this alarm set can provide a gentle chime indication to Warn others. Use the lights-only mode to silently keep an eye on movement in areas of your home, shop, or place of work. The range from the sensor to the receiver is up to 120 meters (390 feet). the sensor's viewing angle covers an arc of 45 degrees and detects motion at a distance of 5-8 meters (16-26 feet). the receiver has an on and off switch and volume control for the alarm and chime. Installation both units can be fastened to the wall using the screw keyholes on the back, or can be kept portable. The motion sensor unit can be installed indoors or outdoors. When installing outdoors, try to shelter it from direct downpours. The alarm unit is designed for in...

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Ideal Security Inc.
  • ASIN: B01HD53J02
  • UPC: 056947600520

SANSI Stellar Floodlight Camera, Motion-Activated HD Security Cam, Two-Way Audio Talk and Siren Alarm, WiFi, Outdoor Smart Home Security Light, Motion Sensor LED Flood Light

SANSI Stellar Floodlight Camera, Motion-Activated HD Security Cam,

Advantages: Two-Way Intercom system and Siren HD Video with Live View Motion-Activated Alerts Weather-Resistant 140° Field of View 270° detection range 3600lm Ultra-Bright LED Floodlights Save, Review and Share Videos for Free Customer Notice: 1. This LED security light is designed to be wall mounted (Mounted Vertically), while being mounted under the eave (Mounting Horizontally) might impact its performance. 2. Power source for this floodlight camera: electric-powered. 3. Working Temperature: -13℉~+104℉(-25℃~+40℃) Package Included: 1 x SANSI LED Security Light 1 x Bar-shaped Mounting Plate 1 x Waterproof Gasket and 3 x Screws 3 x Wire Connectors 1 x Mounting Bolt 1 x Rubber Screw Plug 1 x Instruction Booklet

  • Color: White
  • Brand: SANSI
  • ASIN: B07Q9Y3MJY

Talking Large Button Alarm Clock - Telling Time and Date for Elderly, Impaired Sight or Blind

Talking Large Button Alarm Clock - Telling Time

Big Talking Button clock for blind and vision impaired

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Cirbic
  • ASIN: B06XPJFB82
  • UPC: 646278868586

ivee Digit: Voice-Activated Alarm Clock, White

ivee Digit: Voice-Activated Alarm Clock,

Set the time and alarm by voice, dual alarms, 3 sleep sounds, 3 alarm sounds, over 20 voice commands, snooze, indoor temperature, help feature.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: ivee
  • ASIN: B007UQCSO8
  • UPC: 853324003000

FAYINWBO Solar Outdoor Animal Repeller, Motion Sensor Alarm and Flashing, expelling Raccoons, Rabbits, Birds, Squirrels, Cats, Dogs, etc. Protected Courtyard, Lawn and Garden

FAYINWBO Solar Outdoor Animal Repeller, Motion Sensor Alarm

Why choose our Animal Repeller? 1. Effective-5 Mode for you to chose, enabling you to have the most effective solution for your particular problem. 2. Powerful white flashing LED strobe, boar and deer such larger wild animals will be sensitive to such flashing light, make it uncomfortable to flee away from the protected area 3. Economical-Solar energy, charge itself in the sun, wireless and rechargeable. No extra cost 4. Eco-friendly- No messy chemicals or , no traps, no dead animals. How it works Plant the spike into the ground, in an area you wish to protect. The Solar Powered Animal and Bird Repeller Sensor (PIR) to detect the motion of animals and trigger the speaker. Frequency dial (Right): Frequency and mode control. Sensitivity dial (Left): Is for adjusting sensitivity and distance. By turning the knob clockwise, you increase the range of protection. To repel small animals, turn the knob up to the right. Specification: Effective Range: 8-9 meters Detection Angle: 110 degrees horizontal Charging Time: 7 hours SET UP Button"Frequency"position as below: - - 0: OFF 1. 13.5KHZ-19.5KHZ to repel animals such as mice, rats, dogs, foxes, martens etc, 2. 19.5KHZ-24.5KHZ to repel animals such as cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks etc, 3. 24.5KHZ-45.5KHZ to repel animals such as bats, bi...

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: FAYINWBO
  • ASIN: B07QK81RFV
  • UPC: 767912190532

House Dog - Barking and Growling Sounds for Added Home Security

House Dog - Barking and Growling Sounds for

House Dog - Barking and Growling Sounds for Added Home Security by Calmsound

  • ASIN: B002OSWW7K
  • UPC: 859701398295

Motion Detector Camera / Motion Activated Security Camera

Motion Detector Camera / Motion Activated Security

  • Brand: Sean Luther

Lewis N Clark Travel Door Alarm + Window Guard Portable Home Security System Battery Operated for Hotel, Bedroom, Apartment & Dorm, with Built in LED Flashlight, Blue

Lewis N Clark Travel Door Alarm + Window

This reliable and powerful alarm will give you peace on mind whether youre traveling or staying at home. With a motion sensor that triggers the alarm when someone has opened the door, it can be used in college dorm rooms, at hotels and hostels, or even at home.With two lithium button cell batteries included, it comes fully operational and ready to use. The sound intensity level of 91dB is loud enough to hear throughout the room and will startle the intruder. No one will be able to get in or out without you knowing.Its easy to set up: while holding the thin blades together, simply slide them into the crack between the door and doorframe, then loop the cord around the door handle and adjust the toggle to keep it in place. Lastly, set the alarm. This same technique can be applied to sliding doors or to windows as well. No matter the situation, it will alert you to a possible intrusion.Additionally, the built-in bright LED flashlight allows you to see your way around in the dark without having to turn on lights. As a compact, lightweight option, it will also take up very little room in your suitcase or handbag.If you have loved ones that travel, you travel yourself, or youd like an added sense of security at home, youll sleep better with this do-it-yourself protection device knowing ...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Lewis N. Clark
  • ASIN: B000SKZM0A
  • UPC: 029275022432

Dog Barking Alarm Motion Detector,Pir Wireless Human Body Walking Sensor Doorbell Door Security Alert System Device for Home or Office Burglar Deterrent (Pack of 1)

Dog Barking Alarm Motion Detector,Pir Wireless Human Body

HOMESAFE ELECTRONIC WIRELESS REMOTE MOTION SENSOR WITH DOG BARKING SOUND DOORBELL Applications: Detect visitors/intruders,Monitor the Mailbox,Garage,Front door, Driveway, Kids coming and going Features: 1.Advanced anti-interference tech, 256 digital code for setting, no interference with neighbours doorbells. 2.Up to 300m Wireless working distance in open area, 100m for indoor use. 3.High quality push button transmitter, adopts advanced digital and fuzzy logical control technology; digital temperature compensation, anti-irradiation and anti-RFI; 4.dog barking sound,dingdong Melody chimes with volume adjustable; moreover, you can set up different tunes 5.IP44 Waterproof alarm transmitter for outdoor installation; Push button transmitter with sticker, convenient to adjust detect place as need. 6.3 working modes selectable: 1)Flash only. White flashing indicator, perfect for quiet enviornment or Deaf or hard of hearing use. 2)sounds +flash 3)sounds +flash+night lighting 7.Easy installation,Powered by battery or DC 5V, very convenient and simple to use. 8.Support 1 or more Transmitters and Receivers works as one group. Specifications: Transmitter 1.Power source:3XAAA (not included) 2.Transmitter Frequency:433mhz 3.Size:80x55x40mm Receiver 1.Power source:AAX3 or DC5V (not includ...

  • Color: white
  • Brand: S SELDORAUK
  • ASIN: B072J56XXY

Ring, DB-Ring-FLCAM-W, Ring Floodlight Cam/Motion-Activated/Siren Alarm / 2-Way Talk / 1080p / White Case

Ring, DB-Ring-FLCAM-W, Ring Floodlight Cam/Motion-Activated/Siren Alarm / 2-Way

Item Weight3 pounds Product Dimensions12 × 6.5 × 9.5 inches Item model numberFloodlight Camera FinishMatte MaterialPlastic Voltage100 volts Item Package Quantity1 Type of BulbLED Special FeaturesMotion-Sensor Included ComponentsFloodlight camera, mounting hardware, installation guide

  • Color: White
  • Brand: RlNG
  • UPC: 745558789846

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable Voice Activated Channel Lock Scan Emergency Alarm Outdoor Cruise Ship Walkie Talkies Two Way Radio(4 Pack)

Retevis RT22 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable Voice Activated Channel

Feature: Frequency: FRS Radio Battery capacity 1000 mAh CTCSS&DCS Encode/Decode Monitor Function Emergency Alarm Scanning Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection (25 KHZ/12.5KHz) TOT(Time-out Timer) Squelch VOX Function High/ Low Power Selectable Battery Save Function English/Chinese Voice Prompt Low Battery Prompt PC Programming Detachable Battery Dust proof Operating temperature range: -10-50℃ Package Details 4 x Retevis RT22 Portable Radio 4 x Rechargeable Li-ion battery 4 x USB Cable 4 x Unique Belt Clip 2 x USB Adapter 2 x English user manual

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Retevis
  • ASIN: B079BLLMV3

VAlinks Digital Alarm Clock,Voice-Activated LED Mirror Clock with Dual USB Charging Ports,115 Color,Temperature and Weenkend Snooze Clock for Bedroom Office Travel,Black

VAlinks Digital Alarm Clock,Voice-Activated LED Mirror Clock with

Highlights:LCD MirrorThis equisite alarm clock is clear and bright,not only a nice decor for home,but also can be used as a mirror when you need. Easy to Set upComes with a step by step instruction in the package.Large 5.5" DisplayLED digital alarm clock with 5.5" large screen and high-contrast display,let you check the time clearly,specially great for the elderly or the sight-restricted person.Package Included:1 x VAlinks Digital Clock1 x Charging Cable1 x Detailed User Manual

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: VALINKS
  • ASIN: B07JJ8ZG8T

Pivit Magnetic Pull Cord Patient Alarm | Motion Activated Prevents Falls & Wandering | Elderly Monitor Mounts On Wheelchair Bed Or Chair | Adjustable Tether Design Stops False Alarms & Clothing Tears

Pivit Magnetic Pull Cord Patient Alarm | Motion

Economical alarm that notifies staff or caregiver that a user has moved

  • Color: White
  • Brand: pivit
  • ASIN: B07DZP1512
  • UPC: 718193001567
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